The Sisterhood Wound How Women Keep Themse ...

The Sisterhood Wound How Women Keep Themse ...

There is great interest these days in balancing our inner masculine and feminine parts, to for example attract the right partner or unlock higher levels of spiritual consciousness as well as higher levels of income. The missing piece however in most teachings is...

The Father Wound, The Impact Of Emotionall ...

The Father Wound, The Impact Of Emotionall ...

There is great interest these days in balancing our inner masculine and feminine parts, to for example attract the right partner or unlock higher levels of spiritual consciousness as well as higher levels of income. The missing piece however in most teachings is...

The Sisterhood Wound How Women Keep Themse ...

The Sisterhood Wound How Women Keep Themse ...

There is great interest these days in balancing our inner masculine and feminine parts, to for example attract the right partner or unlock higher levels of spiritual consciousness as well as higher levels of income. The missing piece however in most teachings is...

The Father Wound, The Impact Of Emotionall ...

The Father Wound, The Impact Of Emotionall ...

There is great interest these days in balancing our inner masculine and feminine parts, to for example attract the right partner or unlock higher levels of spiritual consciousness as well as higher levels of income. The missing piece however in most teachings is...

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The Mother Wound, How Women Subconsciously ...

There is great interest these days in balancing our inner masculine and feminine parts, to for example attract the right partner or unlock higher levels of spiritual consciousness as well as higher levels of income. The missing piece however in most teachings is...

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The True Origins Of The Patriarchy That Wi ...

There is great interest these days in balancing our inner masculine and feminine parts, to for example attract the right partner or unlock higher levels of spiritual consciousness as well as higher levels of income. The missing piece however in most teachings is...

Soul Path Series: Part I - Our Split From  ...

Soul Path Series: Part I - Our Split From ...

The Soul Path series is an eight-article series by Sabriyé Dubrie of Soul Teachings on the origin of our Soul path 'birth' and our evolution into the (human) incarnation experience. The teachings shared are gleaned from my own healing journey on a Soul path level and...

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Soul Path Series: Part II - Our Galactic L ...

The Soul Path series is an eight-article series by Sabriyé Dubrie of Soul Teachings on the origin of our Soul path ‘birth’ and our evolution into the (human) incarnation experience. The teachings shared are gleaned from my own healing journey on a Soul path level and...

Soul Path Series: Part VIII – Our Current Lifetime As Gateway To Soul Liberation

by Sabriyé Dubrie

Spiritual author, Multidimensional Healer, Founder of Soul Embodiment® Therapy & the School of Soul Embodiment.

Ultimate Guide to Soul Embodiment

The Soul Path series is an eight-article series by Sabriyé Dubrie of Soul Teachings on the origin of our Soul path ‘birth’ and our evolution into the (human) incarnation experience. The teachings shared are gleaned from my own healing journey on a Soul path level and my experience in working with over a thousand clients using the Soul Embodiment® Therapy method. For those interested in learning this method as a therapist, I run a yearly Soul Embodiment® Therapy Certification Program to train therapists worldwide in this revolutionary healing modality.

This is part VIII, you can read Part VII – The Lifetimes In Between & Further Fragmentation here (click link).

In this Soul teaching on Our Current Lifetime As Gateway To Soul Liberation you will learn:

  • How our unresolved past hijacks our current reality experience
  • How the three timelines of our past are created and interconnected
  • How to CLEAR out our wounding rather than living it out in our lives
  • How our current lifetime serves as a potential gateway to Soul Liberation
  • And more…

How our unresolved past hijacks the Here and Now

We have come to the final segment of the Soul Path Series where we will dive deep into how our Soul Path history which we have been exploring over the past seven segments of this series, is still PLAYING OUT in our lives today.

If you have not read the previous segments, I recommend you start with Part I and read them in the sequence they have been written in. This will make it easier to understand your own Soul Path history and the Soul journey we collectively share.

