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7 Reasons Why the Law of Attraction is N ...

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Buddha Belly Be-Gone: Effortlessly Shedd ...

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7 Reasons Why the Law of Attraction is N ...

7 Reasons Why the Law of Attraction is N ...

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Codependency: A Childhood Activated Patt ...

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The Mind-Body Connection – How The ...

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The Utter Importance of Past Life Healing on the Twin Flame Journey and Why You Can’t Do Without

by Sabriyé Dubrie

Spiritual author, Multidimensional Healer, Founder of Soul Embodiment™ Therapy & the School of Soul Embodiment.

Ultimate Guide to Soul Embodiment

In this Soul teaching on the utter importance of past life healing on the Twin Flame journey and why you can’t do without, you will learn:

  • Why you shouldn’t be afraid of what could be revealed during past life healing
  • The relationship between past lives and your subconscious mind
  • How past life healing works
  • The purpose of re-experiencing past life emotions
  • And more…

There is a lot of fear-mongering about past life work

Every now and then I read someone who claims that you don’t need to heal the past, it’s all about raising your vibrations in the here and now and even though they think they know the law of attraction it just doesn’t work like that, which I will explain further on in this teaching. These people often believe that doing shadow work, will attract more difficulties in their life because they are putting their focus on it. In fact repressed emotions and aspects of yourself will wreak more havoc in your life, than doing shadow work ever will.

Then there are people who are afraid of what will be revealed and there is really nothing to be scared of when doing past life work, because we are only taking a short peak back in the past to better understand the here and now. If you work through the Akashic records, it is perfectly safe and no one ever get’s stuck in a past life because we don’t actually go into the past, we just look into it fully anchored in our own current timeline. There is no time-travelling involved and no risk of not being able to come back to the now. (Just debunking some myths here.)

It’s also not a question of having to suffer all over again. I actually had a session with a very phony Twin Flame healer recently and I will not easily say this because I work with a lot of esteemed colleagues on my own journey, but this one was so called channeling Ascended Master Kuthumi (who to me is no stranger because I was raised in a theosophical influenced background) to ask me why I thought I had to do hypnotherapy to reopen the wounds of past lives. Interesting little detail, my hypnotist doesn’t do past life regression.

Kuthumi would have known this being an Ascended Master and all, but as the healer was just using the so called channeling (with a terrible Indian accent) to convey her own beliefs she didn’t realize how far off she actually was or that I myself specialize in past life work (although not through hypnotherapy). I really dislike people using their sessions to undermine others and then pretend they are representing a higher being. I figure if Kuthumi really had something to say to me, he would not come with this 3D judgmental BS – he would see the bigger picture and being the all knowing being he is, would have seen how life altering past life work has been for me. But to answer her question, past life work is not about ripping open old wounds that are best left shut, which I will also clearly explain in this teaching. It doesn’t re-traumatize you.

Since I have worked with hundreds of clients over the past years I know first hand how powerful past life work is when it comes to healing and transforming peoples lives. I have had clients who have gotten more results from one or two sessions with me, then months and sometimes even years of therapy had been able to achieve.

In my own healing journey on the Twin Flame path clearing past lives has been THE KEY to my liberation and to healing my core wounds that had kept me in a self-imposed imprisonment throughout lifetimes and lifetimes. Facing your inner fears and false beliefs is a crucial ingredient to manifesting the life of your dreams and working with the law of attraction as I will also address in this teaching.

Past life work is truly a safe, gentle and effective healing method that will change your life forever. I have worked with people who have had a history of psychosis, anxiety and so on without any issues and good results. There is really no reason to be afraid of it.

How the subconscious mind works

The subconscious mind doesn’t differentiate between past, present and future – it only knows NOW. Which means that it doesn’t matter when you believed something to be true, it will apply it to the now as if it is still true today.

This is the problem with false beliefs, they aren’t objectively true in fact they are based on a misinterpretation of a past experience yet we still belief they are true today. In order to understand this, you need to know that a belief is a higher and more powerful influencer of the subconscious mind than a thought.

