The Sisterhood Wound How Women Keep Themse ...

The Sisterhood Wound How Women Keep Themse ...

There is great interest these days in balancing our inner masculine and feminine parts, to for example attract the right partner or unlock higher levels of spiritual consciousness as well as higher levels of income. The missing piece however in most teachings is...

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The Father Wound, The Impact Of Emotionall ...

There is great interest these days in balancing our inner masculine and feminine parts, to for example attract the right partner or unlock higher levels of spiritual consciousness as well as higher levels of income. The missing piece however in most teachings is...

The Sisterhood Wound How Women Keep Themse ...

The Sisterhood Wound How Women Keep Themse ...

There is great interest these days in balancing our inner masculine and feminine parts, to for example attract the right partner or unlock higher levels of spiritual consciousness as well as higher levels of income. The missing piece however in most teachings is...

The Father Wound, The Impact Of Emotionall ...

The Father Wound, The Impact Of Emotionall ...

There is great interest these days in balancing our inner masculine and feminine parts, to for example attract the right partner or unlock higher levels of spiritual consciousness as well as higher levels of income. The missing piece however in most teachings is...

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The Mother Wound, How Women Subconsciously ...

There is great interest these days in balancing our inner masculine and feminine parts, to for example attract the right partner or unlock higher levels of spiritual consciousness as well as higher levels of income. The missing piece however in most teachings is...

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There is great interest these days in balancing our inner masculine and feminine parts, to for example attract the right partner or unlock higher levels of spiritual consciousness as well as higher levels of income. The missing piece however in most teachings is...

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Ancestral Wounds, are You Playing Out Your Lineage Wounding In Your Soul Partnership Connection?

by Sabriyé Dubrie

Spiritual author, Multidimensional Healer, Founder of Soul Embodiment® Therapy & the School of Soul Embodiment.

Ultimate Guide to Soul Embodiment

In this Soul teaching on ancestral wounds, are you playing out your lineage wounding in your soul partnership connection, you will learn:

  • Why healing ancestral wounds is a non-negotiable aspect of your Ascension process
  • The science behind trans-generational trauma
  • How you are expressing wounds passed down through your ancestors
  • How you will pass on trauma in your own future lineage
  • And more…

In this must read teaching, I share my own experience with trans-generational trauma being passed on within my family lineage. But I also have linked to a great variety of teachings that show us not only the science behind trans-generational trauma but also examples of how this has impacted different cultures and races through the disproportionate ​​​trauma ensued by atrocities in history such as slavery, genocide and so on. 4544

​Many of us alive today are direct descendants of generations that have been scarred by such events. The horrors of the Holocaust in WW2 are only 75 years ago, the abolishment of slavery only 155 years ago, and the end of colonialism only 60 years ago. The emancipation of women has only happened over the course of the past 100 to 150 years. We carry these scars of our ancestors who were traumatized by these events and science show us that these subconscious wounds impact our lives still today.

Ancestral wounding exceeds the Twin Flame arena

Don’t let the title of this teaching fool you, because whether you are in a Twin Flame connection or not, we are all playing out our ancestral wounds in our day to day life in the same way we are playing out our past life wounding. This can also depending on the nature of the wounding affect your Twin Flame connection, but it is not limited to the Twin Flame arena – it applies to everyone alive in this moment.

Healing our ancestral wounds is part of our soul objectives for this lifetime and is a non-negotiable aspect of our individual Ascension process. Many Twin Flame websites ONLY focus on the Twin Flame connection itself as if it is somehow not interconnected to everything else. They act as if it is a island on to itself that you can work on to mold as you please, without addressing the other issues that are holding you back in your life. This is an incorrect view of course, because everything is interrelated and interconnected and healing ancestral wounding is for many people a missing part of the puzzle. At the same time studying the phenomenon of ancestral and lineage wounding shows us just how complex and interconnected everything is.

In this teaching we will explore how the subconscious wounding of our biological fathers and mothers and their fathers and mothers are bleeding through in our own lives. For those of you who are parents yourself, you may start to see how your own children have come in by free will on a soul level to help you work out your traumas and the traumas of your mutual ancestral lineage.

