Healing the Patriarchy Series: Part II - T ...

Healing the Patriarchy Series: Part II - T ...

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Healing the Patriarchy Series: Part I - Th ...

There is great interest these days in balancing our inner masculine and feminine parts, to for example attract the right partner or unlock higher levels of spiritual consciousness. The missing piece however in most teachings is undoing our patriarchal conditioning and...

Healing the Patriarchy Series: Part II - T ...

Healing the Patriarchy Series: Part II - T ...

There is great interest these days in balancing our inner masculine and feminine parts, to for example attract the right partner or unlock higher levels of spiritual consciousness. The missing piece however in most teachings is undoing our patriarchal conditioning and...

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Healing the Patriarchy Series: Part I - Th ...

There is great interest these days in balancing our inner masculine and feminine parts, to for example attract the right partner or unlock higher levels of spiritual consciousness. The missing piece however in most teachings is undoing our patriarchal conditioning and...

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Soul Path Series: Part II - Our Galactic L ...

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Soul Path Series: Part IV - Masculine  ...

The Soul Path series is an eight-article series by Sabriyé Dubrie of Soul Teachings on the origin of our Soul path ‘birth’ and our evolution into the (human) incarnation experience. The teachings shared are gleaned from my own healing journey on a Soul path level and...

The Truth About Past Lives – You Are Not Your Past Life Self & Other Things You Need to Know About Reincarnation

by Sabriyé Dubrie

Spiritual author, Multidimensional Healer, Founder of Soul Embodiment® Therapy & the School of Soul Embodiment.

Ultimate Guide to Soul Embodiment

In this Soul teaching on reincarnation & past lives you will learn:

  • How reincarnation really works
  • What role unresolved trauma and karma play in our reincarnation process
  • Why we are NOT our past life selves
  • What soul retrieval really is and how it helps us heal the fragmented self
  • And more….

Ready to learn the truth about reincarnation?

We have got this past life thing all wrong! Most of what you have learned about past lives is either a half-truth or completely incorrect. This is true for most spiritual concepts that have trickled down into mainstream understanding and it is just as true here. What I am going to share with you today in this Soul teaching on reincarnation and past lives is going to blow your mind. It will change how you see life in general, as well as how you view the concept of reincarnation moving forward. I will explain to you reincarnation in a way it has never been explained to you before.

Looking at past lives from the wrong perspective

Most contemporary past life teachings or beliefs look at reincarnation and other spiritual concepts from the human or ego perspective. The problem with the ego is that it tends to look at life through a victim-colored lens, which we call a trauma filter. So, instead of seeing things as they truly are, the ego tends to see them in an ‘us vs. them’ manner because that’s the ego’s job – it’s meant to protect us.

There is however a higher perspective available to us from which we can understand spiritual concepts and that is on a soul level, the soul views life from an impersonal perspective. While the ego tends to be very attached to the current or past life incarnation story, the soul looks at it from a more objective and detached place. This makes the soul’s perspective more accurate and even more true because it can see things as they really are, while the ego can only see thing’s from the perspective of its own interest. This is no judgment towards the ego because the ego was designed to fulfill this function while we play the incarnation game, which I explain in-depth in this teaching on why the ego is our ally and not our enemy.

Although we know on a mental level that the ego and the soul have very different perspectives, we often don’t catch ourselves in the act when we view life through the ego’s lens. Part of shifting into the new paradigm is learning to view life from the soul’s perspective, which is only challenging because within the old paradigm we have been so deeply conditioned to view life from the ego’s standpoint. This is also why mankind as a whole, has often reduced higher spiritual concepts to their ego understanding of them instead of being able to grasp their true meaning. We live in an amazing time in history now, where mankind as a whole is ready to see life from this ‘new’ and higher perspective.

This Soul teaching, like the other teachings in the Inner Healing Circle, serves to stir your soul’s remembrance of this higher truth that we are all encoded with. We all subconsciously have access to these soul truths, but often can’t access them because of our own unique blend of wounding from this lifetime and other previous lifetimes that have obscured them in a way. The Soul teachings help you remember what you subconsciously already know, to help you shift deeper into the new paradigm perspective that is opening up to us collectively.

