Healing the Patriarchy Series: Part II - T ...

Healing the Patriarchy Series: Part II - T ...

There is great interest these days in balancing our inner masculine and feminine parts, to for example attract the right partner or unlock higher levels of spiritual consciousness. The missing piece however in most teachings is undoing our patriarchal conditioning and...

Healing the Patriarchy Series: Part I - Th ...

Healing the Patriarchy Series: Part I - Th ...

There is great interest these days in balancing our inner masculine and feminine parts, to for example attract the right partner or unlock higher levels of spiritual consciousness. The missing piece however in most teachings is undoing our patriarchal conditioning and...

Healing the Patriarchy Series: Part II - T ...

Healing the Patriarchy Series: Part II - T ...

There is great interest these days in balancing our inner masculine and feminine parts, to for example attract the right partner or unlock higher levels of spiritual consciousness. The missing piece however in most teachings is undoing our patriarchal conditioning and...

Healing the Patriarchy Series: Part I - Th ...

Healing the Patriarchy Series: Part I - Th ...

There is great interest these days in balancing our inner masculine and feminine parts, to for example attract the right partner or unlock higher levels of spiritual consciousness. The missing piece however in most teachings is undoing our patriarchal conditioning and...

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Soul Path Series: Part I - Our Split From ...

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Soul Path Series: Part II - Our Galactic L ...

The Soul Path series is an eight-article series by Sabriyé Dubrie of Soul Teachings on the origin of our Soul path ‘birth’ and our evolution into the (human) incarnation experience. The teachings shared are gleaned from my own healing journey on a Soul path level and...

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Soul Path Series: Part III - Our Lifetimes ...

The Soul Path series is an eight-article series by Sabriyé Dubrie of Soul Teachings on the origin of our Soul path ‘birth’ and our evolution into the (human) incarnation experience. The teachings shared are gleaned from my own healing journey on a Soul path level and...

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Soul Path Series: Part IV - Masculine  ...

The Soul Path series is an eight-article series by Sabriyé Dubrie of Soul Teachings on the origin of our Soul path ‘birth’ and our evolution into the (human) incarnation experience. The teachings shared are gleaned from my own healing journey on a Soul path level and...

Discover Your Soul Purpose & Start Living Your Divine Destiny

by Sabriyé Dubrie

Spiritual author, Multidimensional Healer, Founder of Soul Embodiment® Therapy & the School of Soul Embodiment.

Ultimate Guide to Soul Embodiment

In this Soul teaching on how to discover your soul purpose and start living your Divine Destiny you will learn:

  • How your spiritual awakening activates this inner desire to be of service in a meaningful way
  • How opening your heart chakra is pivotal to being able to live your soul purpose
  • Three steps that you can take today to hone in on your soul purpose and what you are here to contribute
  • How the heart possesses untapped faculties of the soul that we need in order to live our soul purpose and Divine Destiny
  • And more….

Everyone who goes through a spiritual awakening at some point craves to find and live their soul purpose. The vocation or form of self-expression you had prior to your spiritual awakening likely doesn’t fulfill you anymore post-awakening, simply because you are not the same person you were before. Everything has changed as you seek more meaning in your life, you naturally desire to be of more meaning as well when it comes to how you spend your time and how you earn your money.

The job or business you had prior to your spiritual awakening tends to become meaningless as you feel this deep inner call to step up into what you are really meant to do. Even if you continue on the same path it’s often a higher evolution of what is already there that you are being called to step into. Like all aspects of moving from the old paradigm (3D) into the new (5D), these inner shifts can feel chaotic, messy, and uncomfortable. Friends and family often don’t understand why you would leave a perfectly good job or business (economic safety) to pursue what seems to be nothing but a pipedream to them.

Yet something deep inside of you is driving you forward and you feel compelled to follow its lead, if you recognize any of this, then this Soul teaching is written especially for you to help you navigate this exhilarating as well as challenging deepening into making conscious your soul purpose/soul mission and living your Divine Destiny. Because one thing is for sure, your soul purpose hardly ever shows up neatly packaged and served to you on a silver platter. Alas, it often involves a lot of stumbling in the dark, wondering if you’re not crazy and knowing that you’re being called to step up, but not quite knowing what this stepping up is meant to (or going to) look like. In other words, you feel this huge push but have no idea yet what it is exactly, you’re being pushed towards.

