The Sisterhood Wound How Women Keep Themse ...

The Sisterhood Wound How Women Keep Themse ...

There is great interest these days in balancing our inner masculine and feminine parts, to for example attract the right partner or unlock higher levels of spiritual consciousness as well as higher levels of income. The missing piece however in most teachings is...

The Father Wound, The Impact Of Emotionall ...

The Father Wound, The Impact Of Emotionall ...

There is great interest these days in balancing our inner masculine and feminine parts, to for example attract the right partner or unlock higher levels of spiritual consciousness as well as higher levels of income. The missing piece however in most teachings is...

The Sisterhood Wound How Women Keep Themse ...

The Sisterhood Wound How Women Keep Themse ...

There is great interest these days in balancing our inner masculine and feminine parts, to for example attract the right partner or unlock higher levels of spiritual consciousness as well as higher levels of income. The missing piece however in most teachings is...

The Father Wound, The Impact Of Emotionall ...

The Father Wound, The Impact Of Emotionall ...

There is great interest these days in balancing our inner masculine and feminine parts, to for example attract the right partner or unlock higher levels of spiritual consciousness as well as higher levels of income. The missing piece however in most teachings is...

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The Mother Wound, How Women Subconsciously ...

There is great interest these days in balancing our inner masculine and feminine parts, to for example attract the right partner or unlock higher levels of spiritual consciousness as well as higher levels of income. The missing piece however in most teachings is...

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The True Origins Of The Patriarchy That Wi ...

There is great interest these days in balancing our inner masculine and feminine parts, to for example attract the right partner or unlock higher levels of spiritual consciousness as well as higher levels of income. The missing piece however in most teachings is...

Soul Path Series: Part I - Our Split From  ...

Soul Path Series: Part I - Our Split From ...

The Soul Path series is an eight-article series by Sabriyé Dubrie of Soul Teachings on the origin of our Soul path 'birth' and our evolution into the (human) incarnation experience. The teachings shared are gleaned from my own healing journey on a Soul path level and...

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Soul Path Series: Part II - Our Galactic L ...

The Soul Path series is an eight-article series by Sabriyé Dubrie of Soul Teachings on the origin of our Soul path ‘birth’ and our evolution into the (human) incarnation experience. The teachings shared are gleaned from my own healing journey on a Soul path level and...

Soul Path Series: Part V – Atlantis, The Start Of Humanity & Dragon Consciousness

by Sabriyé Dubrie

Spiritual author, Multidimensional Healer, Founder of Soul Embodiment® Therapy & the School of Soul Embodiment.

Ultimate Guide to Soul Embodiment

The Soul Path series is an eight-article series by Sabriyé Dubrie of Soul Teachings on the origin of our Soul path ‘birth’ and our evolution into the (human) incarnation experience. The teachings shared are gleaned from my own healing journey on a Soul path level and my experience in working with over a thousand clients using the Soul Embodiment® Therapy method. For those interested in learning this method as a therapist, I run a yearly Soul Embodiment® Therapy Certification Program to train therapists worldwide in this revolutionary healing modality.

This is part V, you can read Part IV – Masculine & Feminine Split, The Battle Of The Sexes, and The Birth Of Duality here (click link).

In this Soul teaching on Atlantis, the start of humanity & dragon consciousness you will learn:

  • Atlantis the start of humanity
  • Atlantis and Dragon consciousness
  • How Atlantis fits into our Soul Path journey
  • The Truth about the Golden Age of Atlantis and it’s fall
  • And more…

Atlantis lasted millions of years

Atlantis is a period that lasted between four and five million years. According to the Theosophy (Blavatsky) the Lemurians belonged to the third Root Race and the Atlanteans were the fourth Root Race, which came forth out of the 7th Lemurian sub-race approximately 4,500,000 years ago in Africa. The term Root-Races does not refer to ethnicities. They represent different evolutionary stages that humanity as a whole goes through successively, the Lemurians as explained in Part III of this Soul Path Series were pre-human races, while the Atlanteans were the first humans as we know them today.

Each Root-Race succeeds the other, although there is a period of overlapping between the old forms dying out and the new forms becoming more and more dominant.