As explained in Part VII – The Lifetimes In Between & Further Fragmentation, the accumulation of our unresolved past is brought into each new lifetime through the Karmic Templates within the Causal body. Remember the word karma does not refer to being punished or rewarded for what we did wrong or right in other and current lifetimes, rather it’s merely the act of taking our unresolved past with us into the next embodiment to be able to heal it in the Here and Now.

Because we get to retain the level at which we have been playing the incarnation game, rather than starting from point zero over and over again (think Bill Murray in the movie Groundhog Day). We not only take with us everything we learned and experienced in a positive sense but we also take with us everything that we misunderstood, misinterpreted, and were unable to resolve in a previous lifetime.

The problem is that we take this with us subconsciously and not consciously (i.e. we don’t realize that this is what is going on). But just like our body is programmed to ensure survival and knows exactly how to heal a broken leg or fight off a virus or infection, the subconscious mind is programmed to ensure survival as well. We could even argue that the subconscious mind is behind all of the processes that ensure survival including our breathing, our heartbeat, and all other vital functions within the body.

Just like the physical body is steered to homeostasis constantly in all its physiological processes, the same is true for the psyche.

To prevent a system overload the subconscious mind pulls in the people, situations, and experiences we need 24/7 to heal our unresolved past.

You may want to reread that, to fully let it sink in.

Remember Carl Jung’s quote “Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.”? This was the mechanism he was referring to, of our LIVING OUT our wounding (our unresolved past) in our day-to-day lives as if they were the hand that fate has dealt us, rather than something we can actually heal and change.

This means that until we do heal our unresolved past, it is continuously hijacking our Here and Now to resolve our unhealed painful past experiences, and this process is non-stop without exception. None of our wounds are new, they only appear to be new or to stand on their own when seen out of the context of our Soul Path history.

Even more accurately, our Here and Now is being hijacked to resolve our Soul Path wounds created at the very beginning of our Soul journey (as explained in the previous segments) and which have in many cases only accumulated, during the thousands of lifetimes in between, because our past life predecessors only added to the misinterpretation.

The good news though is that we can heal our Soul Path wounds in every lifetime, because the Here and Now is always a potential gateway to Soul liberation, or as it is often called awakening.

But just like our past life predecessors in these lifetimes in between, we are often unable to recognize our current life painful experiences as such and see them as separate new experiences happening to us instead of an invitation to heal our unresolved past life predecessor’s past that we have no conscious recollection of.

Even though we might not consciously remember these experiences, because the experiences obviously aren’t ours, the subconscious mind remembers them as experiences of the self. Because they are believed to belong to the ‘self’ the subconscious mind applies them to the current life self because the subconscious knows no other entity but the self (I explained how this works in Part VII – The Lifetimes In Between & Further Fragmentation.

The subconscious mind cannot differentiate between the self and others, not on a current incarnation level between us and the outside world, and also not on a Soul Path level between us and our past life predecessors. This is not a glitch in the programming but rather our Soul truth, because the ‘self’ or ‘the I’ is an illusion as we are all One on a Soul level, so the concept of the other doesn’t exist on that level of existence.

The three timelines of the past

Our current reality is being hijacked by the three timelines of the past from which we can carry unresolved wounding, these are; our childhood, our ancestral lineage, and our Soul Path history all the way back to our split from Source and all the lifetimes in between then and now.

These timelines are also all interconnected, in the end, all ancestral and childhood traumas have past life roots. Yet, at the root of all of our wounds lie our Soul Path wounding, i.e. our split from Source, the split of the masculine & the feminine, and the incarnation wound where the ego split from the Soul.

The mistake many healing modalities make is to take these wounds out of the context they are happening in. Both ancestral as well as childhood wounding are part of a bigger pattern that as we have seen in Part VII – The Lifetimes In Between & Further Fragmentation we have had on rinse and repeat over lifetimes and lifetimes. Our unresolved wounding gets baked into the cake as it were ancestrally and retriggered in our childhood because this allows us to try and heal it this time around.

But more importantly, as we will discuss further on, each current incarnation is always a possible gateway to Soul liberation.