A thought is something we can still chose to consciously reject or embrace, a belief however bypasses our conscious awareness and is executed subconsciously because it has been hard-coded into the subconscious mind as unquestionably true – even is it is objectively false. Because it bypasses our conscious awareness, we actually never reevaluate if what we believed then – we still want to belief now.

This ‘then’ which the belief originated from can be based on a current life trauma for example from your childhood, but it can even go back to lifetimes and lifetimes ago, when you lived in a completely different country, you belonged to a complete different cultural or social background and you were a previous less or higher evolved expression of who you are today. The question then becomes do you still want what you believed then, to influence your current reality today? The answer to this question is of course in many cases ‘No, you do not.’ because this belief now doesn’t serve you anymore and probably didn’t even serve you back then.

And this is where things get hairy, because what is not a widespread belief yet though unequivocally true – is the concept that what we belief and hold true in our minds, becomes the physical reality we experience outside of us. Meaning that when we change what we believe and hold to be true inside of us, it changes our manifested physical reality outside of us.

What we belief and hold true in our minds, becomes the physical reality we experience outside of us.

Because the subconscious mind doesn’t differentiate between ‘then’ (previous timelines) and now, this means that a lot of your current day reality is in fact reflecting back to you a whole bunch of outdated beliefs and fears that if you could bring them up into your conscious awareness you would not for one second allow them to create your physical outer reality.

Yet because they bypass your conscious awareness as I have explained before, these subconscious fears and false beliefs are mirrored back to you in the difficulties you face in your current day life – offering you the chance to become consciously aware of them so that you can chose to believe differently in order to create a different reality.

How past life healing works

We do past life work not out of sensationalism or to bang ourselves on the chest, that we were some important person in history. We have many more very out of the spotlights, rather ordinary lives that we need to clear as you will see from the personal examples that I share from my own past life work.

We have been and done it all throughout our Soul’s journey through time and space, in fact to me it is a sign of spiritual immaturity when someone becomes completely infatuated with the idea that they were someone of great importance in a previous lifetime because – hello! You aren’t that expression of yourself anymore, you are a new unique expression of yourself that doesn’t need to use a previous incarnation to throw your weight around with, You came here to be you and you are good enough, as you!

We do past life work to better understand the now and in order to change our current reality for the better.

Just as in the span of one lifetime, the subconscious mind can repress an experienced trauma until the person is stronger or more mature to handle the strong experienced emotions the same principle is applied over the span of the Soul’s journey throughout it’s many lifetimes.

Everything that we misinterpreted, misunderstood and still haven’t come to terms with through lifetime and lifetimes, is parked in our subconscious mind. We are not consciously aware that it is there, but it is and because of how the subconscious mind works, as I have explained above – all we made these experiences meant to mean for us (our interpretation of them) is creating our current day physical experienced reality. We are literally playing it out all over again, until we come to terms with it.

This also explains many of our seemingly irrational fears and dislikes or guilty pleasures, they are often past life bleed-throughs that become perfectly rational when you see the experience they originated from. Out of the context of the previous life they make no sense, yet within the context of the past life everything falls into place.

Chose to work with someone who will help you see (experience) the past lives yourself, because this will help you get much more out of your session.

There is a big difference in having someone read your past lives for you and someone helping you access this information yourself. This is because first of all you don’t know where the person reading for you is tapping into or how accurate their information is. Secondly, the information is filtered through their understanding and level of perception and that does not have to be as high as you think it is. Just think of all those psychics out there who can’t even grasp the Twin Flame connection.

But the most important reason why you should prefer to have someone help you open up your own dormant psychic abilities (we are all equipped to tap into our inner knowing) to experience your past lives yourself, is because it will help you to connect deeper to the past life. This deeper connection helps you clear it deeper and helps you understand on a deeper level what is ready to be released. There is something truly cathartic about witnessing the truth yourself, because it impacts you deeper than someone else telling you what they see. This is important for the reprogram aspect of it, which I will explain further on.

There is NOTHING to be afraid of

There is no need to be afraid of what is in the subconscious mind or to feel that your whole life is being sabotaged by this big black box of unconscious beliefs that are undermining you.

