The Sisterhood Wound How Women Keep Themse ...

The Sisterhood Wound How Women Keep Themse ...

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The Father Wound, The Impact Of Emotionall ...

There is great interest these days in balancing our inner masculine and feminine parts, to for example attract the right partner or unlock higher levels of spiritual consciousness as well as higher levels of income. The missing piece however in most teachings is...

The Sisterhood Wound How Women Keep Themse ...

The Sisterhood Wound How Women Keep Themse ...

There is great interest these days in balancing our inner masculine and feminine parts, to for example attract the right partner or unlock higher levels of spiritual consciousness as well as higher levels of income. The missing piece however in most teachings is...

The Father Wound, The Impact Of Emotionall ...

The Father Wound, The Impact Of Emotionall ...

There is great interest these days in balancing our inner masculine and feminine parts, to for example attract the right partner or unlock higher levels of spiritual consciousness as well as higher levels of income. The missing piece however in most teachings is...

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There is great interest these days in balancing our inner masculine and feminine parts, to for example attract the right partner or unlock higher levels of spiritual consciousness as well as higher levels of income. The missing piece however in most teachings is...

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Ancestral Healing, How to Become the Generational Curse-Breaker in Your Family Lineage

by Sabriyé Dubrie

Spiritual author, Multidimensional Healer, Founder of Soul Embodiment® Therapy & the School of Soul Embodiment.

Ultimate Guide to Soul Embodiment

In this Soul teaching on ancestral healing, you will learn:

  • The different ways that Ancestral wounding can show up
  • How to start healing ancestral wounding
  • How past life and current life trauma is intertwined with your ancestral wounds
  • How to become a generational curse-breaker
  • And more….

Being the generational “curse”-breaker in your lineage

I don’t actually believe in curses, but when it comes to ancestral trauma I can surely understand how this could be perceived as such. The concept of a curse arose somewhere way back in the history of men and was, of course, popular within the Middle Ages but has probably been around since the beginning of time. The word curse is used 230 times within the Christian Bible for example, so it has been a concept that has in any case been around for quite a while.

It was used to explain, the unexplainable especially the undesired unexplainable such as poverty, bankruptcy, failure, infertility, illness, spousal infidelity, mental health issues, and so on. Any form of perceived bad luck that seemed to be outside of one’s own control, was perceived as a curse especially if it was either repetitive or indefinite in nature.

Because unresolved family trauma can bleed through from previous generations that are not even alive at the same time, it would seem as if there is no correlation between what the one generation experiences and struggles with compared to later generations down the line, but through the DNA there is a link that passes on trauma through the genes.

This is true even for children who were put up for adoption or in situations where the ancestors were already deceased, prior to the birth of the current generation. This is because the trauma is not passed on directly through a lived experience, but passed on indirectly through the genes.

I explained the scientific research behind this concept in an earlier teaching on transgenerational wounding, which you can read here.

I am not going to explain the science behind ancestral or transgenerational trauma again because in this teaching I want to instead focus on the various different ways that ancestral wounding can impact our lives as descendants within our maternal and paternal lineage.

This teaching focuses on becoming the generational curse-breaker within our families, who heals the unresolved trauma that has been passed down to us from up to seven generations before us, and as far as seven generations after us even if they are already born. This is also why I feel the word ‘curse’ applies here because it is literally a kind of “curse” that is passed on from generation to generation until it is made conscious and healed.

But the good news is that when you heal your ancestral wounding, you can heal up to 14 generations all at once!

Let me break it down for you; this includes yourself, your parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, great-great-grandparents, your 3rd-great-grandparents, 4th-great-grandparents all the way up to your 5th-great-grandparents which is basically your grandmom’s or grandpa’s grandparent.

You also heal your children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, great-great-grandchildren, 3rd-great-grandchildren, 4th & 5th great-grandchildren to whom the unresolved trauma is not even passed on when they have not been born because you have broken the genetic chain that allowed it to be passed on invisibly to future generations.

We choose our family lineages

Now, let’s first get something clear.