‘To show how the continents, races, nations, and cycles overlap each other, one has but to think of Lemuria, the last of whose lands perished about 700,000 years before the beginning of the Tertiary period (65 million years ago – 2.6 million years ago), and the last of “Atlantis” only 11,000 years ago; thus both overlapping—one the Atlantean period, and the other the Aryan*.’ Source:

While Lemuria is believed to have spanned over the Permian period 298.9 million years ago through the Triassic and into the Jurassic period as well as the Cretaceous and into the Eocene period which ended around 33.9 million years ago according to the book The Lost Lemuria – The Story of the Lost Civilization by William Scott-Elliot Atlantis lasted four to five million years and existed about a million years before the Egyptian period that we know from our written history.

Discrepancies in the above time periods are due to new evidence and better equipment to measure them that scientists in the 1800s when a lot of these estimates were made didn’t have access to. For example, the Tertiary Period has now been replaced by the Paleogene Period (65.5–23 million years ago) and the Neogene Period (23–2.6 million years ago).

While history and science might debate if places such as Lemuria and Atlantis ever really existed when working on a Soul Path level, it is quite common for my clients to access past life memories from these two periods as they played important roles in our Soul Path journey.

Hitler’s hijacking of Atlantis

*We are the Aryan Root Race, which is the Fifth Root Race in our human evolution that began in Asia a million years ago. Each Root Race has seven subraces and according to Blavatsky, we are currently in the sixth sub-race of the Aryan Root Race that was expected to emerge at the beginning of the 21st century. ‘The sixth or Australo-American sub-race will “possess certain psychic powers, and for this the pituitary body will be developed, thus giving an additional sense, that of cognizing astral emotions in the ordinary waking consciousness. We may say that in general, the sixth sub-race will bring in wisdom and intuition, blending all that is best in the intelligence of the fifth subrace and the emotion of the fourth.’ Source

Those who swore by the idea of a white Nordic superior race were believers in the tale of the imagined lost city of Atlantis, where people of “the purest blood” had apparently once lived,

This is not to be confused with Hitler’s delusions about race when he hijacked the concept of an Aryan race to fit his white supremacy agenda. ‘Adolf Hitler believed that “Aryan” Nordic people had entered India from the north some 1,500 years earlier, and that the Aryans had committed the “crime” of mixing with the local “un-Aryan” people, losing the attributes that had made them racially superior to all other people on earth. Those who swore by the idea of a white Nordic superior race were believers in the tale of the imagined lost city of Atlantis, where people of “the purest blood” had apparently once lived.’ Source:

Blavatsky was very clear that the Aryan Root Race was diverse in ethnicities. ‘The Aryan races, for instance, now varying from dark brown, almost black, red-brown-yellow, down to the whitest creamy color, are yet all of one and the same stock – the Fifth Root-Race – and spring from one single progenitor, … who is said to have lived over 18,000,000 years ago, and also 850,000 years ago – at the time of the sinking of the last remnants of the great continent of Atlantis.’ Source

Hitler appropriated many things including concepts and symbols, staining their meaning such as the swastika which is considered a holy symbol in India and other cultures across the globe. In Sanskrit, the word svastika means “conducive to well-being.”

Plato on Atlantis

‘In 355 BC Plato wrote the book Timaeus, in which his character, Kritias, recounts the story of Atlantis, a story which has been in his family for generations. The tale of this great civilization had been originally told to his ancestor by an Egyptian priest named Solon.

According to Plato’s account, the powerful empire of Atlantis was founded by Poseidon, the God of the Sea. It was located to the west of the “Pillars of Hercules” (the Straights of Gibraltar). On the island nation, Poseidon fathered five sets of twins. The firstborn was Atlas, for whom the empire and the surrounding ocean was named. Poseidon divided the land into ten sections, each to be ruled by a son, or his heirs.

The capital city of Atlantis was laid out as a series of concentric walls and canals. Atlantis was a marvel of engineering and advanced technology but according to Plato the people became corrupt and greedy. The gods decided to destroy them. There was a violent earthquake that supposedly sunk the huge island nation in one day. Many historians think Plato made up the story of Atlantis as an illustration of his teachings, but many other ancient historians and philosophers other than Plato have written about Atlantis. Source:

Among the impressive things that Solon heard from the priest was that the Atlantians originally had divine powers but gradually lost them.