My own journey with the concept of reincarnation

I was raised forty years ago in a spiritual community in California that was at the forefront of the New Age movement led by Elizabeth Clare Prophet. In those days yoga, meditation, and the concept of reincarnation were considered weird and were not embraced by the mainstream at all. Now both my aunts go to yoga classes, one of them meditates, eats vegetarian, and makes mandalas – back then my mother was considered the eccentric one and everybody thought she was a little bit crazy. It turns out, she was simply ahead of her time.

So from a relatively young age, I was raised in the concept of reincarnation and past lives, as well as the teachings from the Ascended Masters around this and other subjects. Being a child, I didn’t really grasp the concept but I did see this tendency to claim historically famous lives for the Prophet family (Elizabeth and her children) that I questioned. I instinctively knew from a very young age that it wasn’t about who you were in a past life, yet many people use it in this sense to boost their sense of importance now which is of course ego-based.

Fast forward to me as an adult and this is ironic seeing my life work so much revolves around working with past lives now. Initially, I wasn’t that much of a firm believer in past lives. It wasn’t that I didn’t believe in them, it was that I wasn’t sure that they did exist. This all changed for me when starting out as an online entrepreneur healing a past life completely changed my current life experience. This was in 2012 when healing a past life trauma around money allowed me to break through to my first ever 5-figure month. That was my very first taste of using past life healing to upgrade my life and from there I never looked back. Five-figure months became six-figure years, I traveled the world with my family, created amazing memories, moved to Ibiza, Spain, and created the life of my dreams. Not only that, all this past life healing accelerated my spiritual journey, brought me into inner union with my soul, and showed me the secret to unlocking Heaven on Earth.

It’s been quite a ride.

Yet, it wasn’t till I started to teach Soul Embodiment® Therapy in my certification program, that my understanding of reincarnation expanded even further to the level I have reached now. I had to let go of various misconceptions around previous lifetimes over the past decade and even more so over the past year when my higher self and guides started to show me a higher perspective that I hadn’t seen yet and that not many people know or teach.

The missing piece to fully understanding past lives

In order to fully understand the concept of reincarnation we first have to look at the human anatomy outside of the physical body. Most of us know the human anatomy within the physical body, we know about our organs and their various functions in the body. Even if only on the most primary level such as for example that our heart pumps our blood (circulation) and our lungs are used in our breathing process. Moving up outside of the human physical body, many of us know that we have chakras & nadis (meridians) as well as an aura – these are all part of our vibrational body. Outside of the vibrational body, which is the closest to our physical body we have first our emotional and then our mental body and this is where the knowledge of our human anatomy ends for most people.

But there is another body, which is almost like an egg shape around us that encapsulates all the other subtle and gross bodies within it. This isn’t quite true because the energy of this body is so subtle it can’t actually be pinpointed or truly hold anything and yet it is the most powerful body of them all and to an extent almost immortal. This body is called the causal body and it holds the key to fully understanding the reincarnation process. When we die, our subtle and gross bodies die with us, but it’s the causal body that follows us from lifetime to lifetime.

Our Energetic Boundaries And How Trauma Has Impacted Our Energetic Field

The causal body caries our karmic templates (karma), our samskara (trauma) which are our mental conformations or latent karmic tendencies (from past life impressions) shaping our present life as well as ahamkara, our sense of separateness or what we would refer to in the West as our ego. This is for example one of the views I have had to change and that I will explain deeper further on, but initially, I was taught that the ego was created anew in each lifetime and although that appears to be true on an incarnation level on a soul path level the (higher) ego resides in the causal body and therefore travels with us from lifetime to lifetime.

But here’s the thing, the causal body, sometimes also called the karmic body isn’t actually a body in the way that the other subtle and gross bodies are real energetical and physical bodies. The causal body is a seed sustained by karma. In a sense, the karmic body never dies, as it is not really alive, to begin with. When one’s karma has been exhausted, it releases the person’s individual consciousness to merge back into the ocean of pure consciousness (aka Oneness on the highest level). This is why the causal body seems almost immortal because it is used for the complete duration of our incarnation journey which can cover a timespan of eons and eons going all the way back to the beginning of time and the beginning of mankind.