Even though we can and do take on ancestral wounding from our generational predecessors, we are not their victims because we have chosen to do so of our own free will on a soul level.

Prior to our birth, our soul plans the details of our incarnation (our life in the physical) by not only choosing the parents but also the family lineages that help us heal our own unresolved pain that we carry in our vibrational field from previous lifetimes.

We often incarnate multiple times in different ways into the same lineage, in order to work through joint soul themes that other souls incarnating into this Earth family lineage are working through as well. In that way, we assist each other on a soul level, in healing what was left unresolved individually up till now.

So-called family “curses”, karma, trauma, whatever are not inflicted upon us by those who came before us in our family lineages. On a soul level, we consciously chose these people and the passed-on baggage they gave us because doing so gave us an opportunity to work through unresolved soul themes that our soul is seeking liberation from.

Family ties are often also very karmic, we tend to choose to be part of an Earth family to resolve karma or help each other release karma. This means that we incarnate together to make amends and even actively help each other recreate karmic circumstances to facilitate healing. It’s not uncommon for example for someone who has taken a life, to have to give life to undo what was done. Many parents have ‘karmic scores’ to settle with their children, something that often comes up in my one-on-one session with clients.

But I have also seen this to be true personally, I am the mother of four children. In my own healing journey, I have seen that I had to give life to my oldest and youngest child because I took their lives in a previous lifetime. The past life with my son was one of the first past lives that was uncovered, in the past life he was not my child but a young man in the village who was too strong for his own good and mentally not fully developed, which was a dangerous combination because you couldn’t reason with him.

I was a medicine woman who wanted to help and protect him, however, because he was so primal in that life, he would often rape me. My approach was to believe that I could heal him through love, but his behavior became more and more excessive and he started hurting other young girls within the community. To protect the others I brewed a potion that made him go to sleep and never wake up. On reviewing that lifetime, I felt that I had failed him and decided I would be his mother in order to show him, unconditional love.

An American friend of my mother, who I also knew from my childhood revealed this past life to me seventeen years ago and at that time I wasn’t even sure I believed in past lives at all. I had grown up learning about reincarnation and past lives, but interestingly enough despite my later work in the Akashic Records, I was not an instant believer.

I think I had to work with initially hundreds and later over a thousand clients to become convinced. Pretty ironic, huh?

Through this work with so many individual clients, I also discovered that there really is no one to blame on a soul level. In fact, blame itself is an old paradigm 3D/Ego concept that does not exist in the higher dimensions of the fifth dimension and up. The concept of blame is part of separation consciousness, that ceases to exist within the new paradigm of unity consciousness. Blame is only possible within this state of separation. It is only possible when there is an us vs them which is why it doesn’t exist in these higher dimensions because ego separation from the soul doesn’t any longer exist when we enter these higher levels of consciousness that grant us access to life, within a higher dimensional reality such as 5D and above.

This however doesn’t mean that there should not be consequences on an Earthly level when people hurt other people. I’m all for love and light and above all forgiveness, not so much for the other person but in order to be able to heal and move on yourself. Spiritual law is never an excuse to let people off the hook when it comes to bad behavior. Spiritual law is also never an excuse to allow abuse to continue or to somehow twist it into what someone ‘needs’ on a soul level. Yes, everything is happening for our highest good at all times – but that can never be an excuse to legitimize hurting people because doing so already violates spiritual law (thou shalt not cause harm). Nor is it spiritual to be incompassionate or turn spiritual law against people, because then you are just being a jerk or worse.

Ancestral or transgenerational trauma and the subconscious

A mistake many people make is to hold the current person accountable for the actions of a past life embodiment. What you have to understand is that all past life embodiments of you or someone else are like ancestors. When a parent or a grandparent does something wrong, we don’t hold the next generations accountable or responsible for their ancestor’s actions.

This should also apply to our past lives. I always explain to my clients if they are too entangled with a past life action that they condemn or regret, to remember that they are not this person. They may be different expressions of the same soul, but that does not make them the same person. In the same way that siblings share the same parents and yet develop as unique individuals with their own and often different personalities.