Please remember that none of this means that you ‘manifested’ the painful experiences you’ve experienced in your current lifetime.

You’re not to blame, it’s not your fault, it’s also not your punishment from God or your karma. Nor does it make right or somehow absolve the people who hurt you from the responsibility for the pain they caused you. Trauma is obviously never good for children and it’s known to have serious negative effects on the body: mind and psyche.

If you are aware of a child being hurt it is your obligation to stop it.

When we discuss childhood trauma as part of a larger Soul Path lived-out pattern, we are always referring to trauma that already took place and can’t be changed. As long as childhood trauma is still taking place, it means the person being harmed is a child and needs to be protected by the adults around them. I want to be extremely clear about this, what we are talking about here are adults that have had negative childhood experiences they are seeking to heal at the root cause.

This cannot be applied to children still in situations that we have the power to end for them whether directly by taking action ourselves or indirectly by contacting the authorities. We can’t fully protect our children from the wounding they are playing out in their lives, but we can decide what we allow to happen on our watch,

This is also the reason that more and more parents, who stand by and do nothing while their partner hurts their child(ren) are being found guilty of the perpetrated abuse to a lesser degree even when they didn’t hurt the child(ren) themselves, the fact that they didn’t stop the abuse makes them culpable morally and more and more legally as well in the court system. This is a positive development to further stamp out child abuse because it makes those who allow the abuse to continue, directly responsible.

This is important because patterns of abuse are of course also passed down through our ancestral lineages, this is not only a woo-woo new age idea but also scientific research suggests that at least one-third of children who were abused as children will carry these patterns into their own parenting. Source: The New York Times


On a Soul Path level, our childhood is often used to trigger the wounding that the Soul wants to have healed within this lifetime. You do not have to be beaten, chained up, or violated by a parent in order to have childhood trauma that is a mistake many people make to believe that only Trauma with a big T is valid aka the stuff that is so bad it makes the news.

You can have lots of little experiences that amount to trauma with a little t that can still be very traumatizing such as parents fighting, domestic violence, and so on. Also, childhood trauma doesn’t need to be inflicted by parents, it can be other caregivers, teachers, coaches, neighborhood kids, siblings, or even a hospital stay of yourself or a parent at an age where you needed that parent close. Trauma has a thousand if not more than a million different ways that it can manifest itself in a child’s life, abuse and neglect are just some of the ways trauma occurs but it definitely is not the only way children are traumatized.

What I have found in my Soul Embodiment® Therapy work with clients is that our childhood trauma is always connected to a bigger Soul Path theme that we have been working on healing over lifetimes and lifetimes. Whether it’s current life childhood or adulthood trauma it is always connected to our Soul Path history, there are no random isolated experiences that stand on their own, even if they feel that way. They only appear that way because we are viewing them out of the context they belong in, as we aren’t consciously aware of our unresolved past. As soon as we make our unresolved past conscious, it’s very clear to see how they are connected to our here and now.


I think ancestral trauma is one of the most misunderstood topics of our times. I always cringe when I read or hear people say that they are healing the wounds their lineage didn’t take responsibility for, and other variations of this idea. It doesn’t work like that. The correct view is that souls come together in Earth families around a shared Soul theme that they have been individually struggling with in their own Soul Path history over lifetimes and lifetimes. It’s not uncommon for souls to incarnate over and over again in different Earth family relationships or even incarnate multiple times into the same Earth family lineage.

This means that all ancestral wounding is connected to our own past life and Soul path wounding because otherwise there wouldn’t be any ‘velcro’ figuratively speaking for it to stick onto. Rather than you randomly taking on your ancestral wounding through your family lineage, you only take on that which triggers your own Soul Path and past life wounding. It is simply another avenue to bring in our unresolved past, by baking it into the cake as it were through our DNA.

Whether your ancestors cleaned up their own street or not, doesn’t matter because you’re not healing for them that is such a big misconception – you’re healing your own sh*t and the ancestral wounding you VOLUNTEERED to take on (on a Soul level – obviously not consciously on a personality level) only serves to help you heal what was left unresolved from your own Soul journey, this time around. It’s just an ingenious method to ensure that we have the predisposition we need on a human level to work out what the Soul wants to work through in this incarnation.