Our complete soul’s journey is up in the Cloud

What is fascinating about the causal body, which is also what its name refers to is that it is the cause of each embodiment. The causal body not only holds our karmic templates but also receives input from our Divine Blueprint that is held immaculate within the soul realm. Each physical incarnation, including our mental, emotional, and vibrational as well as the physical body is created from the information that is held within our causal body.

This is where my background in IT will really serve us because actually, the causal body is much like the Cloud technology we use on the interweb. Because local systems can crash and all data is subsequently lost, we created a system that allows us to store all vital information in the cloud as it is called. These are a set of servers and backup servers where we can safely store our data, with minimum to zero risk of loss. Everyone that has ever had their laptop or computer crash, has learned the hard way that it is safer to put everything in the cloud with services such as Google Drive or iCloud for example. This allows you to be able to access your data online from, any device or location you choose as long as you have an internet connection and the login details to access the cloud storage.

In the same way, the data of our complete soul history is not carried within the incarnated body alone rather the incarnated body has an interface with the causal body which allows it to download and upload relevant information to not only this current incarnation but also our soul path. In this analogy, our body is the laptop or other internet device and the causal body is the cloud (server) that we download and upload information to. Every experienced lived, every mistake made, every lesson learned, and alas every false belief or fear created is uploaded to and retained within the causal body for future reference. In the same way that natural selection, creates genetic mutations that are beneficial to an individual’s survival are passed on (to future generations) through reproduction on an incarnation level, on a soul path level we are also collecting such data to ensure the survival of ‘the self’ in future embodiments.

Each new embodiment is created from the information retained within the causal body which as we know holds the karmic template that has stored the impressions from our previous lives. This karmic template affects all aspects of the creation of the subtle and physical bodies. This includes deformities, looks, and intelligence, as well as mental and emotional tendencies (the raw material for developing our personality), as it sets the stage to allow us to bring in what the soul wants to be lived and healed in this upcoming lifetime.

We share the same ‘sense of self’ across all lifetimes

Aside from the karma and trauma that it stores, the causal body is also composed of ahamkara (our ego/sense of separateness), through which the physical and subtle bodies will form – without the ego there would be no incarnation process as it allows us to live in the illusion of separation. In addition, there is a higher aspect of our intelligence that oversees the incarnation process. This is the highest form of our buddhi (intellect), which in New Age terms we know as the higher self. You could say that the causal body is in fact the interface between the soul and its embodiment.

You could say that the causal body is in fact the interface between the soul and its embodiment.

In the same way that we have a higher and lower self, we have a higher and lower ego. We have the ego we develop within the incarnation which is the ego as commonly understood in psychology, but we also have the higher ego – this ahamkara that is held in the causal body. The Sanskrit word ahamkara means ‘I-making’. On a soul level, we experience everything through the lens of Oneness – there is no ‘I’, there’s only ‘we’. So, in order to be able to play the incarnation game, we created this ahamkara or sense of separateness, a function that created a sense of ‘I’ where we are hard-coded to only know our natural state of Oneness and our sense of ‘we’.

Our higher ego, which is as it were the gaming avatar the soul has created to play the incarnation game within the virtual reality of dualism (separation) is witness to each and every lifetime. He is the player, playing the game while the soul itself remains unscathed within the soul realm. Remember that the soul is the true self and the ego, is a fragmented piece of the self that is created as part of the soul. In other words, the ego and the soul are on the same team. The soul itself is immortal, but while the higher ego may be ancient – it will at some point dissolve back into the wholeness with the soul when we are done playing the incarnation game. The lower ego is created anew each lifetime shaped by the seed of the higher ego mixed in with its own unique lived experiences that mold it into the self it identifies with.

This is where things get interesting because we share this higher ego or as it were, this shared ‘separated sense of self’ across all lifetimes, all the witnessed or lived experiences are viewed as belonging to the currently incarnated separate sense of self which is the lower ego. It’s like all the experiences of the higher ego are downloaded into the databank of the lower ego which is the incarnated representative of the ‘separate sense of self’ in this lifetime. This creates a situation where all the higher ego’s ‘lived’ experiences are subconsciously seen as belonging to the current life self, even though the lower ego never lived through these experiences. It merely remembers them as if they were lived by the self because it is tapping into this shared ‘sense of self’ through the higher ego.