What is a soul purpose or mission?

Whether you call it your soul purpose or soul mission, we are talking about the same thing as both phrases are often used interchangeably to refer to your unique contribution to the whole in this embodiment. Your soul purpose and soul mission are what your soul has come to give back to the world either on a small or large scale that ripples out locally, nationally, internationally, or even globally. To the ego, concepts such as big and wide or global are important, but when it comes to your soul purpose one soul purpose is not more important than the other.

The idea that one vocation is more important than the other is a remnant of our patriarchal conditioning that values concepts such as big and global more than small and local for example, this is only because the interconnectedness of everything is not seen within this worldview.

The guru for example is not more important than his/her staff, because without his/her staff the guru would have to cook, clean, wash, iron, plan, book, pay, invoice, and do everything else for him- or herself which would not allow him/her to be able to serve hundreds or thousands of people at a time. It’s the staff that makes it possible for the guru to draw in large crowds and help many people. You can, of course, replace the word guru, with any other vocation that comes with a bigger platform.

Yes, not everyone has what it takes to be a leader but the same is true for those in the support role. Not everyone is cut out to be of service outside of the spotlights and so everyone has a place that suits them best at this moment, but that place can change over time as well as we evolve and grow. Often the stages in between are the stepping stones to fully living our soul purpose, they prepare us for the unique role we have come here to play in order to be able to share the unique gift that is ours and ours alone to share with the world.

It’s not uncommon for us to even grow and evolve in our soul purpose once we have started living it. As we grow and evolve as a person, the level to which we are able to give back to the world grows as well.

Discovering your soul purpose is a process of rebirth

In a way, living our soul purpose is something that we grow into and is in fact a process of rebirth where we grow into who we need to become in order to live our Divine Destiny. It all starts of course with leaving the life behind us that was unconsciously created through being lived by our wounded egos and the unresolved pain from our most recent (childhood) and more distant (past life) past. Our spiritual awakening is part of this rebirth, where we wake up to the fact that we are more than this meat suit, emotions, and mind filled with memories.

We realize that we are the ones witnessing the thoughts (memories), emotions, and physical sensations. But who is this being who witnesses everything? It’s this journey of getting to know the true self and embodying this aspect of our multidimensional being that is the actual rebirth and the deeper we step into who we truly are, the more we align to our soul purpose and mission. What we call our spiritual awakening is only the beginning of a much deeper process that shifts us from an ego-centered life into a soul-centered one.

But watch out for dualistic thinking that says ego is ‘bad’ and soul is ‘good’ because this makes the unhealed ego want to identify with being the soul without actually doing the work, merely for the sake of wanting to see itself as so-called ‘good’. The spiritual ego perpetuates duality which is in essence separation-based – when the truth is that we can only become truly whole when we dare to embrace and love our shadows as well as the ‘broken’ bits. As long as we believe that good is desirable and bad is undesirable and needs to be avoided we cannot return to the wholeness we embody on a soul level. To be whole we must embrace all parts of ourselves, the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Because it concerns our soul purpose, it cannot be done from the level of the ego, it has to be done from the level of the soul which is why it is accompanied by a process of rebirth, an alchemizing of the ego into the soul. How could it ever come from the ego? When the ego is so focused on the self and trying to keep the world turning (its need for control) that it doesn’t have the capacity to truly give back to the world. Any giving it does comes with the expectation of a certain return, a self-motive, martyrdom, victimhood, etc. So, naturally the more we heal the wounded ego and embody our true soul self the more we free up our energy to put in service in a way that doesn’t deplete us. You could say that this is the real shift from surviving to thriving, and we don’t even really realize how much energy was being drained away by being both in survival as well as defense and protection mode until we successfully come out of it.