Many of the unconscious programming is geared to your survival, like breathing, digestion, cell regeneration, blood flow, heartbeat and so on, these are all things that we do not need to do consciously. Instead it has been an automated process that keeps working whether we are awake, asleep or out cold for a couple of hours. So the majority of these subconscious programs are in fact very beneficial and supportive.

In fact this whole mechanism of repressed trauma and emotions is just as much a survival mechanism as many of the other processes that are run automatically. You know how modern day appliances have an internal mechanism that switches off the machine if it starts overheating?

The subconscious mind does the same thing when an experience is so traumatic, it threatens the survival of the ‘host’. It will then take the experience out of the active memory and file it away in the subconscious mind. It will seem as if the person doesn’t remember what happened, even when subconsciously they do. When the memory of a traumatic event is suppressed this is done in order to protect and is a form of self-preservation.

Will revisiting these traumas at a later time then not be traumatic as well? The answer is no, because the more time has gone by the further you have grown and are better able to handle it. With past life trauma it is even more easy to witness the trauma much more objectively, because you have been playing it out so much the biggest emotional charge has already been released. Plus it’s much easier to view it from an emotional distance lifetimes later, because the experience that you are revisiting didn’t actually happen to you, it happened to a past life expression of you.

In fact the thing with repressed emotions and traumas is that they are never as scary as you remember them to be. There are never demons flying in the sky, zombies that attacked you or ghosts who massacred you in your sleep. In fact the times that I have worked with people who felt they were attacked by the dark, they were actually disowning a repressed perpetrator past life expression of themselves. It can seem pretty scary to face, your own lives in which you hurt others. But let’s be honest, we have all hurt others in the past both intentionally and unintentionally.

When we go back to the things that scare the sh*t out of us, when we look at the true cause it’s always far less scary than we made it out to be in our minds.

This is because what we make something to mean, our own interpretation of the event is often more traumatic than the event itself. In other words the false belief itself frightens us more, than the event that happened. What happens is that the the memory of (interpretation of) what happened overshadows the actual event and that becomes the scary story, not the event itself.

Like a child seeing scary monsters in the shadows cast in the room, there are no real monsters just a play of light and darkness on the walls or ceiling that is being interpreted by the child as such – because it can’t see that what it is looking at is a reverse projection of an object blocking the light. The child lacks the higher perspective on how shadows are formed and therefore can’t see beyond the understanding it has, making a scenario of monsters coming out at night seem real.

When we pull the actual event of the past experience out of the shadows into the light, we can reevaluate if we still want to attach that meaning to it that we have or that we want to see it from a now higher perspective that we were incapable of when it happened.

Core wounds and subconscious patterns

What I look for when I am doing an Soul Embodiment™ Therapy with a client is a same theme that is repeating itself over and over again.

In most past life regression sessions you focus on one life, in my sessions it is not uncommon for people to see multiple past lives in one session. This allows me to seek the reoccurring pattern that is being played out over and over again, lifetime after lifetime.

The reason this happens is because that is the natural way for the soul to bring it into the conscious awareness, by playing out the belief in the physical experience. Remember that is how life on planet Earth works, what we witness as our physical reality is but a reflection of what we believe and hold to be true in our minds. In fact only 5% of our reality is dictated by our conscious mind, the rest is formed by the 95% remaining subconscious beliefs and programming which bypasses the conscious mind.

The reason I search for these patterns is because we can be chasing our tail to clear each past life in which we were rehashing a same theme, but it doesn’t break the subconscious pattern. I will easily identify these lives because they make no sense. They simply repeat the pattern, something may happen to reinforce the pattern or to reactivate the pattern but it doesn’t show us what caused the pattern.

It’s basically like the client is telling me the same story over and over again, just the place, characters and such change. The experienced theme stays the same. When I see this happening I bring the client to the lifetime in which the pattern originated, to understand how this subconscious pattern (fear or false belief) was created.