So, grab a cup of coffee, tea or a nice cold drink and let’s dive into the intriguing world of ancestral wounding and how it affects us.

Scientific proof of passed on trauma

Now before you think this is just some New Age mumbo jumbo that has not been proven by science yet, think again. I know all of you my left-brained fans and followers love a good bit of science to fall back on in this wacky Twin Flame Universe where everything we have ever learned is placed upside and down and has become not as certain as we once thought it was.

Let’s take a look at some of that science:

Concentration camp trauma passed on to next generation

In the 1950s–1960s, evidence began emerging that Holocaust trauma was not limited to the survivors themselves, but was passed on to the next generation born after the Holocaust and raised in its shadow. It is possible to see the effects of growing up in the shadow of the Holocaust and transgenerational transmission of trauma in many aspects of the second-generation children’s lives. Source: Globe and Mail (2015) and MDPI (PDF) (2018)

Inheriting PTSD from our parents

Studies have shown that experiencing trauma may leave a chemical mark on a person’s genes, which is then passed down to future generations (Pembrey: 2013). Known as epigenetic inheritance, although the process does not directly damage the genes, it may instead alter the mechanism by which they are expressed, thus producing a change in someone’s physical appearance or behavior. Source: Labroots (2019)

Pregnant 9/11 survivors transmitted trauma to their children

Pregnant women who witnessed the World Trade Center attacks on 9/11 passed on biological signs of stress to their babies, researchers suggest. Scientists from Edinburgh and New York say tests on infants when they were a year old showed they had low levels of the stress hormone cortisol. Source: The Guardian (2011)

Son’s of Prisoners of war

In 1864, nearing the end of the US Civil War, conditions in the Confederate prisoner of war camps were at their worst. For those who survived, the harrowing experiences marked many of them for life. They returned to society with impaired health, worse job prospects and shorter life expectancy. But the impact of these hardships did not stop with those who experienced it. It also had an effect on the prisoners’ children and grandchildren, which appeared to be passed down the male line of families. Source: BBC (2019)

Cultural and racial passed on trauma

300 years of slavery is still affecting many African Americans that are alive today, they are working through the traumas experienced by their ancestors. Source: LSE US Centre (2019) This means that many of my African American readers have this as extra trauma to clear on top of the regular ancestral trauma in their family lineage. Genocides like the Native American people, the Tutsi in Rwanda, the Jews in the Holocaust have all left traumatic scars for future generations to work through. Source: The Wall Street Journal (2019)

For all my Indian readers (this is what English colonialism in India looked like) or readers from other countries that were colonized by a Western overpower, also you have extra generational baggage to clear from this experience that impacted your parents, grandparents and possibly previous generations before them. Source: Outlook (2020)

This is just a small selection of scientific research on generational passed on trauma.

I have placed the date of each published source to show how we are only starting to understand the impact of this phenomenon on current generations. As you can see the majority of the teachings on this subject are from the past two years. It’s been discussed in Academic circles much longer, but as a collective we are only recently starting to understand the impact of trans-generational trauma (TGT).

You will find that most of these sources talk about ‘epigenetics‘. Epigenetic research has found that trauma can leave a chemical mark on a person’s genes, which then is passed down to subsequent generations. The mark doesn’t directly damage the gene; there’s no mutation. Instead it alters the mechanism by which the gene is converted into functioning proteins, or expressed. The alteration isn’t genetic. These studies suggest that we inherit some trace of our parent’s and even grandparent’s experience, particularly their suffering, which in turn modifies our own day-to-day life – and this influences our children’s, as well.

Now, that we have the science out of the way let’s explore what this can look like in our lives and that of our children.

Our free will choice to work out lineage wounding

This is where we venture past science into spirituality to explain aspects of ancestral wounding that science simply doesn’t have the answer to yet and maybe will never fully open up to.

As we know incarnation is a free will experience. No one has incarnated against their will on this planet. There is NO ONE here that didn’t ask to be born and I will explain why I strongly believe this. We are grabbing back to science here, Dr. Ali Binazir crunched the numbers and the odds of you being alive are basically zero. Source: Business Insider

If you had to defy all odds to be alive today, how could that be a mistake? That would make no sense and if there is one thing that the Universe and the Divine don’t do it’s chaos and a game of chance. As Albert Einstein said: “God does not play dice with the universe.”