Our past lives are our soul predecessors

This explains why bringing up a past life memory can feel so extremely real even though the you who you are now never experienced it. We so deeply identify with what we see as our past lives because we share this ‘separate sense of self’ with them, not because we actually were this person. This is because the ‘I’ that we are in each lifetime is completely unique. In the same way, siblings may share the exact same set of parents and yet will only share on average 50% of their parent’s DNA with each other. Each sibling is so unique that they each share a different ±50% of their parent’s DNA with each other.

The same principle applies to our past life predecessors who although created from the same causal body and representing the same soul expression – are completely unique. There’s never been anyone exactly like you and there will never be anyone exactly like you, even though you may share certain similarities and features with past life expressions of your soul – they aren’t you and you aren’t them. In the same way that you and a sibling are two different people.

They are what we on an incarnation level would describe as our predecessors much like our Earth family ancestors. But in the same way that we are not to blame nor need to carry the burden of our ancestor’s actions, we are not responsible or to blame for our past life predecessors’ lives. In fact, our morals and values are likely to be very different because we live in a different time, with different cultural and societal standards, as well as laws. I have had readers in the past condemn me because in a previous lifetime ‘I’ had made the difficult decision to terminate the pregnancy of my lover because the laws of the land demanded it. In my current lifetime, I have not and would not choose an abortion (what other people choose is up to them) which lead to three surprise pregnancies that I was very happy to carry full term.

I often continue to write as if the past live expression is me, simply because this is how most people understand past lives. It’s can be more effective to meet people where they are at in their understanding, in order to be able to take them to the understanding that you are teaching.

Even if we were our past life predecessors, the person we would be a hundred lifetimes ago would most certainly not be the same person we are today. Just as humanity has evolved throughout history, on a personal level we have evolved as well. I often explain to my clients that being angry with a past life expression of themselves or not being willing to forgive them, is the same as staying angry at their 10-year-old self for stealing candy from a shop. Compared to who you are now, many of your past life expressions are like a younger less developed version of you. You have the benefit of all the wisdom gathered between their incarnation and yours, that they didn’t have access to in their lifetime. They had the wisdom of their past incarnation to fall back on, but you have that wisdom plus all the wisdom attained since they passed on and other expressions of the self were born and shared their lived experience with the higher ego – that you have now at your disposal to fall back on within your incarnation period.

I think it’s safe to say that we have all done things in our life that we are not proud of and wouldn’t do again, but if we keep holding it against ourselves we can’t actually ever move forward in life the way we would like.

That is exactly what is happening on a subconscious level. Because we share this separate sense of self across all lifetimes, we are subconsciously holding against ourselves not only that one time as a kid when we stole a jaw-breaker or a pack of gum but also when we raped someone in another lifetime, murdered people, abused our power, decided that we couldn’t trust ourselves, got so badly hurt in love that we vowed to never let anyone in our hearts again or got stabbed in the back (betrayed) by someone we trusted over power or money which created the false belief that money/power wasn’t safe to have, and so on. On a soul path level, we have seen and done it all. Nobody has a squeaky-clean incarnation history.

Whether it’s things we did to others or things that were done to us, as long as they were left unresolved in the lifetime where they were created it is passed on to future generations of the soul’s incarnation aka us – in the same way, that ancestral trauma is passed down through ancestral lineages.

It may deceivingly feel as if the unresolved pain and trauma belong to you, much like how we subconsciously carry our ancestral trauma as if it belongs to us, but that sense of ‘belonging to the self’ is created through this sharing of the higher ego across our soul’s journey and not because we actually lived those experiences. The ‘I’ that we are is only a fragment of the true self that it’s a part of on a soul level. In fact, each past life incarnation is a different fragment of our wholeness.