This is also why it is so important to ‘see’ for yourself instead of have a reader see for you, because in order for this to really shift your outer reality, you need to bring the old story in your conscious awareness. You need to see the truth, in order for it to really be the cathartic experience it can be. If you can’t bring it into your conscious awareness, you can’t reprogram it.

What is utterly fascinating about core wounds is that they are often played out with the Twin Flame over and over again, but the origin is ALWAYS an individual lifetime without the twin.

What makes it even more fascinating is that the core wound will be a mutual shared core wound with the Twin Flame, both originating from different individual past life experiences. Meaning it will be the exact same theme, yet both pair of the Twin Flame couple will have had different past life experiences on their own resulting in the exact same wounding – despite the fact that they each walked different paths.

Some of my own core wounding past lives were:

  • a 3 month old embryo being miscarried
  • an abbey prioress who greatly abused her power and became the abuser
  • a Catholic nun in a Russian church environment who was greatly abused

My twin was not with me in any of these lifetimes, yet to my great surprise the wounds in those lifetimes reflect the core wounding that was so blatantly obvious in my twin and to which I had been completely oblivious in myself.

You don’t know, what you don’t know – until you bring it into your conscious awareness.

The subconscious pattern cannot be released, until you can see why you started to believe in it in the first place and you can consciously decide not to believe it anymore. This is vital because this is when you actually REPROGRAM the subconscious mind. Remember that subconscious beliefs bypass the conscious mind, which means you can’t reevaluate them to see if you still want to believe them.

By bringing up the story from the past life in which the belief was formed into your conscious awareness, you finally create the opportunity to reevaluate the belief. Is it still true for you today, or is it time to replace this outdated belief with a more supportive one?

This also explains why clearing the bleed-through lives is not enough to clear the pattern, because we can only see the pattern playing out but not the story it originated from. This is because it didn’t originate in that lifetime, so we can’t bring the subconscious belief into the conscious awareness based on the story of the bleed-through lifetime as it seems totally irrational, out of context from the lifetime in which it originated. In fact there seems to be no explicable reason for the pattern in the story of the bleed-through life, i.e. we can see the effect but we can’t find the cause. Which is correct because the cause originated in a previous lifetime.

There is a hierarchy to past life clearing

Let me share some of the past lives I have cleared myself in my own timeline that will help you better grasp this concept.

There is a hierarchy to clearing past lives and even with core wounds, we often are shown bleed-through lives first before we are able to access the core wounds. This is because the core wounds are way more traumatic and therefore deeper layered in order to protect your survival, because that is the primary job of the subconscious mind – to keep you safe.

The subconscious mind doesn’t differentiate between then and now, it just knows this is (was) threatening your survival and needed to be repressed in order for you to be able to survive the experience.

When working on stepping into my power there were three core wounds blocking it.

Core wound #1 the miscarried embryo

The first block was a past life in which I was miscarried as a 3 month old embryo, the trauma from that experience had led me to forget my connection with the Divine and seek the protection of the connection to the physical. As we know babies have a symbiotic relationship with their mothers, in which they feel at one with the parent often not knowing where the one starts and the other ends. Through the trauma of the miscarriage I basically got lost in the subconscious illusion that  I needed the protection of a parent (or partner which is in fact an anagram of the word parent, have you ever noticed this?). Completely irrational in this lifetime, but makes perfect sense when we look at the experience in which it originated.

Clearing this past life allowed me to remove the subconscious belief that I was a child that needed protection, which of course would cancel out stepping into your power because basically there was an past life inner child screaming it’s head off ‘I am not safe, I need someone to take care of me.’ This shows you again that the belief doesn’t have to be objectively true. All it takes is for you to subconsciously believe that it is true, for a child this is true especially a 3 month old embryo – but it wasn’t true for me today in my current life as an adult and mother of three children of my own.