So, we are here by choice and we also take on ancestral and parental wounding by choice, because it is relevant to our own soul’s journey and healing objective. We also know from a spiritual standpoint, that we have chosen our parents and lineage with utter precision. We are not born in to our family of origins by accident, even though many of us are baffled by how we ever could have thought it was a good idea to pick these people.

I know and I get that, but it’s not our ego or personality that have chosen these people – it’s our souls and higher self that created soul contracts with the souls behind the egos and personalities of our family members. These soul contracts without exception always serve our highest good, which can be hard to stomach if you still carry a lot of anger and blame towards your family of origin.

Which it is why it is so important to do our inner healing work, because these are nothing but misinterpretations of our experiences. The ego takes everything personal and as an attack, the soul knows the higher purpose of all our experiences. This does not exempt the other of baring the consequences of hurtful or immoral behavior. This is not about victim blaming, i.e. you chose these people and experiences so it’s your own fault. It’s not about blaming period, because blame is a concept that does not exist in the higher dimensions. Blame is a 3D old paradigm concept.

How do we take on parental or ancestral wounding?

What I have seen in my own life in regards to what I have taken on from previous generations and what I have passed on to future generations has been very interesting.

Let me start by what I have passed on.

I have three children who have each taken some aspects of my life and recreated it in their life or were influenced by it. I was 19 years old when I became pregnant with my oldest son, at that time I had not been aware of the sexual abuse I experienced as a young child. The memories didn’t start coming back until I was 25 years old. My son was not sexually abused as far as I know, yet he showed many signs that children that are sexually abused portray. This could have also been a result of marital rape when I was six month pregnant with him.

We now know that in utero wounding is possible as well and that children in the womb experience a symbioses with their mother. If mothers pregnant during 9/11 can pass on trauma to their children than women getting raped during pregnancy are likely to pass on trauma as well, especially as it is happening in the body of the woman where the child is growing inside. As a child I never exhibited the tell tale signs of sexual abuse, despite the fact that I was sexually abused at an early age. It’s almost as if my oldest son took on that part for me which knowing a vital past life of his soul journey would make sense why on a soul level he has chosen to do so.

My daughter did the EXACT thing I did as a 16 year old and that was move in with her boyfriend. I had moved in with her father at the age of 16, my first husband and father of my two eldest children. She also wants nothing to do with me and my side of the family, interesting about that time in my life is that I had a very difficult relationship with my mother as well at that time.

My mom still lived in the States then and had sent me to go live in the Netherlands with my father. We had been part of the Church Universal and Triumphant, whose leader Elizabeth Clare Prophet had become infamous in the mid 1980’s for a predicting a nuclear fall out. My mother fired on by the fear mongering happening within the church would call me to warn me to be on this or that side of the Equator by a certain time because that was the only way to survive.

Needless to say her calls would stress me out to the max and created immense anxiety, which is one of the things my daughter suffers from, extreme stress and anxiousness despite her not having experienced trauma in her current life that would explain her symptoms. My mother and I have a very strong relationship now, however my daughter responds to me in the same way I used to respond to my mother in that time – which was to keep as much distance as possible between us (this of course is not a strategy that enables healing). Looking back to a past life with my daughter, I also understand why on a soul level she chose her current path.

Which brings me to my youngest son, who is a relatively happy go lucky kid except that he has deep doubts about himself and his self-worth. Interestingly enough this has been my deepest soul wounding, doubting myself – something that I had not been aware of before I went down the rabbit hole of inner healing on my Twin Flame journey and Ascension path.

It wasn’t until I deeply unraveled my past that I found the one thing that my Twin Flame had been mirroring me from the get-go, a deep seated doubt if I could really trust myself. Recently a situation with my youngest son, brought his doubts about himself up in a for me very confronting way which deeply touched all my inner insecurities in a very painful way.

While doing a session with a healer to work through this, she saw how my son had taken a small piece of my puzzle around this theme and had put it inside himself while I carried a piece of his puzzle in me, that we needed to give back to each other. I have not seen past lives, with this particular child but I have seen past lives with his baby sister who died shortly after birth from a rare defect of the vein of Galen.