We never hold one sibling accountable for the other sibling’s actions, especially not if they did not grow up together. That would be absurd, we would say. In the same way, it is absurd to hold yourself accountable (or have others do so) for the actions of your past life predecessor – because you and that person are two completely different people, despite ‘coming forth’ from the same soul to keep it in the family analogy.

The hidden reason why we tend to do this and this is the same dynamic behind ancestral trauma is because the subconscious mind knows no time and it knows no one but the self.

This means that anything the subconscious mind believes is applied in this moment and to the current expression of self. It doesn’t see any difference between current life or past lives, nor does it understand the difference when something belongs to you or one of your ancestors. This is also why when you uncover these subconscious beliefs, and trauma, or repressed emotions, and so on it can be very confusing because you experience them as your own.

This is how the subconscious mind has remembered them as personally belonging to ‘the self’ because this was true at that time. Past life unresolved trauma was experienced as belonging to the self, in the previous life in the same way that your grandmother’s trauma was experienced as belonging to the self in her lifetime. When these unresolved issues are passed on either through the soul lineage (remember your previous life embodiments are like soul ancestors) or through the family lineage, they are simply seen as belonging to the self.

Although this appears to be less than intelligent of the subconscious mind, it is actually ingenious because in doing so it allows you to heal both the unresolved past from your soul’s journey as well as the unresolved past within your family lineage through which you are as a soul group healing bigger soul themes together.

How ancestral trauma can show up in your life?

Transgenerational trauma can show up in many ways, too many to detail all in this one teaching. So, this list is in no way complete or the ONLY way it can show up. At the same time, it is one of the most comprehensive lists you will find online in regards to ancestral or transgenerational wounding and how it is passed on through the family lineage.

The reason that there is limited information on this subject is that it takes immense levels of healing to access your ancestral layer of wounding. It is simply not accessible until you have unraveled other parts of your soul history such as past life and current life subconscious wounding because you need this understanding of your past in order to see how it is intertwined and sometimes even entangled with the soul themes that are being played out in your maternal and paternal lineage.

It is all interconnected and often we need to have attained a level of spiritual maturity, aka understanding of one’s level of responsibility for the circumstances in one’s life to not feel victimized by the load of unresolved gunk and sludge we seem to have inherited from our various ancestors on both our mother’s and father’s side. It’s not until we have a better understanding of our own soul’s journey that we are able to see the correlation between our soul’s history and our family’s history.

I am not talking about the self-evident variations of ancestral wounding, because as with all unresolved pain and trauma the stuff that is really tripping you up and creating havoc in your life is buried deep within the subconscious. It takes loads of deep excavation to actually be able to access these layers and many popular healing modalities or therapies do not even start to scratch the surface of these deeper layers. There is often a gross underestimation of what it takes to really access one’s subconscious trauma and wounding.

This means that there are simply not loads and loads of people who have gone this deep on their own healing journeys. Having done this inner work myself I will use examples from my own family lineage.

Taking on your mother’s trauma as your own

I don’t know if this is true for our father’s as well, it may very well be. I have just not seen evidence of it in my own life, so I can’t share any personal example of it. What I have seen evidence of both in my own life as a daughter and in my children’s life as a mother is that as children, we take on a core theme or trauma of our mother to work through.

Again this is of course totally aligned to our own burdens we brought in with us and aims to help us retrigger them in this lifetime, as an opportunity to heal them once and for all.

I am not talking about the trauma that you suffered at your mother’s hands, I am really talking about the trauma that a mother invisibly passes on to her child through the DNA.

From my own three children, I can see how they have taken aspects of me that I struggled with to make their own struggles. When I was thirteen and a half my mother, sent me away to my father to go live with him. I went from living with my mom in sunny California, living the Malibu lifestyle to a renovated farm in the middle of f*cking nowhere to live with my father in a hicktown at the very top of the Netherlands, near the German border.