Soul retrieval, returning back to our wholeness

The word soul retrieval is misleading because it’s not actually about the soul, as the soul itself is whole. It always has been, and always will be. Soul retrieval is about reclaiming the fragmented pieces of the self that are still stuck in unresolved pain and trauma in other timelines. As I explained above, the we or ‘I’ (me) as we are currently embodied is but a fragment of our true self, and all our past life predecessors (our soul’s previous life incarnations) are all different fragments of our wholeness.

Soul fragmentation is based upon the idea that whenever we experience trauma that we cannot deal with at that time, a part of our vital essence separates from us in order to survive the experience by escaping the full impact of the pain. This is very similar to dissociation (disownment and denial) on an incarnation level as all these mechanisms serve to ensure that we can to a certain degree continue our lives without the experience as it were ‘killing’ us either physically or psychologically.

In a way, the previous incarnations of the lifetimes where this fragmentation of the self occurred are still ghosts that haunt us, as we are doomed to live out their unresolved pain as a way to help them come back and integrate back into the self. You know how they say that ghosts have unfinished business? Well, that is certainly true in this case, these fragmented aspects of the self are stuck in their lifetime and timeline not sure why they are still there. For example, when someone has died unexpectedly by accident or through foul play they may not realize that they died. It’s not uncommon in Soul Embodiment® Therapy sessions to assist clients in consciously re-experiencing their death which is not as bad or painful as it sounds, we do this in order to bring back and integrate this fragmented piece of the self that did not realize that they had died. Unexpected death as you may imagine creates a trauma of its own whether it’s accidental or not.

This is just one of the many ways that ‘soul loss’ or to be more accurate, fragmentation can take place and part of dissolving this karmic seed that sustains the causal body, is bringing back all these fragmented aspects of the self so that we can re-experience our wholeness in the physical (as above, so below). I would dare to say that without working on healing our karmic and therefore past life imprints – true Oneness or Ascension are impossible. This unresolved pain and trauma from previous lifetimes IS what is standing between you and being One with your soul.

The wounded ego is ‘this separate sense of self’ (higher ego) that has witnessed and felt as if it has lived all this unresolved pain that it still carries with it from lifetime to lifetime in the hopes of being able to heal it in each current embodiment in the physical. It’s this unresolved pain that keeps the ego playing tug of war with the soul, not because the ego is bad but because the ego is deeply hurt (traumatized) which is why it doesn’t trust the soul. It’s actually no different than being traumatized on an incarnation level where we know that trauma negatively affects our ability to trust. It’s through restoring this trust from the ego in the soul, by helping it process its unresolved pain, that we get the ego and the soul back on the same page. This not only allows them to merge back into one but also helps them join forces taking your manifesting powers to the soul level.

There is no one to blame

Quite often what happens when someone is not correctly guided in seeing their past lives is that they will come out of the session angry at the people they saw had hurt them in their past lives, especially if they ‘know’ this person from this lifetime. The opposite is true as well, it’s very common for clients to recognize people that they have difficult relationships with within their current life, to be players they ‘know’ from previous lifetimes when doing past life work. In these cases, their past life relationship is coloring their current life relationship even though the nature of their relationship now is completely different. Say they were mother and child in a previous lifetime and the child still carries unresolved pain from that lifetime toward the mother, but in the current life they are now husband and wife. The subconscious child-mother relationship playing out in their marriage does not foster intimacy because the unresolved pain from the child’s past life is interfering with the husband-wife relationship they are in now.

In the same way that we are not our past life selves, others aren’t their past life selves either. So if someone hurt us in a previous lifetime, their current life self is not responsible for their actions. We can’t hold them accountable for ‘their’ previous life actions, because they weren’t that person, the person ‘you’ remember them as in the previous lifetime is a past life expression of their soul (a soul predecessor) in the same way that the person you remember ‘yourself’ to be is a past life expression of your soul – your soul predecessor. The two of you actually never had a life together, because the ‘you’ that you are identifying with now never lived that experience. You merely inherited the memory of that past life experience as the current life expression of the ‘separated sense of self’. It’s not your story, it’s not your wounding, yet it’s seen as such because we share the higher ego’s memories and experiences across all lifetimes.