At the time of writing this teaching, I don’t know for sure what I have taken on as a child from my own parents, but it could be part of the struggles I have had with feeling unsafe. These were already a part of my soul experience and of course the early childhood incest only increased these feelings of unsafety (a known side-effect of incest), However, I can’t help but wonder how my father at the age of 7 and my mother at the age of 1 felt growing up during the war in 1940’s Netherlands hiding out in the cellars used as air raid shelters while their cities were being bombed.

I know my mother can still smell the specific scent of the basement where her family hid. My father’s youngest sister told me how their in that time recently widowed mother, read endlessly to them in the basement during the air raids. I can imagine that both my parents as survivors of the second World War had deep subconscious feelings of unsafety that I volunteered to work through because it matched what my soul had already been working on to resolve over the course of many incarnations.

And what about our grandparents?

So how does it work with our grandparents and the generations before them? What I have found in my own healing journey is that I have had to clear wounding from my maternal and paternal lineage, both the feminine and masculine side. This has been especially true for my father’s side of the family. I had already in the past worked on clearing wounds from my father’s paternal lineage and now recently my father’s mother came into a healing session to assist me in my Ascension process.

My grandmother died when I was 15 years old, not of disease but of old age. You see my grandmother was 36 when she had my father who is her oldest child and my father was 36 as well when I was born his youngest child out of his second marriage. So, by them time I entered the world my grandmother was already 72 years old and as youngest grandchild I held a special place in her heart that was undeniable. Even my aunt recently wrote me, how special I was to my grandmother and that for the first seven years of my life my grandmother was very close to me as she lived one street away from my parental home.

My grandmother came into the session apologizing to me for my father’s behavior, after the session I reconnected with my father’s sister (my aunt) and she confirmed that my grandmother had felt immense guilt around my father. During the war on the 12th of May 1940 just days before my father’s 7th birthday, my grandfather was accidentally shot by his own men after doing his rounds. He didn’t know the password that was needed to return to the military base and was mistaken for a German agent.

By the time my father was 9 years old his mother placed him in the care of another family because she couldn’t handle him. There had been an incident in which he had tried to suffocate one of his sisters with a pillow and when he and that same sister fell through ice despite him being told not to get on it, my grandmother had had it and sent my father away.

The three girls remained with her, but my father never ever lived with them again. My father ended up being shoved from family member, to family member and lived in 14 different family’s homes before he was an adult. My grandmother felt very responsible for what had become of my father and how he treated his wife and children. Digging deeper into my father’s past gave me so much more compassion for him and the little boy inside of him that had endured so much pain when he lost his father and later the his mother and sisters,

You see my grandparents had a very unusual marriage. First of all my grandmother was in her 30’s when they met, my grandfather was 10 years younger than my grandmother. Imagine this in the 1930’s my grandfather was in his twenties, he was a speech therapist and my grandmother was one of the first 200 female doctors in the Netherlands who finished their education in the 1920’s. They met at the school where they both worked and apparently my grandfather was taken by my grandmother at first sight and asked her for a cup of tea together after work. My grandmother is said to have said very formally ‘Don’t you think you are exaggerating sir?’, but my grandfather got what he wanted – their first date and they married soon after.

This is where it get’s even more unusual, my grandfather becomes a stay at home parent while he works on his writing ambitions (he was a published author) and takes care of the children so that my grandmother could continue to work full-time as a doctor which she continued to do until she retired at the age of 60. This modern set up of my grandparents, was almost unheard of in that era. It also meant that my grandfather, was my father’s main caregiver.

Female doctors received a lot of flack from male doctors and society at large in regards to their capability to practice medicine. A woman could become a doctor and work as a doctor, but would be fired or asked to resign when she got married. Female doctors were also being undermined by insurance companies and other existing laws at that time that prohibited women from having bank accounts or making financial transactions. This is the world that my grandmother grew up in and which formed her internal belief systems (something we will get into later).

Back to my healing session, the first thing that I was shown was that I had been carrying a very heavy burden for my grandmother that she in turn had been carrying for her grandfather. Part of the generational healing that took place in this session, was to give this heavy burden back to my grandmother’s grandfather as it was his to carry and not ours.