Core wound #2 the abbey prioress who didn’t trust herself

The second block was a past life in which I grossly abused my power as an abbey prioress. We often have no difficulty seeing our victim lives, in which we were wronged by others. It is a lot more difficult to face our perpetrator lives in which we were the one hurting people. The prioress life was such a life in which I was the abuser. I failed at my task of safeguarding the girls entrusted to me and allowed them to be horrifically abused. Although the abbey wasn’t large what happened there rippled through far and wide leading to the disconnection of women from their sexual power, their womb energy. What was interesting about the prioress was that she despised her own weakness and held herself in tight constraints, because she feared unleashing a monster if she would ever allow herself to let go of the control.

Seeing this life showed me why I had feared stepping into my power, because I subconsciously remembered that I felt I couldn’t be trusted with power as I had abused my power in that lifetime and felt very remorseful about it. Tears streamed down my face when I saw how I had failed these girls entrusted to my care.

I felt disgust and guilt at my own weakness (something that I was heavily projecting on to my twin in our current reality  – I was suddenly blinded by his weakness and felt a deep disgust because of it. I was totally disowning my own sh*t which I was fully aware of through my work, but couldn’t pinpoint before because it was a subconscious belief being triggered.)

Yet, clearing this past life wasn’t enough to have me step into my power – there was still another core wound beneath it which shows both the principal of core wounding and the hierarchy principle when clearing past lives.

Core wound #3 the Russian Catholic nun who was spiritually circumcised

The third block was a past life in which I was a Catholic nun, there seemed to be a connection with the Vatican but it felt like I was somewhere in Russia. The order I was in had a practice of uterus removal for the nuns, in order for the sexual abuse they endured not to have any consequences. The womb spiritually also signifies the seat of power and the Goddess energy within women.

Past life experiences can be literal or metaphoric, which doesn’t make them any less powerful. The question should not be, did this really happen? Because we don’t know right? The question should be what does this story show me?

The procedure itself felt as a form of circumcision and was done without anesthetics and naturally without my consent. I had endured so much pain, that I had turned off my ability to feel. What I was shown was that I was full of repressed anger and inexplicable pain. I am not even sure if I survived the procedure, because it came to me while I was reviewing it that it was an extremely unsafe method and many of my sisters died.

I found this life after my hypnotist upon blocking again in a session with him, told me to look for the pay-off for continuing the pattern I was in. He meant write it out on a paper which I did, but I also took this question with me in the next regression session I did with another healer. Lo and behold I was shown that this was the previous lifetime to the abbey prioress life. The life in which she felt she would unleash a monster, if she didn’t keep control at all times.

I then saw that the monster she had been afraid of unleashing, was the repressed anger and pain from the cut out womb life. Because the prioress had become the abuser in that lifetime, she had felt she was not trusted to have power. Not being able to see (How could she?) that it was the repressed anger and pain from the previous lifetime that was causing this, instead of something evil inside herself which she had believed. She was basically a child mistaking shadows for monsters, because she couldn’t see the true cause of what she deemed her own evilness.

Which also showed the pay-off, she had decided that it was better to be the abused if stepping into your power meant becoming the abuser (the false belief).

That’s why clearing the prioress life had not been enough, because I needed the information of the lifetime underneath it, the womb life in order to be able to see the false belief and to heal the spiritual circumcision of my power or the again erroneous belief that my power was TAKEN from me, because I clearly saw that I had voluntarily GIVEN UP my power because I believed I wasn’t to be trusted with it. This then allowed me to reclaim my power, because I saw my giving up my power in the first place, had been based on a false interpretation of reality.

Now whether this all really happened historically or if it is just highly metaphorical doesn’t really matter, because it helped me to see my core subconscious beliefs and reprogram them.

Without these insights I would have not known that subconsciously I believed that I felt it was safer to be out of power and that I in fact believed I was not to be trusted with power, because I would hurt others if I had power. I apparently also subconsciously believed I couldn’t trust myself.

Knowing all you know now about how the subconscious mind works, applying every belief (false or true) to the NOW because it is the only reality it knows (or that exists for that matter) – do you see that there would have been no way in h*ll that I could have stepped into my power without bringing these past life false beliefs into my conscious awareness and deciding they were no longer (and never had been) true for me?!

That is the power of past life work!

How as twins we share the same core wounding

Even if the wounds don’t originate form a mutual lifetime, you and your twin will always have the same core wounding.