Remember the Causal body and the karmic templates in the Causal body create the mental, emotional, vibrational, astral, and physical body for each new incarnation or physical embodiment. Our Earth family ancestral lineage is a vehicle that is used to achieve this in the physical. It’s where all the ingredients from our karmic templates are baked into the cake and this has the bun coming out of the oven, a physical replica of the energetic blueprint it was created after, from the karmic templates held in the Causal body. Our ancestral lineage gives the Causal body the human DNA needed to build our current life avatar. That’s quite a different understanding of ancestral trauma than the pop culture version that you hear most people talking about.

Soul Path & Past Live

Last but not least, we have the real culprit or better yet the root cause of all of our unresolved wounding which are our Soul Path wounds that we have been rehashing and regurgitating throughout our complete Soul journey including all the lifetimes in between then and now.

The biggest misconception about past lives is that because we have lived over a thousand lifetimes and more, we must have a thousand individual wounds that all need to be healed separately – which is an impossible feat to accomplish within a single lifetime.

This way of looking at past lives couldn’t be further from the truth, because as I explained in Part VII – The Lifetimes In Between & Further Fragmentation we only have a handful of wounds that we have on rinse and repeat. These handful of wounds are mutations of our split from Source wound together with the split of the feminine and masculine and the split of the ego from the Soul, in the incarnation wound.

In my Soul Embodiment® Therapy work with clients, it’s very common to go through ten, fifteen, or even twenty, and more past lives where we see the same repeating pattern over and over again. This is why I don’t work on a past life basis, but rather a Soul path basis because each individual past life is part of a bigger context that you can’t see until you go look for it.

This way simply tapping into one past life isn’t as cathartic as unveiling the whole pattern, because you need to find the root cause lifetime and this lifetime is always outside of the repetition. In other words, randomly accessing a past life doesn’t tell you if you are addressing the root cause or one of the many repetitions of the pattern that is being played out in this strand of connected lifetimes.

This is what makes the Soul Embodiment® Therapy method so incredibly unique because it completely revolutionizes past life work as well as gives us a tool to heal our deepest psychological patterns, subconscious programming, and self-identifications that remain untouched using other healing modalities and therapy methods. This is because we approach it from the Soul Path perspective which allows us to work on all three timelines of the past simultaneously rather than isolate them and work on them individually which rips them out of the bigger context that they are all interconnected within.

You could say that Soul Embodiment® Therapy is the most comprehensive and holistic approach to healing the psyche currently available because it approaches our wounding and limitations from both the Soul Path as well as the Soul’s perspective.

How to CLEAR out our wounding instead of playing it out

This brings us to how to effectively close the door on our unresolved past because a direct consequence of our unresolved past hijacking our current reality is that it’s not only using up the bandwidth of our current timeline, it is also prioritized above our conscious creation process. In other words, until we stop the unresolved past from hijacking our current reality we will be limited in our freedom to create the reality we dream of because we are stuck PLAYING OUT (or living out) our unresolved past in an attempt to heal it this time around.

Our unresolved past is using up the bandwidth of our current timeline limiting our freedom to consciously create the reality of our dreams.

Because the Soul oversees this process when given the choice to heal your wounds in love and your conscious desire to meet the love of your life, you’re not going to get your happily ever after – at least not until you are able to heal your wounds in love. Or when given the choice between basically any ego desire, the Soul is simply going to prioritize the things that matter and that need to be sorted out to actually have what you so deeply desire on a current incarnation level and so every time we want something that we carry subconscious wounding around we are forced to play out this wounding to have what we want.

But even if we had ZERO desires of our own, our unresolved past would continue to seep into our current life experience simply because it has to be worked through. So at any given time, as we are humans and the only time we will ever be desireless is when we are dead you are both using your current lifetime to heal what wanted to be healed anyway, PLUS the can of worms you opened when you started pursuing a desire to manifest a certain end-result.