We were also shown that my grandmother had passed on a belief to me about fearing to be dominated by a man in a marriage. It’s interesting to note that my grandmother never remarried or had another man in her life after my grandfather’s death. I believe this is because she thought she would never find a partnership again in which she had the equality she had experienced with my grandfather.

Which man of her time, would allow her to work in her profession while he stayed home and took care of another man’s children? He may have accepted the children, but hardly any man would have taken the so called ‘feminine’ role in the relationship in a time where masculinity was defined by his ability to provide for his family through his professional work. Such a man would risk becoming the laughing stock of his peers, especially because my grandmother was a doctor and came from a banker’s family which would easily lead to speculations that such a man was in it for the money and so on.

As we worked through all of these wounds the energetic relationship with my grandmother shifted, instead of being a burden to my energy field she became a support system that I was connected to through an infinity symbol that connected us through the heart. This symbol touched me so deeply that I bought an infinity ring as a manifestation anchor of all the healing that came through in this session – to anchor in this equality between the masculine and feminine.

When the energy was cleared between my grandmother and I, a deep soul bond from a previous lifetime in Egypt started shinning through, as it became clear that my grandmother and I had helped our lineage break the old patriarchal relationship template that created inequality between a man and a woman within romantic relationships.

This equality is a prerequisite for true Twin Flame union, because a Divine partnership is only possible when both partners have balanced their inner masculine and feminine sides which allows them to create equality as the essence of their union.

After the session I realized how many things my grandmother and I have in common. Like me her lover was much younger than she was (which was extraordinary for that time), my Twin Flame is considerably younger than I am our age difference is more than a decade. But the thing that struck me the most was a seeming coincidence that was uncanny, my grandmother was 44 years old when my grandfather was shot to death and she lost the love of her life. That was the exact same age where I met the love of my life and lost him, not because he was killed but because outside influences much like the one that prevented my grandmother from remarrying anyone else were at play in our Twin Flame dynamic.

My twin being much younger, from India and so on, would have been ridiculed in the same way had he chosen for us at that time. In fact I just realized that my twin was more or less the same age as my grandfather when he fell in love with me. It may seem a shame that things went the way they have between us, but it has been through this incredible journey that I have been able to become someone who could have and hold a 5th dimensional Divine partnership union – something I was incapable of when we first met.

Opening up to our ancestral wisdom

The healing session I booked after my youngest son triggered deep residual feelings of insecurity within myself, was the third in three sessions around clearing ancestral wounding. The first one, was the one described above with my grandmother and the second session was a bridge builder that led to a portal of ancestral wisdom which we didn’t know how I was meant to enter. We thought it may be through visiting my grandparent’s grave and honoring them with flowers, but once at the cemetery I couldn’t find my grandparents grave. Due to the Covid-19 measures my elderly aunt and uncle couldn’t come to show me the grave. I tried for an hour to find the grave with my uncle on a call to guide me, but the cemetery was so big I couldn’t find it.

Life moved further, other things started coming up in healing sessions which included a restoring to harmony of the energetic connection with my stepmother. In the session I was shown that her behavior towards me was to help me reactivate a false belief I created because of the incest by my father when I was 2 years old. I had recently done a Holoenergetic® healing session in which I was led back to the moment of trauma and asked what did I decide about myself in that moment? I saw that I had decided because of the incest that it meant that I didn’t deserve to be loved.

Which had been my experience with my stepmother, no matter what I did or said – she couldn’t love me and she went far to make that point over and over again throughout my teens and also as an adult until in 2009 my father died and she disappeared out of my life. It was interesting that when our connection was cleared, that there was an immense love between us from previous lifetimes that had clearly been absent in this lifetime. This shows how ‘reality’ on a soul level, can be very different form the reality we experience here while playing out our subconscious wounding.