My twin at the end of 2015 told me “If it were up to me, you and I would already be together and we would have everything we always talk about. But I don’t dare trust myself, I have been wrong before.” Which had surprised me back then because how wrong could a 26 year old feel he had been so wrong. The answer lies in a previous lifetime, that I have written about here.

As you may know my twin is Indian and because he didn’t trust himself, he gave away his power and let others (his family) tell him who he would marry instead of being free to choose the woman he wanted for himself. Same principle of GIVING AWAY your power, just manifesting as a different story.

To us in the West it may seem absurd that one would allow one’s parents to make such decisions, but it is still very common in the Indian culture to do so. The interesting thing was that 8 days after clearing my own womb past life I was working with an Indian client who like my twin had met her Twin Flame, prior to agreeing to an arranged marriage.

At first she was completely disconnected from her feelings, which she had SHUT OFF in order to survive going against her heart and when she reconnected to her feelings she explained to me sobbing that when she had agreed to marry, she had not known what it meant to be married. She had just done as she was told, but the only way to survive that marriage was by completely shutting down her feelings.

It gave me such insight in what my twin is going through at his end of the connection and it felt as if the Universe wanted to let me know that he was also waking up to the dynamic through which he like me, had imprisoned himself. That my twin – like my client was telling me (she), had realized (s)he should have married the person (s)he wanted to marry instead of give into the threats her family had made her of losing them if she would disobey.

That was my twins biggest fear, that he would have to sacrifice everything for us to be together and lose his family because of it.

It was uncanny to see the exact same dynamic of:

  • self-imprisonment through the beliefsystem
  • giving away your power
  • not daring to trust the self
  • disconnecting feelings in order to survive

I had been fully aware of his issues, they were obvious to me. I was shocked to see that in essence but through completely different stories of origin, I was facing the exact same issues and the session with the Indian client and I have had loads of Indian clients before never touching upon these exact same wounds – showed me even clearer how what I had liberated myself from was exactly the things my twin is liberating himself from.

By sharing my personal story so transparently and openly I want to show you what this looks like, so you can create this for yourself as well.

I have to admit that for me this teaching was one of the most difficult ones to write because it needs the personal examples for the reader to fully comprehend the subject being explained. It feels very vulnerable to me to share these examples in this way, because I know it is for the greater good of the Twin Flame collective to share this – I do. It is of the utmost importance to truly understand how vital the work I describe is in order to fully align to the union Twin Flames crave. Yet my example also shows how deeply transforming these connections are.

Let’s just flip back to the 3D world view and see how insane it is that your love for someone that you have most likely only been intimate with a handful of times, if you were even that lucky – could bring you to the depths of soul liberation and fully become all that you were ever meant to be.

When most twin’s are only getting lost in the romantic illusions and fantasies that lead nowhere, it is important to show that this journey has bigger and better things in mind for us than the 3D romantic love story we have playing in our head. By sharing my personal story so transparently and openly I want to show you what this looks like, so you can create this for yourself as well.

The purpose of re-experiencing past life emotions

Another important aspect of past life work is allowing yourself to release the emotional charge from a past life.

The fear, the anger, the grieve, the pain – every emotion that you had bottled up there for centuries or maybe even eons needs to be felt to be released. This is a matter of minutes or less and then the emotion is gone out of your vibrational field forever.

This is important because these are the lower vibrational frequencies that are keeping you locked into the denser 3D frequency reality. They need to be released in order to ascend and fully anchor in 5D. In most cases this will feel the same as emotions you see from watching a movie, it will not upset you to the core even when it was too much to take when it actually happened in the past. Like I explained before, you will feel more detached from it because it didn’t actually happen to you. It happened to a character you played in a previous expression of you.

With core wounds it can be a different story, but as these wounds are so limiting to you in your current life expression of you, you are willing to do what it takes. When I went through the experience of the 3 month old embryo being miscarried, I came up from the table gagging and gasping for air. It was the worst re-experience ever but it was over in a matter of seconds and after that gone for good.