Of course, these two things aren’t really separated but deeply interconnected but I separate them to help you recognize this dynamic playing out in your own life.

Now that we have looked at how we are subconsciously playing out our unresolved past or you could even say living out the subconscious wounding of the ‘self’ (I explained this in Part VII) and how this is preventing us from using the full bandwidth of our current reality to create the life of our dreams, we are going to look at how we can clear out this wounding. The obvious answer is of course, by making our subconscious wounding conscious.

I think the biggest mistake people make in making their subconscious wounding conscious is thinking that someone else telling them what their wounds are will do the trick and it doesn’t. This isn’t to say that there is absolutely no merit to this kind of information because that isn’t true either, but in order to reprogram the subconscious mind and rewire the brain there is NOTHING as powerful as seeing the truth yourself.

This is because the ‘self’ is witnessing the truth about themselves through their own eyes (ears, feeling, or knowing) and THIS is what reprograms the subconscious mind, rewires the brain, and closes the door on the past a little bit further when we rather than our ego misinterpretation at that time see the Soul truth we were unable to see before – often simply because we were unable to consciously access our Soul Path history.

This is what I and the Soul Embodiment® therapists I have trained, do with clients in a Soul Embodiment® Therapy session, we guide them to experience their Soul Path history through their own clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, or claircognizance, as every human being has these dormant gifts. This allows them to see, hear, feel, or know the truth of all the different experiences they have had on their Soul journey that are still affecting their HERE and NOW.

It’s making these repeating patterns and one’s Soul Path history conscious that not only gives you immense clarity on your current life circumstances and your own deeper psychological patterns, subconscious programming, and self-identifications – it allows you to heal what was playing out in your life at the root cause which stops it from manifesting itself in your current reality.

Because we don’t chop up the three timelines of the past into three separate things, it allows us to not only find the root cause on a Soul Path level but yank it out by the root instead. This is why even clients who are trained psychiatrists and psychotherapists say that Soul Embodiment® Therapy sessions are much more potent than other healing modalities they have worked with because it allows us to circumvent the stories of the mind and directly address things at the heart of the matter where they truly originated.

Of course, many healing modalities claim to address the root cause, but this is often to a limited level. Addressing the root cause on a childhood level negates the deeper underlying cause on an ancestral, past life, and Soul Path level. The same can be said for ancestral trauma and even past life trauma, as the deepest root of our unresolved pain and trauma is held in the experiences far before taking human form, as I have explained throughout the previous segments of this Soul Path series.

Therefore the true root cause cannot even be found in the three timelines of the past but must be looked for on this Soul Path level. This doesn’t mean that we cannot get potent results working on the three timelines of the past because we can and in some cases, it is very necessary to work at this level as part of our healing journey and the Soul liberation process – which essentially is a process of self-liberation.

But no healing is complete without working on a Soul Path level and understanding how your own Soul journey has created the circumstances you are living out today. Much like our early childhood experiences impact us on a current incarnation level, our Soul Path early childhood experiences have done the same creating our deepest patterns and beliefs about ourselves. If we don’t undo these erroneous self-identifications on a Soul Path level, we will continue to believe that this is who we are even when what we believe was never true to begin with. I am talking about our deepest most painful self-identifications that limit us and sabotage in our Here and Now.

Our current lifetime as the gateway to Soul liberation

I have alluded to it a couple of times but in every current lifetime – every Here and Now in this moment, which is the only real moment there truly is, we are offered a gateway to Soul liberation. We see how true this concept of only the NOW existing is when we look at the past life predecessors who are not ‘us’ and the future embodiments of the Soul who are also not ‘us’.

The self we identify with and the experiences we live are only in the Here and Now of our current lifetime, which was true for each past life ‘self’ and will be true for each future ‘self’ – which is why every current lifetime has an exit ramp that offers us the opportunity to stop the cycle of death and rebirth and attain full Soul liberation or self-liberation as we call it.