My aunt on my mother’s side would get extremely angry with my stepmother for the way she treated me as a teenager, but my father was blind to it which was also why I left home at such a young age because I was a living Cinderella including the two stepsister, that according to my stepmother where better than me in everything. Talk about low self-esteem, my stepmother would be sure to make me feel I failed at everything and even if I was successful she would find a way to put me down. When my youngest was born I had published a cookbook through a big Dutch publishing company. I was eager to have my father taste my recipes, my stepmother first had me tell them what I was going to cook, she let me enthusiastically describe what I wanted to make for them before she went in for the kill, by saying that she didn’t feel like it and preferred going to the house they rented (I lived in Germany at the time) to make a baked egg sandwich.

My father sat there in his wheelchair and just let it happen completely oblivious to how incredibly painful her rejection was or the tears I was crying after they left while my second husband tried to console me. But that was my stepmother’s modus operandi (mo) always finding ways to put me in my place if I even dared to excel at anything. After that I made sure to only visit my father when I was certain my stepmother was out of the country and because my father’s health declined they also never visited me after that. If there was any way to not have to be with her in the same room, I took it until my dad got sick and I had no choice.

All that pain of being told I wasn’t good enough or could ever become good enough (which I had simply pushed away and refused to believe in) had to be acknowledged and given a place,

Which is where my youngest steps in and helps me feel even deeper into the despair of this little part inside of me that fears that my stepmother was right and that no matter what I do, I will never be good enough…..

It was allowing myself to feel that deeply buried pain and insecurity that opened up the access to my ancestral wisdom in the third session. In a shamanic light alchemy codes journey, I was taken back throughout all my previous generations of this current embodiment and then moved into the future with their support and wisdom to guide me. This then in turn allowed me to open up deeper into my own multi-dimensionality in which I was shown that as I travel or facilitate dimensional travel for my clients, an aspect of my being is always there holding space and monitoring the depths we travel into. Sort of like a ground team that facilitates safe journeys into the unknown that would otherwise seem scary or out of reach.

I was also shown that this aspect of me, has the gift of rewiring people’s programming and coding which is by large the biggest obstacle on both the Twin Flame journey as well as the Ascension path – outdated old 3D paradigm programming that is keeping us locked inside the old 3D fear matrix.

Seeing this aspect of my multi-dimensional being has created an even deeper sense of inner safety, something that has been eluding me for so long on my soul’s journey throughout time and space. A beautiful full circle moment, to find safety inside myself at last.

The stepparent connection

It’s interesting to see that as a deeper part of this inner union process with our soul, some of the final wounds to release are not with the Twin Flame (most of them aren’t anyway), it’s also not past life wounding standing in the way but instead it’s the wounds with or that we share with our family of origin that are the final obstacles to our individual Ascension.

In the session with my stepmother the healer was shown an astral ashram to which my soul belongs and a turquoise ladder which we know now is the vibrational color frequency of my soul essence. I was meant to go up the ladder, but in order to do so I first had to release the heaviness I still carried from the years with my stepmother. I was told that especially I had to let go of the morals and values she had enforced on me, because they were not mine – they were hers. I had my own morals and values to live by and this allowed me to start releasing some of the heaviness I had been carrying from way back then.

Interestingly I am even carrying that weight physically as I have gained 4,5 kilos in one month time. I have never weighed so much in my entire life, not even while pregnant. These are not kilos due to a lockdown, because in the Netherlands we are free to go out every day to walk or do groceries etc. We are free to move period. It is really related to the healing work as I have gained 2kg overnight after the Holoenergetic session and again 2kg overnight after this session with releasing the heaviness I was carrying around my relationship with my stepmother.

I wonder if there is some relevance to stepparents being part of this process, my own story seems to indicate such a connection but I don’t know if that is overall true or merely how it worked out in my case. I imagine that on a soul level I also picked out my stepmother’s lineage, especially considering that her father sexually abused me in the car within 2 hours of meeting him and after being back in my father’s care less than one month.

I was 13,5 years old when it happened, my stepmother of course never believed me. I am not sure how it works, but intuitively I feel that also stepparents can energetically transfer trauma and wounding onto their stepchildren.

I am guessing here, but it could also be that part of my soul agreement with my stepmother was taking on the incest in her family. My father sexually abused his daughters, but as far as I know there was no other sexual abuse in our family lineage. There is not a long line of fathers, grandfathers and uncles molesting the women in our family. This is very different on my stepmother’s side of the family, not only her father but also her uncles were known sexual abusers that victimized my stepmother and other girls in their family. Everybody knew about it, but nobody talked about it. It was swept under the rug, which allowed these men to sexually abuse multiple generations of women. It’s a nice idea to think that maybe, I helped her and her family release this pattern. But this is of course only speculation.