‘Likewise, Plato describes the story of Atlantis in his dialogues Critias and Timaeus. Among the impressive things that Solon heard from the priest was that the Atlantians originally had divine powers but gradually lost them. After they were left only with human powers, they decided to go against other prosperous islands. They traveled around the Mediterranean and conquered many places until they were defeated by the Athenians. Eventually, the anger of the gods for the arrogance of the Atlantians led to their punishment. The Olympians obliterated Atlantis in one night, leaving only masses of mud behind.’ Source:

Seeing Plato’s name come up again in this Soul Path Series after discussing his Myth of the Androgyne and our search for our other half in Part IV, I am wondering if Plato was what we would consider the ability to ‘channel’ today. Say his account of the Egyptian priest was a romanticized version or a needed 3D explanation to prevent persecution, it could also be accurate. What is interesting is how Plato seemed to be able to tap into our collective Soul Path history and write about it in a way we would now based on spiritual knowledge consider accurate. I say this loosely without ever reading Plato’s work firsthand, but it was something that crossed my mind while researching this teaching and seeing his name come up again regarding Atlantis.

The start of humanity

‘In Theosophical literature, the fourth Root-Race is presented as the first completely human species, since it was during this period that the physical body consolidated and attained its perfection. However, the Atlanteans were much larger in size than we are now, this race constituting the giants and titans mentioned in ancient scriptures. During this Root-Race the intellect developed and, along with it, speech. The Atlanteans were psychic, and their civilization was eventually destroyed due to the misuse of these powers.

Atlanteans still possessed a third eye, developed during the third Root-Race, which had spiritual functions. This eye, however, was eventually lost as the races became more physically dense:

The possession of a physical third eye, we are told, was enjoyed by the men of the Third Root-Race down to nearly the middle period of Third SUB-race of the Fourth Root-Race, when the consolidation and perfection of the human frame made it disappear from the outward anatomy of man. Psychically and spiritually, however, its mental and visual perceptions lasted till nearly the end of the Fourth Race, when its functions, owing to the materiality and depraved condition of mankind, died out altogether before the submersion of the bulk of the Atlantean continent.’ Source:

We see that in the seven sub-races of the Atlantean Root Race, we start recognizing the human race as we know it now. See list below:

  1. the Rmoahal
  2. the Tlavati (Cro-Magnons)
  3. the Toltec (a term which Theosophists use as a synonym for the Atlantean ancestors of the American Indians)
  4. the Turanian
  5. the original Semites (i.e. Phoenicians)
  6. the Akkadians, and
  7. the Mongolian, which migrated to and colonized Central Asia, East Asia, and Southeast Asia.

‘The descendants of the Atlanteans according to traditional Theosophy include those of the Mongolian race, the Malayan race, and the American Indian race as well as some people of what in the late 19th and early 20th centuries was called the “olive-skinned” Mediterranean race.’ Source:

Great psychic powers

‘Because of the presence of this third eye, the races of the Atlantean Root-Race possessed psychic powers. Toward the end of this Root-Race the psychic powers were gravely misused, which led to the final demise of the Atlantean civilization.

[Atlanteans] were born with a sight that embraced all hidden things, and was independent of both distance and material obstacles.

In short, they were the fourth race of men mentioned in the Popol-Vuh, whose sight was unlimited and who knew all things at once. They were, perhaps, what we would now term “natural-born mediums,” who neither struggled nor suffered to obtain their knowledge, nor did they acquire it at the price of any sacrifice. . . . The born adepts of Atlantis blindly followed the insinuations of the great and invisible “Dragon,” the King Thevetat [and] became a nation of wicked magicians.

It is explained in our Commentaries. “They (the sixth sub-race of the Atlanteans) used magic incantations even against the Sun”—failing in which, they cursed it. The sorcerers of Thessaly were credited with the power of calling down the moon, as Greek history assures us. The Atlanteans of the later period were renowned for their magic powers and wickedness, their ambition, and their defiance of the gods.

According to Blavatsky, this form of “derided Magic”–

. . . was practiced in such ungodly ways by the Atlantean Sorcerers that it has since become necessary for the subsequent [fifth Root] Race to draw a thick veil over the practices which were used to obtain so-called magical effects on the psychic and on the physical planes.