When my son was thirteen, he did not want to live with us anymore and insisted on living with his father. His father took him in and then brought him back within weeks because his new wife had threatened to leave him if he kept his son. We lived in Germany (near the Dutch border) and his father lived all the way at the top of the Netherlands, not far from where I had been sent as a child which was of course where I had met him.

As a teenager, I struggled to live in my father’s house and did not have a good relationship with my stepmother, who treated me like a Cinderella. At the age of sixteen I left home to live with my then-boyfriend, later first husband and father of my two oldest children. At sixteen, my daughter who had been the apple of my eye suddenly left to go live with her boyfriend and we have been more or less estranged since then. In some of the very few opportunities, we have had to discuss what went wrong my daughter claimed she too had felt like a Cinderella in our home. Except, that we had a weekly cleaner, she was not stuck with the dishes every night (we had a dishwasher), and so on. Even though it felt as her own, she was living my trauma.

I would say now writing this she was reliving my trauma of feeling rejected by my father as well. For nine years her father refused contact with her because I had not done as he told me and that was to get ‘rid’ of her at the beginning of the pregnancy. My father, who was sent away from home when he was nine because his widowed mother couldn’t handle him also felt really rejected by her, so it could be that this would be an example of my father’s unresolved pain being passed on to me and me passing it on to my children.

Then we have my benjamin who still lives at home with me, from the youngest age he has struggled with self-esteem issues, and the fact that he is half Senegalese within a for the rest all Caucasian family has often amplified this for him. When he was really young and noticed that his skin color was different than ours it became an issue for him that we really needed to reassure him in that it made no difference, that he had the tan that we all wished we had.

Over the years it has become clear to me that his struggle with self-confidence has been my struggle that I didn’t even allow myself to feel. In a session this past week, I realized how deeply insecure I had truly felt about myself ever since I was a little girl as well and it became very clear within the session, that this was a trauma of my mother that I had taken on as my own.

Because my survival pattern has been to not allow myself to feel weak, I had buried this deep sense of insecurity in the deepest dungeons of my own psyche. Being challenged to support my son in his process, has helped me as well develop this same softness and support towards my inner child instead of the internal rigidness I had adopted to survive the circumstances of my early childhood.

Family patterns being passed down through the lineage

On my mother’s side, there were multiple family patterns passed down from for example my great-grandfather to my grandmother and then my mother and me which was a subconscious fear of being hurt by men. Rationally it may not make sense that this was passed down from my great-grandfather to three generations of women, however, because we are dealing with the subconscious this could have been an inner child wound of my great-grandfather.

It could also be a past life wounding where he was a woman or unresolved trauma and guilt from a past life where he as a man may have hurt women. It’s hard to guess how someone you don’t know, subconsciously started believing something, but from my work with clients in the Akasha (the chronicles of our soul), I have seen that we often can bring in these beliefs from previous lifetimes in the way described above – either as a victim or a perpetrator.

Because subconscious wounding is so complex, it actually rarely makes real sense from a rational point of view, This is because trauma short-circuits the parts of the brain that control the higher reasoning and language structures of the brain. The front part of our brain, known as the prefrontal cortex, is the rational part where consciousness lives, processing and reasoning occurs, and we make meaning of language.

When trauma occurs, people enter into a fight, flight, or freeze state, which can result in the prefrontal cortex shutting down. Our capacity to rationally analyze the experience becomes shut off, which easily leads to illogical conclusions. This, of course, does not diminish the validity of the experience, it merely explains how our capacity to reason becomes diminished in favor of the instinct and energy needed to survive the experience whether your life is in physical danger or not.

Another family pattern passed down from my great-grandmother to my grandmother and then onto my mother and me was the inability to allow ourselves to feel really deeply. For me, I know that I decided more than a millennium ago to shut down my ability to feel. This was a trauma response to an extremely physical painful experience as a nun within the church. The pain was so excruciating, that I shut it off completely at that time in order to survive mentally and emotionally.

This of course does not mean that I went through my current life not being able to feel my emotions, but it did show up as a tendency to not allow my emotions to overwhelm me, This may initially sound positive, but it was of course a form of repressing my emotions instead of allowing myself to completely feel through them something that like many of us I was simply not taught by my mother or father.