Ancestral wounds and Ascension

Whether stepparents fall under ancestral wounding or not, we still have to deal with the wounds that are connected to them one way or the other. So it doesn’t really matter, because we need to address this pain anyway. As for the rest I hope that in sharing my personal observations in passing onto future generations and carrying for previous generations helps you identify where this is happening in your own life and family dynamics.

I pray this teaching serves you and has opened your eyes to how the lives of our parents, our grandparents and the generations even before them influence our current life reality. Releasing this wounding is an important part of both the Twin Flame journey and our Ascension path.

Subconsciously believing that you will be dominated by a man in your intimate relationships, of course is not beneficial to coming into a physical or higher frequency union. It was definitely something, that I needed to release out of my subconscious belief system because it wasn’t true. It even had not been true for my grandmother’s marriage with my grandfather, it was what she feared now that my grandfather was no longer with her.

In the same way as part of our Ascension process we need to release all vibrational heaviness and density, which we can literally inherit from our ancestors like in my case my grandmother’s grandfather’s heaviness that she and I subconsciously carried for him or heaviness accumulated through our upbringing like I had still been carrying from my experiences with my stepmother. All this heaviness and density has to be released from our vibrational field, in order to be able to hold the higher frequency of our soul in our physical bodies.

Our family ties are often the thickest energetic cords in our lives, that aren’t always supporting us. Many of our fears, false beliefs and other programming comes from our family and ancestry. As much of the Ascension journey is a deprogramming journey, in which we have to release who we were told that we are and who we could become – what our families told us to believe is often embedded the deepest in our psyche.

But we have to remember that much of what they told us, was what was comfortable and convenient to them. It is not the truth of who you are, even your personality is not the truth of who you are. Your personality and ego are but a product of your past life and current life wounding that formed your perception of reality and your response to it, but that is not who you are. Your soul is your true essence and so releasing all the false information that the people most close to you gave you, is imperative to getting to know your true self. The sad truth is that these people didn’t know any better either, they weren’t purposely feeding us misinformation. They were merely caught in the illusion of life themselves.

As we transcend these illusions inside ourselves, our inner work can work back to seven generations behind us and change the destinies and quality of life of seven generations in front of us. This includes the life of our children, grandchildren, our grandchildren’s’ children, their grandchildren and so on. Your inner work does not only change your life, your twin’s life through the energetic knock-on effect but also all the generations of offspring that you bring forth, not to mention the peace and Divine order you bring to those who physically sponsored your incarnation into their family lineage who maybe even are no longer with us on the Earth plane.

Your inner healing work transforms the world and ripples out much further than we even can fathom. Yet above all remember this is true whether you are actively on the Twin Flame journey or not. Every soul has to deal with their current, past life or ancestral trauma, it may affect your Twin Flame relationship one way or the other….. BUT you don’t have to be in a Twin Flame dynamic to heal these wounds, this is available to everyone and beneficial for everyone.

As Twin Flames we are front-runners in the Ascension process, here to assist planet Earth and all its inhabitants into the Golden Age of Aquarius and life in the higher 5th dimension, but this is only a temporary more advanced role as it is in the Divine Plan for all humanity to enter these higher states of consciousness and higher states of being. Those of us who are currently in a Twin Flame dynamic, are merely offered a fast-track to this next stage of our soul evolution.

Collectively as humans, we are all meant to leave our density behind –  irregardless of our Divine partnership status. So why not start now? Why, wait?

Ready To Take Your Manifesting To The Soul Level?

The key to unlocking your Heaven on Earth is healing on a Soul path level.

Everything you want is only being blocked by your subconscious Soul path wounding. The reason why so many people fail to create the life and the reality that they dream of is because their subconscious false beliefs and Soul path wounds are holding them back.

I am here to help you unlock your Next Uplevel in Wholeness, Love, Money & Business and unapologetically embody the truth of who you are while you’re at it!

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