The abuse of these powers and the actions that led to the end of this civilization generated heavy karmic causes which humanity is still working out today. For this reason, Master K.H. wrote that Atlantis “is greatly connected with evil if not with its origin”.’ Source:

In this rather long quote, we come to understand that the Atlanteans were still all-knowing and all-seeing which are innate Soul qualities that we all possess on a Soul level. The Atlanteans were still able to use these faculties, which were lost as we read in the section on the start of humanity due to the densification process. A densification process that used trauma (which is also part of our karmic load) to be able to take physical form.

Where things went wrong within New Age spirituality is that it was interpreted from a subconscious Abrahamic religious frame of reference (including Christianity). I have discussed this before, the expulsion from the Garden of Eden became the Fall of Atlantis, Sin became Karma, God became the Universe, and so on… Rather than understanding these concepts for what they truly are, they became New Age substitutes for what we subconsciously were familiar with, yet consciously were starting to reject.

The idea that an Ascended Master would talk in terms of good and evil is preposterous because duality does not exist in the higher spiritual dimensions. If the highest spiritual truth is Oneness, there cannot be two opposing things such as good and evil, light and dark, masculine and feminine. As discussed in Part IV of this Soul Path Series, duality was in fact a byproduct of the split of the (inner) masculine and feminine. Either Blavatsky wasn’t channeling an Ascended Master, or what is very common with people who channel is her wording is a result of her interpretation based on her understanding of what was being channeled. It could also be an old quote or a misquote as in her (perhaps) later work she is more neutral (less dualistic).

What we see instead, is that the Atlanteans as part of their densification process sacrifice their All-knowing and All-seeing Soul faculties in order to become physical and take human form. The Divine powers Plato mentioned the Atlanteans having, then losing in order to become ordinary humans. Rather than it being due to their evil nature and wretchedness (The Christian interpretation of human nature) we need to realize that to truly play the incarnation game, the way we intended it, we could not remain all-knowing or all-seeing because it prevented us from being able to fully live in the illusion of separation. If we had remained both all-seeing and all-knowing, we would have always been able to see the truth through the illusion which would have sabotaged our incarnation process and our ability to play the incarnation game to its full extent.

If you’re confused as to why we would have ever wanted to play the incarnation game, to begin with, go back to Part I of this Soul Path Series to find out why we wanted to split from Source and why we couldn’t stay in the cosmic womb forever.

Dragon consciousness

Last year, during the certification process of my Soul Embodiment® Therapy Certification program one of my students brought me into a past life in Atlantis. Each student needs to give me a sample session, alongside their case studies so that I can assess their level of expertise using the method. The session my student gave me blew our minds in many ways, especially because it seemed so far out there. What I had been shown was that I was a dragon priest in an Atlantean temple who had knowledge of dragon magic.

One day, the dragon that I had worked with was gone without a trace and I was left heartbroken believing that I had not been worthy of its magic and had somehow failed because the dragon had abandoned me. Although it seemed an incredulous story and we weren’t sure if it was merely a metaphor, we could both feel how impactful the session was for me. It was super powerful.

My first attempts to Google anything on dragon priests in Atlantis were fruitless with a lot of Fan Wiki results for some fantasy game. Until I changed my wording slightly and found this text below that not only confirmed what I had seen but also explained why my dragon had disappeared. Understanding that it had not been my fault that the dragon had left, brought deep healing. It was as if I received an answer to something I had been grappling with for millions of years on a Soul Path level. This was the text I found that confirmed what I had seen:

‘During the Atlantean Epoch on Earth, Dragons were closer in vibration to humans. All Atlanteans could see Dragons along with other Elementals as well as they see other humans.

The Dragon consciousness was looked after by Dragon Priest and Priestesses who trained in the Atlantean Dragon temple and were taught by the Dragons their magic and role to support the leylines of Earth. They also worked in a symbolic relationship of mutual respect. Many souls were drawn to work with the Dragons to assist with Earth healing and to help overcome blocks in a soul’s progression on the Earth plane.

Atlantean Dragons would perform Dragon healing sessions where Atlanteans would come in large groups to the Healing temple for massive upgrades of consciousness and also to help people work on specific vibrational frequency issues in their energy field. Many souls are now remembering working with the Atlantean dragons and the profound healing they can offer us at this time. They are helping us clear Atlantean Karma and get on a fast track with our spiritual ascension again on Earth.

Before the fall of Atlantis, the Dragon consciousness closed down the dragon portals to keep them safe. 