The pay-off was much greater than re-experiencing those couple of seconds pure panic the little embryo had experienced as traumatic, because it allowed me to erase the faulty programming that like a young child I needed the protection of a parent to be safe. It allowed me to deeply shift in my psyche and release a false belief that had been there way too long.

Past life work and the Law of Attraction

This clearing the vibrational field of emotional residue from past lives is vital to Twin Flames because these energies are what are causing disharmony between you and your twin. But they are also in the way of you anchoring in 5D, because these repressed emotions and unaddressed traumas are weighing down your own personal frequency.

The fact that you can’t see them or feel them, doesn’t mean they aren’t there or aren’t having a negative influence on your life.

This is because as long as these emotions are lodged in your vibrational field, like a homing beacon it sends out these lower vibrational frequency of repressed grieve, anger, hatred, terror and attracts to itself its own in an attempt to be able to release the emotions from the vibrational field.

In other words all your 3D drama that seems so unfair and coming out of nowhere, is in fact the result of these repressed past life emotions and trauma seeking a way to be addressed and healed naturally.

I have said it before, what we believe and hold to be true (even subconsciously) will be reflected back to us in our physical reality. Which means that also repressed emotions and repressed trauma, will attract corresponding drama in our lives that gives us the opportunity to play out what needs to be released.

Through past life work we don’t have to PLAY out our subconscious wounds and trauma, but instead we CLEAR them out vibrationally by addressing the root cause.

The same basically applies for subconscious fears and false beliefs, you either play them out or you clear them out and this is what many practitioners of the Law of Attraction don’t understand. The reason you don’t have what you want yet is indeed a question of vibrational alignment, but it’s also subconscious fears and false beliefs that are keeping you from what you want to have.

Let me explain this principle.

The best example of this and this is actually the experience that got me started on the past life clearing path is how I changed my money story in 2012. I had been working hard to break through to the 5 figure a month revenue (10K+) and as soon as I started working towards this goal, everything went to the shitter!

Clients weren’t paying anymore. I couldn’t pay my team. I couldn’t pay my rent… my life was quickly spiraling off a cliff, instead of getting better and this often happens in a manifestation process because there are contradicting inner beliefs that are suddenly playing out in real time because that part of the programming got triggered.

In my case it was a past life as an eccentric but very wealthy man, my family had committed me to a mental asylum in order to get their hands on my money and as these facilities in those days were the stuff horror movies are made of – I lost my mind.

When I died, I died with the false belief that being rich meant losing everything including yourself and that was exactly what had started to PLAY itself out in my 2012 reality. We cleared the past life belief and only 2 or so months later, January 2013 I hit the 10.000,– euro a month for the very first time ever in my life.

This example clearly shows you how changing the inner belief system, changes the outer experienced reality. Deciding that it was ridiculous for me as my current life expression to hold on to a false belief that a past life expression of me had mistakenly derived from his traumatic experience in a mental asylum.

When I brought that false belief into my conscious awareness it made no sense to believe it any more, as soon as this decision was made it changed the experience reflected back to me in my physical experience.

I no longer believed that it wasn’t save for me to be rich, which this man had believed. His conclusion was that it was being rich that had gotten him into trouble and therefore that it was saver not to have real money because of what had happened to him in that life. I decided that it IS safe for me to have money and that changed my money story.

This is also why affirmations don’t work as effectively as we like, because the underlying subconscious false belief because it is charged emotionally through a traumatic experience is stronger and overwrites any conscious attempts to reprogram it.

The only true effective way I know to reprogram it, is through bringing the story from which it originated into your conscious awareness an re-evaluating if you still want to belief that which you made it to mean (your interpretation).

Using this reprogram method – I have seen to create massive shifts in my own life and that of my clients, when I have helped them become consciously aware of their subconscious fears and beliefs through having them access the stories from which these fears and beliefs originated.

I pray this teaching serves you and helps you understand how past life work can change your life and help you in your Twin Flame journey. I will start my life as digital nomad on the 22 of July and will only have limited one on one spots to work with clients after that. I am currently booked until the first week of June.

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