This is because the Causal body that follows us from lifetime to lifetime, which not only carries our Karmic templates but is often referred to as the Karmic body, is a seed sustained by karma. Once that karma is exhausted, the Causal body ceases to exist and we are released back into the Oneness from whence we came. I have explained this in-depth in this Soul Teaching on Reincarnation where you will also find the Vedic references that this is based on.

This means that everything that we resolve in this lifetime (even from previous timelines) is extracted from the Causal body field and is not part of our imprinting in possible future lifetimes. The healing we do in this lifetime, not only heals our past but our futures as well when we remove the imprints within our Causal body.

This is how healing our unresolved pain and trauma from the past leads to self-liberation on a Soul level. It brings us into Mukti and later Moksha, the liberation from the cycle of death and rebirth aka Soul liberation.

Within the Soul Embodiment® Therapy method, we access the karmic templates held within the Causal body that also holds our Soul records to find the original wounds that created the karmic patterns that have been repeated over lifetimes and lifetimes. Healing the original wound collapses all timelines in which this pattern was played out and removes it from the karmic template imprinted within the Causal body.

Because we are not removing the karmic imprints of a thousand or more individual past lives, but actually only healing a handful of root causes that created repeating patterns over lifetimes and lifetimes the possibility to self-actualize or reach Soul liberation is available to each human in every lifetime whether it is recognized or not.

This grabs back to Maslow and the Hierarchy of Needs theory he proposed.

Although we are all, theoretically, capable of self-actualizing, most of us will not do so, or only to a limited degree.

Maslow (1970) estimated that only two percent of people would reach the state of self-actualization.’ Source:

Much has changed since the 70s including the healing modalities and therapy methods available to us now thanks to the Flower Power Hippie generation that was willing to explore everything and that allowed for a much deeper integration of the East and the West, Science and Spirituality that has now trickled down into a much broader mainstream acceptance. I am the child of such hippies and although now my aunts do yoga, meditate, and so on. In the 1980s and ’90s, my mother was considered the ‘crazy one’ in the family for being vegetarian, doing yoga, etc.

This shift in paradigm that really got momentum in the ’60s has made it possible today to bring in these newer healing modalities and therapy methods that go deeper than what our parents and grandparents had access to. This is also slowly gaining recognition in the world of Science.

‘In recent years the subject of ‘past-life’ experiences has become a major focus in several modes of therapy, and both local and overseas therapists now regard it as having a vital and dynamic role to play in the process of transformation and healing of the individual psyche.

Many therapists claim that ‘past-life’ work is one of the most powerful and concentrated tools available to therapy short of psychedelic drugs.’ Source:

Why you need the right modality and not just any modality

It’s because of this that many more people are not only able but will self-actualize in this lifetime and reach Soul liberation. Especially those that are willing to do the work, instead of waiting for the next galactic event or some other kind of external Divine intervention to hit them over the head and magically make it happen.

Praying, journaling, or affirmations will also not get them there, nor will self-healing as so much of this is deeply buried in the subconscious fiercely guarded by our defense, protection, and survival mechanisms that are designed to keep us at bay.

These are our absolute blindspots which is why we cannot access them ourselves, I say this as a very experienced therapist who still works with other healers and therapists on my own subconscious wounding which is how I discovered much of everything I have shared, through my own healing journey and taking my clients with me into this deeper level of healing in their Soul Embodiment® Therapy sessions.

This is not just channeled wisdom from sitting on a rock meditating for hours but actual embodied healing in my own process and bringing clients to this embodied state of healing, than rather just understanding everything on a conceptual level. Because many of my clients are trained professionals themselves (psychiatrists. psychologists, psychotherapists, etc.), they tend to understand their wounding and how it was created quite easily but this understanding does not equal actual healing.

Because Soul Embodiment® Therapy circumvents the reasoning mind, it’s an ideal method to bring about embodied healing because we are working with the subconscious mind at their source code through the Soul records and Karmic templates held in the Causal body.