Many lightworkers have returned now during the Ascension process to reopen the Dragon portals and to strengthen their connection with human consciousness again.’ Source:

When I read that the etheric dragon temple of Atlantis is now located energetically over the volcanic island of Santorini (see excerpt below), I knew I had to go there to reconnect with it and see how this ties into the Soul Embodiment (Ascension) work that I am sharing with the collective. We are booked to go to Santorini at the end of March 2024. I contacted the owner of the Dargon Wisdom School site a couple of times for the exact location, but she has been rather unresponsive. I had hoped she could tell me more, but that wasn’t the case.

Intuitively, I am being drawn to Ancient Thera which is believed to be connected to Atlantis, for those like me who are drawn to physically reconnect with this ancient temple field. I will also visit the Minoan settlement of Akrotiri, to feel the vibe there as both of them could be remnants of Atlantis according to speculations. I will update this information after my trip for anyone else landing on this page after remembering a lifetime as a Dragon priest or priestess.

‘Many lifetimes ago many of you have trained in Dragon Magic as a Dragon Priest or Priestess.

In Atlantis, there was a Dragon Temple that is now located energetically over the volcanic island of Santorini in the Mediterranean Sea.

Dragon Priests and Priestesses went through various initiations with the Dragon Consciousness learning about energy healing and transformation…….This also reawakens the Dragon Priest and Priestesses returned to Earth; remembering your training in how to work with different types of Dragons. How to shift your energy and how to do inner transmutation and transformation within is the great wisdom the Dragons are bringing back to the Earth.’ Source:

I have no specific expectations from going there, but what I do know from the Soul traveling I have done so far is that certain geographical locations for whatever reason can bring Soul Activation and assist in bringing back so-called ‘lost’ pieces of the Soul which aren’t really lost pieces but Soul parts that we are ready to reclaim in the form of Soul retrieval and Soul Gift retrieval. Visiting India for the first time in 2015, opened my Soul gift of being able to work and help people heal on a Soul Path level.

Golden Age of Atlantis

We of course can’t discuss Atlantis without discussing the period that is referred to as the Golden Age of Atlantis. When people talk about Atlantis it’s either about the power abuse, the fall of Atlantis, or the Golden Age of Atlantis. I have to be honest I am usually quite skeptical of much of the spiritually channeled information on these times in history that tend to be very floaty and not very well scientifically explained, even when of course science obviously doesn’t acknowledge the existence of Atlantis at all. This is probably why I feel more comfortable quoting Theosophical work because Blavatsky at least attempts to connect spirituality with science, although I don’t agree with everything I have read from her either.

To me it does make more sense though, I recently read one-third of Diane Cooper’s Discovering Atlantis which claims to be a guide to reclaiming the Wisdom of the Ancients, and decided it was a waste of time. My mother, who is an avid reader of Yogananda, Krishnamurti, Blavatsky, Elizabeth Clare Prophet, and basically anything esoteric and spiritual finished the book for me and came to the same conclusion, the book contained zero truly valuable information on Atlantis. There wasn’t a shred of wisdom of the ancients to be found in that book, I share this not to discredit someone else’s work but to bring attention to the level of Utopian fiction that is being sold as spiritual truths.

Another Theosophist Lieut-Colonel Arthur E. Powell wrote about the Golden Age of Atlantis.

‘According to Powell, the long period of time when Atlantis was ruled by the Toltecs (the ancestors of the Amerindians), the civilization of Atlantis was at its height. This was the period between about 1,000,000 and 900,000 years ago, called the Golden Age of Atlantis. The Atlanteans had many luxuries and conveniences. Their capital city was called The City of the Golden Gates. At its height, it had two million inhabitants. There were extensive aqueducts leading to the city from a mountain lake. The Atlanteans had airships that could seat two to eight people. The economic system was socialist like that of the Incas. Atlanteans were the first to develop organized warfare. The military deployed air battleships that contained 50 to 100 fighting men. These air battleships deployed poison gas bombs. The infantry fired fire-tipped arrows. The Toltecs on Atlantis worshipped the Sun in temples as grand as those of ancient Egypt that were decorated in bright colors. The sacred word used in meditation was Tau (this was the equivalent of the Aryan sacred word AUM). As noted above, the Toltecs colonized all of North America and South America and thus became the people we know as the Amerindians.’ Source:

The thing is, that all great civilizations have their rise and fall, just look at history to see how various empires flourished and then collapsed.