Although this was a family pattern on my mother’s side, my father used alcohol his entire life to escape having to face his emotions. He wasn’t a drunken lush, he was a high-functioning scientific programmer at the University of Amsterdam with a doctorate (Drs) in Economics who just hit the bottle hard in his free time to drown out the pain that he was not able to deal with.

Because of my own 40+ years obsession to remain in control of myself at all times, drugs and alcohol were not an option for me as they were for example for some of my half-siblings who like our father used addictions to ease the pain that they felt incapable to face which is another example of family patterns that can be passed down from generation to generation.

Carrying your ancestor’s burdens

My grandmother on my father’s side showed up one day in a healing session to apologize, which seemed to initially be about my father and the sexual abuse I experienced at his hands while I was a child. However, she also showed me that she had taken on a heavy burden from her grandfather, which would be my great-great-grandfather that I had helped her carry as well.

This grandmother died when I was 15 years old as she had been in her late thirties when my father had been born, and my father had also already been in his late thirties when I was born. When I was a child she lived really nearby and I used to spend a lot of time with her. She was my favorite grandmother and she was especially fond of me as well, as the youngest of her sixteen grandchildren (which will get an interesting twist in the next section).

It is perhaps because of what I will reveal in the next section that I volunteered to help carry her burden as her grandchild for so long, even decades after her death. I may have on a soul level, wanted to make things right with her which will become clear in the next story.

In the healing session, we gave the burden back to her grandfather to carry because it was not our burden, to begin with. Perhaps now in his new incarnation and through his soul evolution, my great-great-grandfather on my grandmother’s side in my paternal lineage has now reached a point that he is able to liberate himself from the burden that we were helping him carry.

However, as long as we were helping him carry it, how empathetic our actions may seem, he was also not taking full ownership and responsibility for his own unresolved pain – aka the burden, he was carrying.

My grandmother and I were enabling him in this by carrying his burden as our own. I can not say what motivated my grandmother to do this, but I know for me carrying this burden for my grandmother was my way to make amends to her out of guilt for my actions towards her in my previous lifetime, where I had wronged her when she was still a young woman.

Having a past life with your ancestor

In my most recent lifetime, I was a young nurse working on the war front in the Netherlands during the beginning of World War II. I had fallen madly in love with one of the soldiers and we had a hidden affair because I was also a nun.

Not that I was a nun by my own conviction, but simply because it was what the church orphanage that I grew up in had decided for me. I was either abandoned at a young age or my parents died, which had led me to know no other environment than the orphanage and the church that I was raised in. An environment that I was sexually abused in from an early age and the nuns themselves offered us no protection, despite knowing about the abuse. Instead, the nuns turned a blind eye to what was going on probably because they were being abused as well.

From my clandestine affair with the young soldier, I had become pregnant and I was desperate to find him and beg him to take our child into his home. He was married and had four children of his own with his wife who was ten years his senior. By the time I had reached him the Germans had just invaded our country, in the chaos that ensued my lover had been shot by friendly fire just two days before his oldest son’s seventh birthday on May 12th, 1940.

Feeling completely hopeless and helpless to protect my child against the horrors of my own youth and the same fate that would await her, I killed her and committed suicide. A horrendously tragic and painful life, in which the young soldier was the only experience of love, gentleness, and care I had ever experienced. I was shown later that my daughter in that life, was my youngest daughter in my current life who was only with us for 13 days. She had an extremely rare birth defect (vein of Galen malformation), that children rarely survive.

I have been married twice and had a son and a daughter in both marriages, both times when I was pregnant with the girls their fathers who had no idea what the gender of the baby would be – insisted on an abortion. I defied them both times and I never understood, why this had happened twice in my life. I remember even calling my dad once when he was still alive and asking him if he had not wanted me.

Maybe it was an in utero or childhood trauma? But he told me that he was very happy to have me – so that wasn’t it. It wasn’t until this past life came up recently, that I understood the relevance of this happening with my girls. It was to help remind me (touch the unresolved pain that) I had killed my daughter in order to protect her because she was a GIRL.