All of this is done without scripts popular for example in the world of hypnotherapy where you actively replace an old belief with a consciously chosen new one, that you listen to for a certain amount of days. This works to the degree that there are no contradictory subconscious beliefs canceling out the new belief. It’s also subject to human error as the therapist chooses these new beliefs to replace the old ones. It’s still a very clunky way of reprogramming the subconscious mind, although less black box than other modalities and methods.

Once you see the truth on a Soul Path level, you can’t unsee it. It changes everything.

With Soul Embodiment® Therapy we expose the current expression of ‘self’ and the subconscious mind to the Soul truth that it was unable to see before and because it is instantly felt and recognized as the ULTIMATE truth, it causes the subconscious mind to delete any versions of the ‘truth’ it held before based on the misinterpretations created by the ego. The ego can only see things through the trauma filter created all the way back in our incarnation wound lifetime, which basically served to solidify our split from Source wounding and our predisposition to interpret our reality based on our Soul path wounds. It’s a much cleaner process because there is no attempt to force the subconscious mind to accept new subjective data.

Also because the client is invited to discover and recognize the Soul truth for themselves rather than being told by someone else what happened there is less room for human error, nor is the client dependent on the level of consciousness of the psychic or reader that could misinterpret (and often does) what they perceive due to their own trauma filter that is clouding their perception and spiritual gifts.

The trap for many people with the gift of sight is to believe that they are already healed because they have this beautiful gift, what they don’t realize is that if they would work more on their actual healing their gifts would become clearer and stronger. The fact that many of these people are still stuck in the belief in the battle of the dark vs. the light is already an indication of their unresolved wounding.

Even the most deeply programmed people believing in the dark vs the light narrative, who feel that they are here to help in the battle against the darkness are fully deprogrammed after working with me. This is because I guide them to their own Soul truth and help them understand how their own Soul Path and past life experiences created this false narrative that whether they want to admit it or not renders them powerless because it keeps them stuck in victim-identification. Not only that but if you believe in a supernatural power of evil, it keeps you in a state of hypervigilance which dysregulates the nervous system.

It’s all of the above that makes Soul Embodiment® Therapy absolutely next level and why it should not be left out when working to heal one’s unresolved past or when seeking to become the master of our own destiny and create the life of our dreams.

I pray that this Soul Teaching has helped you understand your current life and your current life trauma in the grand scheme of things as well as how your current lifetime offers you a gateway to both self-actualization and Soul liberation. Our current lifetime doesn’t need to be hijacked by our unresolved past, because there are healing modalities and therapy methods available to us now that allow us to make our subconscious Soul Path wounds conscious and finally see them for what they are, misinterpretations that we have been living out as our ‘truth’ for eons and eons.

Our Here and Now is our only point of power, it’s the only place where we can instigate change. We cannot go back and fix things for our past life predecessors, because their lives have been lived and are over and done with.

In fact, there’s nothing to fix, the whole urge to fix things is an ego impulse because the ego is convinced of the stories it has created, The objective within our current incarnation, is to expose the inherent falsehood of these stories by exposing the current life ‘self’ and the subconscious to the Soul truth which automatically causes the subconscious mind to discard the previous old stories that it now recognizes as having been false from the beginning.

There is NOTHING more powerful to the subconscious mind than showing it the ultimate truth and of course, there is no higher truth than the Soul Truth or the Divine perspective.

This is the final segment of the Soul Path Series, I hope you have enjoyed it and have gained a deeper understanding of the Soul journey, the incarnation process, and your own Soul Path. When you are ready to work with me, you can start with a Soul Alignment session or dive right into your repeating patterns and false self-identifications with a Soul Embodiment® Therapy session.

Ready To Take Your Manifesting To The Soul Level?

The key to unlocking your Heaven on Earth is healing on a Soul path level.

Everything you want is only being blocked by your subconscious Soul path wounding. The reason why so many people fail to create the life and the reality that they dream of is because their subconscious false beliefs and Soul path wounds are holding them back.

I am here to help you unlock your Next Uplevel in Wholeness, Love, Money & Business and unapologetically embody the truth of who you are while you’re at it!

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With my deepest love,

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