This is following the cycle of what is called in Sanskrit the Yugas (world ages) of which the Satya Yuga is the Golden Age. There are four different yugas, with a shadow time of dusk and dawn separating each and every cycle of the Yugas, the fourth and last cycle is the Kali Yuga which are known as the end times. We are currently in another Kali Yuga which will lead into the next Golden Age, which is being called the Golden Age of Aquarius.

But if the yugas are the metric that we are going by, we aren’t anywhere close yet as our current Kali Yuga began 5,125 years ago and has 426,875 years left as of 2024 CE according to Wikipedia. This means that the current Kali Yuga will end in the year 428,899 CE. Other more credible sources, however, believe that it could be as early as 2025 that this Kali Yuga ends bringing us a lot closer to the experience of a new Golden Age minus the dusk time between the Kali Yuga and the Satya Yuga which seems to be another 144.000 human and 400 Divine years. Let’s hope they made some miscalculations here and there…. and that we are closer to the new Golden Age than we think.

However, because Atlantis is part of our human history the fact that it knew a Golden Age and then ended up self-destructing only makes it evident that it has followed the normal evolutional cycle of the yugas that have simply marked the different as it were seasons of the ages. Seen in this context there is literally nothing extraordinary about the Golden Age of Atlantis or its so-called fall as this is simply how things work on a Soul Path level, we are constantly cycling through the four different yugas, and if a period lasts long enough which the Atlantean period, for example, did you will experience all these cycles at least once or perhaps even multiple times.

From an incarnation perspective, this also makes sense, the Atlanteans lost their Divine powers that they still possessed in the Satya Yuga in the densification process and ended up more human than Divine because of it. That everything went sour in the end, is not because the Atlanteans were inherently wicked or evil. It’s because that’s how all Kali Yugas end.

‘Kali Yuga; the age of darkness, when moral virtue and mental capabilities reach their lowest point in the cycle. The Mahabharata describes the Kali Yuga as the period when the “World Soul” is Black in hue; only one-quarter of virtue remains, which slowly dwindles to zero at the end of the Kali Yuga. Men turn to wickedness; disease, lethargy, anger, natural calamities, anguish, and fear of scarcity dominate. Penance, sacrifices, and religious observances fall into disuse. All creatures degenerate. Change passes over all things, without exception.’ Source: Peter Last

Atlantis, our teenage years on our Soul Path journey

‘The downfall of Atlantis started when some of the Toltecs began to practice black magic about 850,000 BC, corrupted by the dragon “Thevetat”, remembered as Devadatta, the opponent of Buddha. The people began to become selfish and materialistic. Soon thereafter, the Turanians (the ancestors of the people we now know as the Turkic peoples) became dominant in much of Atlantis. The Turanians continued the practice of black magic which reached its height about 250,000 BC and continued until the final sinking of Atlantis, although they were opposed by white magicians. The Master Morya incarnated as the Emperor of Atlantis in 220,000 BC to oppose the black magicians. The black magicians used magical spells to breed human-animal chimeras. They possessed an army composed of chimeras that were composites composed of a human body with the heads of fierce predators such as lions, tigers, and bears, that ate enemy corpses on the battlefield. The war between the white magicians and the black magicians continued until the end of Atlantis. The Masters of the Ancient Wisdom telepathically warned their disciples (the white magicians) to flee Atlantis in ships while there was still time to get out before the final cataclysm. As noted above, the final sudden submergence of Atlantis due to earthquakes occurred in 9,564 BC’. Source:

The split from Source was our birth on a Soul Path level, Lemuria our childhood years and by the time we reach Atlantis, we are in our teenage years on a Soul Path level.

What is collectively true for healthy teenagers?

They think the world revolves around them. Just ask any teenage mom or dad or any expert – teenagers think the sun rises and sets on their arses which apparently is caused by hormonal changes during the teenage years.

Surprise, surprise the Atlanteans were the same especially the closer they got to becoming fully human and less Divine.

‘The evil days, however, were drawing near when no altruistic idea should remain to redeem the race from the abyss of selfishness in which it was destined to be overwhelmed…..