It is interesting that in my current life, I always felt a strong condemnation towards mothers in media stories of family tragedies where the mother had killed her own child. I always felt that if they would have trusted more, sought help, or would have waited a solution would have presented itself, this was of course my own subconscious condemnation of my actions in this previous lifetime.

Both times that I was pregnant with my girls, my husbands abandoned me during the pregnancies and I had to trust that a solution would come which it did. However, both times I was in outer circumstances that mimicked the deep despair that had driven me to my action in this other lifetime. This time around I embodied the faith, that in my previous life I had not been able to.

I currently also believe suicide isn’t a solution, because you just have to come back anyway. My story shows just how quickly, we do come back into the next embodiment…

But what makes this past life so bizarre is that the young soldier was my current life grandmother’s husband and his oldest son is my current life father.

My favorite grandmother, with whom I had such an intense and special relationship as her youngest grandchild had been my past life lover’s wife. She had been the woman, who I had hoped would raise my daughter as her own together with my lover’s other children. When my lover died, I didn’t dare tell her that I had a child with him nor could I ask her to raise mine as her own. My only plan to save my child had just evaporated in thin air, and giving her up for adoption would have meant the same fate for her as mine in my eyes because of my own horrific experiences growing up in an orphanage.

It now makes perfect sense to me that I would have volunteered to carry the burden my grandmother was carrying for her grandfather in this lifetime, to make up for the fact that I had trespassed on her marriage the way I had as the past life expression of me as a nun/nurse during WW II. Guilt always seeks punishment and penance and I had two reasons to make myself suffer, I not only broke the holy sacrament of marriage but I also hurt my child and took my own life. I was already carrying a heavy emotional burden myself and the family burden I took on was a perfect vibrational match to my own.

Being one of your ancestors in a past life

This brings me to the last example that I have to share on how ancestral trauma/karma can show up in your life, as we can incarnate multiple times within the same family lineage. This means that you can actually be one of your own ancestors. This blew my mind because I had never even thought about this possibility.

In a more recent healing session with a healer, I was shown that I was the 7th generation male within my family on my father’s side who had sexually abused his son. I later identified the son as my current life father. Prior to seeing that this was me, the message of this ancestor was that there is no blame. When he said it, I immediately thought that’s an easy cop-out for you to not take responsibility for the sexual abuse of your son.

Once I saw that he was me and that the son was my father who also sexually abused me in this lifetime, I understood that it had been a pattern passed down from generation to generation.

Then a 13th generation female in my father’s lineage presented herself and her message was ‘Know that you are loved’ and when I asked why she was saying this now, she told me because I didn’t tell you back then when I should have. Tears were streaming down my face when this message was coming through, it was like a healing balm to every cell in my body. I experienced and felt it so deeply.

Hurt people, hurt other people. This had been a repeating pattern within my paternal lineage, where on a soul level we had been working on healing the perpetrator/victim dynamic. This does not excuse the behavior of anyone, of course, it does not absolve anyone from the personal responsibility of their own actions. As the 7th generation male I deeply and heartfelt apologized to my then son, now father.

My father who passed away in 2009 has in a previous healing session long before bowed on one knee to apologize deeply to me and to acknowledge that he has now understood the damage he has caused through his actions. Before his death, my father apologized to us for many things, but he was never able to apologize to my half-sister and me for the sexual abuse – because he was too ashamed of himself.

Healing family karma

Drawing on that last example, another aspect of healing ancestral or transgenerational karma is becoming the person where the buck stops, that is what makes you the generational curse-breaker.

The pattern disruptor, who makes sure that this is where it ends.

We saw from the last example above that the pattern of incest started with me in the 7th generation and was passed down to my son (6th generation), who was then again my father in the second generation who now sexually abused me in this lifetime. This would indicate that incest has been running in my family on my father’s side for the past seven generations. I have no doubt that my father was sexually abused as well, after my grandfather died my father was soon placed in foster care because my grandmother couldn’t handle him. By the time my father was an adult, he had lived with 16 different families.