But although it’s not your wounding in the sense that you created it, your soul predecessors are all dead and can’t fix it for you anymore. You are the only person (alive today) that can decide to do it differently. There’s also no use in getting angry at your soul predecessors as they aren’t to blame either. Because you are the current representative in the physical of your soul, you have the experience of your complete soul’s journey at your fingertips which not only includes the good stuff but the so-called bad stuff as well. Your previous life predecessors were also living out what they inherited from their past life predecessors in a time when they often didn’t have access to the healing modalities we have access to now. They did their bit as best as they could, and now it’s up to you.

We are all living our unresolved past

This reminds me of a story I read for my French exam at school, it was ‘Les jeux sont faits’ (The chips are down) by Jean-Paul Sartre. The story is about a man and a woman who are both killed by people they trust in an act of betrayal. When they meet in the afterlife, never having met in their respective lifetimes they find out that a mistake was made because they were predestined to be soulmates. They are given a 24-hour time period to show their love for each other, or their second chance at living will be revoked. They are brought back to life and instead of living their happy lives together, really grabbing their second chance they try to go back to the individual lives they had before to take care of their unfinished business. Although their intentions are noble, their attachment to who they were before they died and met, in the end, has them risking their second chance at life and the opportunity to live a happy life filled with love together.

In a way, this is true for all of us because we are subconsciously still so tied up with the stories of ‘our’ past life experiences that we are still carrying in the causal body that we aren’t free to live our own lives until we tie up those loose ends. Simply telling ourselves, that those unresolved emotions aren’t really ours doesn’t work. Denying their existence, or our responsibility as the current expression of the self leaves them firmly put where they are. If we want to stop being lived by our unresolved past, we need to help the higher ego see the soul’s perspective on its lived experience.

Because here’s the fascinating truth that I have witnessed over and over again in my own healing journey and in working with over a thousand clients, all our unresolved pain is based on a misinterpretation of our reality. This is tricky because there are of course plenty of lifetimes in which we were hurt, raped, killed maimed, and so on. Yet, what I have found to be true over and over again is that when we follow the trail of such experiences all the way back to the original wound it’s always either a fear or false belief created because of a misinterpretation or something we are still holding against ourselves which is often a fear or false belief that we created about the self. The people, situations, and experiences we have encountered since then have always only served to help us heal this original wound.

Seeing things from the soul’s perspective

While on an incarnation level these experiences were often painful to go through, on a soul path level they served to help us heal what was left unresolved in the past. As Florence Scovel Shinn teacher of metaphysics said “Every man is a golden link in the chain of my good, for all men are God in manifestation, awaiting the opportunity given by man, himself, to serve the divine plan of his life.” On a soul level, we are all subconsciously helping each other heal our unresolved pain. Because the ego takes everything so personally, it doesn’t see it or remember it that way. It holds grudges, hatred, and resentment toward others and the self which of course sustains the seed of karma within the causal body, chaining us to the cycle of life and death. It’s the ego’s perspective that keeps us stuck in our suffering.

It’s not that the ego is wrong to see it that way, it’s that the ego can’t see the full picture and therefore comes to the wrong conclusions. It’s by showing the ego the soul’s perspective that it can let go of the stories and the self-identification that it’s been holding onto – which in turn help’s it process its unresolved pain. The more we do this, the less karmic gunk and sludge remain within the causal body which diminishes the seed of karma and the necessity to live out the unresolved pain that has traveled with us from lifetime to lifetime and has been passed on from incarnation to incarnation by our past life predecessors.

In the same way that we can become the generational curse-breakers within our ancestral lineages (which is actually just another way for us to heal ‘our’ past life trauma), we are meant to be the ones that break past life cycles. In this way, each current life self or current expression of the soul can come to complete self-realization by clearing out the karmic templates held within the causal body. Each new embodiment offers the potential for full soul liberation, as we not only heal the current life self – but the inherited sense of self (ahamkara) and its experiences from all its embodiments throughout our complete soul journey.

I pray this Soul teaching has helped you broaden your perspective on past lives and given you a better understanding of the reincarnation process. If this Soul teaching did in fact blow your mind, be sure to share it with other people that you know who may also appreciate this new perspective. Let’s get this new paradigm perspective on reincarnation out there so that more people can learn the truth about past lives.

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