As is written in the Book of Dzyan, “Then the Fourth became tall with pride. We are the kings it was said; we are the Gods…. They built huge cities. Of rare earths and metals they built, and out of the fires vomited, out of the white stone of the mountains and of the black stone, they cut their own images in their size and likeness, and worshipped them.” Shrines were placed in temples in which the statue of each man, wrought in gold or silver, or carved in stone or wood, was adored by himself. The richer men kept whole trains of priests in their employ for the cult and care of their shrines, and offerings were made to these statues as to gods. The apotheosis of self could go no further.‘ Source: William Scott-Elliot – The Lost Worlds: The Story of Atlantis & The Lost Lemuria

Another thing the Atlanteans had in common with the teenager archetype was their rejection of authority and the desire to go and make their own way in life. On a Soul Path level, the late Atlantean era up until the early Ancient Egyptian era was used for the final split we make to incarnate and that is the split between the ego and the Soul. We cannot become fully humans initially, without ‘sacrificing’ or separating from our Divinity. You see before that final split, we were still at one with our Soul which allowed us to continue to tap into the different faculties of our Soul. To become fully physical and human, we had to separate from our Soul so that we could fully go into the illusion of separation or Māyā as explained in Part II of this Soul Path Series.

In part VI of the Soul Path Series, we will further explore the incarnation wound which is this split from our own Divinity.

The Fall of Atlantis

This brings us to the final piece of the Atlantean puzzle, which is often referred to as the Fall of Atlantis.

The Atlanteans have often gotten a bad rap and it’s not like they didn’t do the things they were accused of, it’s that we need to see those actions from the right perspective.

It wasn’t that the Atlanteans were inherently evil, etc. because what would that make us as their descendants? That’s the whole sins of the Father thing, ancestral sin, the sins or iniquities of one generation passing to another.

Or what we would now call Ancestral wounding, except from a Soul Path perspective we cannot align to ancestral wounds that we do not share on a Soul Path level with our Earth family. If you want to know more about this read these teachings on ancestral wounding.

But of course, most of us had multiple past lives in Atlantis throughout its millions of years of existence so we are simply clearing our own karma. The point I want to make though is that the root cause of all trauma and karma is benign, it’s not malefic. Teenagers don’t mean to be insensitive selfish jerks, but they often can be and when they are their behavior is often hurtful to others. Should we hold this against them for the rest of their lives? No, because they grow out of it and become well-adjusted loving, and compassionate adults in most cases.

The same is true for the Atlantean phase of our human evolution, we played with fire got burned, and learned from our experiences. We have since evolved and can forgive ourselves for the mistakes we made in our process of becoming adults and learning to take responsibility for our actions even on a Soul Path level. That is the correct perspective on the Atlantean era full of forgiveness and compassion rather than (self) judgment (self) rejection and (self) condemnation as it is these very emotions that keep us pitched against ourselves on a Soul Path level and out of Oneness with our own Soul. The final split that was created in our late Atlantean and early Ancient Egyptian lifetimes.

The Theosophy again offers a deeper explanation for the Fall of Atlantis and even the demise of Lemuria and other great civilizations.

The end of a Root-Race and the beginning of a new one is marked by important geological changes:

The periods of the great root races are divided from each other by great convulsions of Nature, and by great geological changes. Every Root-Race is separated by a catastrophe, a cataclysm—the basis and historical foundation of the fables woven later on into the religious fabric of every people, whether civilized or savage, under the names of “deluges,” “showers of fire” and such like.

At the close of every Root-Race there comes a cataclysm, in turn by fire or water. Immediately after the “Fall into generation” the dross of the third Root-Race–those who fell into sensuality by falling off from the teaching of the Divine Instructors–were destroyed, after which the Fourth Root-Race originated, at the end of which took place the last Deluge.

There are also cataclysms halfway through every cycle:

The approach of every new “obscuration” is always signaled by cataclysms — of either fire or water. But, apart from this, every “Ring” or Root Race has to be cut in two, so to say, by either one or the other. According to Blavatsky, at the beginning of a new Root-Race a great adept (Manu) incarnates, chooses the best portion of humanity as the seed of the next Root-Race, and lets the old civilization be destroyed in the cataclysms.