I didn’t remember my sexual abuse until I was in my mid-twenties, it happened when I was very young. When it stopped my father was actively sexually abusing my nine-year older half-sister who was twelve when it started.

I never sexually abused my children, nor crossed the line in normal parent children physical interaction. The pattern may have started with the past life expression of me as the 7th generational male, it also stopped with me in this lifetime. Not only, by not repeating the pattern (which is not enough to break it) but also by actively healing this pattern within the family lineage in the way described above.

This healing will be different for everyone depending on their unique situation. However, every family has skeletons in the closet and for example, sexual abuse as it was present within my family lineage, is something a lot of family lineages are clearing out currently. In a 1994 study, it was claimed to be the fastest-growing form of reported child abuse. This report also stated that most child sexual abuse takes the form of incest committed by fathers and stepfathers.

But generational trauma can also show up within a much larger collective than merely the family lineage, here are some examples:

Within the African American community, many families are healing the subconscious wounds of slavery. Many Jewish families are still healing the wounds of the Holocaust. But also more recent traumatic experiences such as those on ground zero on 9/11 or the genocide in Rwanda as a result of the conflict between the Hutus and Tutsis, have created transgenerational trauma that future generations will subconsciously have to deal with.

Read the previous teaching on transgenerational wounding to see how some of these group’s future generations have been affected by the trauma experienced by their ancestors.

But, as the examples from my personal life made clear, family trauma does not have to be based on big historic events. Anything that makes you feel unsafe, can be traumatic. Even if you do not belong to a specific group that had a traumatic event on a collective scale, you can bet your bottom dollar that you still have ancestral wounding being passed on in ways similar to the personal examples I have shared.

What is Universally true for everyone, including you, reading this teaching now is that every lineage has subconscious trauma that is being passed on from previous generations and that our current generation has to become the generational curse-breakers that stop these patterns once and for all. Not only to improve our own quality of life but also to lighten the load invisibly being passed on to our offspring, our children, our grandchildren, and their future children.

The fact that we cannot ‘see’ ancestral or transgenerational trauma, does not make it any less heavy or destructive to have to carry.

I pray that this teaching inspires you to go deeper on your own healing journey, as I have explained before being able to heal our deeply held subconscious ancestral wounding is a more advanced form of healing. We first need to clean out our past life and current life subconscious wounds aka our soul’s history, in order to be able to address our lineage history. Just because, all these various types of wounding are often so deeply intertwined and entangled which would prevent us from truly understanding their place in our karmic package.

It’s because of the above, that until we are ready on a spiritual level to understand this interconnectedness, that our ancestral trauma remains hidden. Waiting to be revealed when the time is right and we are able to handle the truth without it re-traumatizing us. For me even now, seeing this past life where I was my grandfather’s lover and this other life where I was the 7th generational male in my paternal lineage were difficult to face because there was so much shame and guilt I was still subconsciously holding in my vibrational field around ‘my’ actions in both lives.

It’s these things we subconsciously hold against ourselves, that actually on the most practical level prevent us from really loving ourselves. No amount of bubble baths, chocolate, and indulging in champaign with strawberries or even more healthy alternatives can counterbalance such deep places inside ourselves, where we just feel we f*cked up and we don’t deserve to be loved. Truly loving yourself is bringing all your shadows into the light, so that they can be forgiven, healed, and returned back to love. Loving yourself is NOT a mental exercise, it is something that has to be deeply embodied and this is not possible until you visit these places inside yourself where love is absent.

It is really as simple as that, but that doesn’t mean it is easy. Look below to see how I can assist you in this process.

Ready To Take Your Manifesting To The Soul Level?

The key to unlocking your Heaven on Earth is healing on a Soul path level.

Everything you want is only being blocked by your subconscious Soul path wounding. The reason why so many people fail to create the life and the reality that they dream of is because their subconscious false beliefs and Soul path wounds are holding them back.

I am here to help you unlock your Next Uplevel in Wholeness, Love, Money & Business and unapologetically embody the truth of who you are while you’re at it!

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