In the Hindu scripture Vishnu Purana (4:24) we find a similar concept:

When . . . the close of the Kali age shall be nigh, a portion of that divine being who exists of his own spiritual nature in the character of Brahma, and who is the beginning and the end, and who comprehends all things, shall descend upon earth: he will be born in the family of Viṣṇuyaśas, an eminent Brahman of Sambhala village, as Kalki, endowed with the eight superhuman faculties. By his irresistible might, he will destroy all the Mlecchas and thieves, and all whose minds are devoted to iniquity. He will then reestablish righteousness upon earth, and the minds of those who live at the end of the Kali age shall be awakened and shall be as pellucid as crystal. The men who are thus changed by virtue of that peculiar time shall be as the seeds of human beings, and shall give birth to a race who shall follow the laws of the Krita age or age of purity.’ Source:

This brings us back to the concept of the Yugas, the different world ages that we move through in cycles of four that are like the ‘cosmic seasons’ except the Krita or Satya Yuga is the strongest age where we are at say 100% of our Divinity or Soul Truth, the next age we go down to 75%, then 50% and then finally in the last cycle of the Kali Yuga we are at 25% of our Divinity or Soul truth and all that is not within that 25% is destroyed and then a new cycle starts and we repeat these four cycles over and over again.

We may have at the end time of Atlantis imprinted this experience as punishment by the Gods or a Divine cataclysm, but that is not how the Universe works. The Universe, Source, or the Divine (God) is never angry with us, never seeks to punish us, nor struggles to forgive us for previous versions of who we were within our evolution. Just like good or let’s say healthy parents, don’t hold our childhood against us no matter how difficult we made their lives. We have always been the ONLY ones keeping score. Yes, I am talking about Karma (click the link for a Soul teaching on the truth about karma) – there is no great scorekeeper in the sky, there’s only us unwilling to forgive ourselves.

But this interpretation of Divine punishment is often how we interpreted natural disasters in early Soul Path lifetimes, especially if we were hit by something we didn’t even know existed. We were simply not sophisticated enough to interpret these experiences for what they truly were, which often was an opportunity to heal our split from Source wound or to help us release other traumatic experiences that had accumulated in our vibrational field post-split between the ego and the Soul. Before this final split of the ego and the Soul, all trauma served the same purpose as before which was to help us densify further into physical and human form.

What I mean is that before we split our ego from our Soul, we used trauma to densify ourselves from light beings or Divine beings into physical or human form. Once we were humans, we used that same mechanism of trauma to facilitate the reverse to help us heal our unresolved trauma so that we could go back to our light-being frequency and Divine state. We as the fifth Root-Race are on the ascending arc again, while the first, second, third, and fourth Root-Race were on the descending arc.

‘….the sixth root race is on the ascending arc, it will “be rapidly growing out of its bonds of matter, and even of flesh” (SD II:446). This seems to suggest that the bodies or vehicles of the future races will return to becoming more ethereal and androgynous. The Secret Doctrine further states that “there will be no more Americans when the Sixth Race commences; no more, in fact, than Europeans; for they will have now become a new race, and many new nations. Yet the Fifth will not die, but survive for a while: overlapping the new Race for many hundred thousands of years to come, it will become transformed with it . . .” (Idem.). Not much information is provided on the seventh root race. It is expected that it will be more ethereal than the sixth. Great adepts and initiated ascetics “will ‘once more produce Mind-born immaculate Sons . . .’ (SD II:275).”’ Source:

As the Atlanteans represent the start of humanity and the densest point of incarnation while the sixth and later even seventh Root-Race is our human Divine destiny then the Yugas make so much more sense than Divine retribution, don’t you think?!

I pray that this Soul teaching on Atlantis has helped you get a better understanding of the Atlantean era and the purpose it served in preparing us for the Incarnation process. I also hope it helps you to be gentler toward yourself regarding your own Atlantean past lives and the things you are still holding against yourself from that era. In the end, if our goal is Oneness we have to learn to forgive ourselves and understand that the split between the ego and the Soul is not because we were bad, lacking, broken, wretched, wrong, or anything else…

It was because we needed to ‘sacrifice’ our Divinity temporarily to have a human experience. As we are now moving up the ascending arc of the incarnation process and merging with our own Divinity is back on the agenda, this is only possible when we stop holding onto the past and the ‘mistakes’ we made on the descending arc of our human evolution.

These were never mistakes, it was what was necessary in order to descend into matter and take human form.

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