Our soul purpose tends to come in bits and pieces

This is often also the reason why our soul purpose tends to come in bits and pieces, you will hardly ever find that your soul purpose is neatly packaged and served to you on a silver platter. We need to stumble in the dark a bit so that we can learn to hear and heed our inner voice, we need time to heal our wounded ego, time to get out of survival mode and learn that we can be safe without our (in childhood and other timelines created) defense and protection mechanisms that may have worked for us then, but are hindering us now – keeping us playing small.

It takes guts to allow yourself to be led step by step, but you cannot live your soul purpose without it. You cannot create your soul purpose from the mind, because as soon as you try it no longer comes from the soul. In fact, there’s nothing to create – it’s all already there, Your soul purpose and mission were crafted long before you reached Earthside as a baby. The blueprint is already there, all that needs to be done is to tap into it. However, the more wounded and often strong the ego is, the more difficult it will be to access the soul’s plan.

This is because your old conditioning will get in the way of listening to your heart which is the seat of the soul. The physical heart which is an extension of the spiritual heart is the first organ to appear when we come into the physical form in our mother’s wombs. The heart is our interface with our soul and Source and even though we may consciously know and believe this, we can still struggle to tap into our heart’s wisdom because of old 3D programming.

This difficulty to listen to one’s heart is even more so if you are a very brainy analytical type of person who seeks logic and rationality to make sense of the world. Yet, it’s this seeking a sense of security in hard facts, cold logic, and rational thinking that often goes hand in hand with finding it difficult to feel – when the ability to feel is of course a faculty of the heart. Often, the more stronger the rational mind, the more closed off the heart in order to shut out the pain. This is another reason why your soul purpose comes in bits and pieces because the process of fully daring (and being able) to live with an open heart requires much in-depth healing of not only your childhood wounds but also the ancestral and past life wounds that caused you to armor up and close down your heart in the first place.

Other aspects that are at play are Divine timing as well as preparation, the soul has crafted a certain series of events, meetings, jobs, mentors, teachers, and schooling that is meant to prepare you on the most practical level for what it is that you came here to do. For example, I was raised bilingual and went to primary school in America which has allowed me to be able to be as comfortable in speaking and writing in English as I am in my native tongue. I was very much into IT in my early 20s and even worked in several IT departments for a couple of years which taught me how to break down complex concepts into easy-to-follow steps. I use this skill now to break down complex spiritual concepts in a way that they are easy to understand for others. Because there’s of course nothing wrong with logical thinking and the reasoning mind as long as it doesn’t shut down, but instead compliments the faculties of the heart.

The rise of the Divine Feminine is not to flip the patriarchy into a matriarchy, but to be able to move forward into an egalitarian society where men and women and those identifying differently are each other’s equals – instead of each other’s subjugator or oppressor.

As humans, we possess both an inner masculine (animus) and an inner feminine (anima) no matter our biological gender or sexual orientation, leaning too far to either one side cuts us off from our wholeness again. The objective is to balance both sides within ourselves so that we can for example trust both our mind and heart and use them in harmony.

Throughout our lives from our early childhood to well into adulthood we are being prepared for our own unique contribution to the world. Looking back, you will see how different parts of your life not only had to happen but were in service of the preparation needed to live your soul purpose. When we land on Earthside after incarnating, there’s rarely an external guru, master, or teacher to prepare us for our unique contribution to the world in the way that was common in the mystery schools of old. Instead, the soul makes sure to as it were bake it into our experience so that life itself becomes our initiator into our spiritual evolution (our mystery school) and executor of the Divine Plan that our soul scripted for this specific incarnation.

It’s important to know that when it comes to living our soul purpose we have early bloomers and late bloomers which comes down to these additional factors such as Divine timing, preparation as well as the healing aspect already touched upon. Early bloomers aren’t more evolved or better than later bloomers, because living your soul purpose, of course, isn’t a competition!

How to start honing in on our soul purpose?

So, if that is the case, can we really do anything to accelerate this process? Yes, we can by working with the subconscious.
Both the details of our soul purpose as well as the blocks to unlocking it are buried in our subconscious. Subconsciously we know and recognize our soul truth, even when we consciously may not be aware of this inner knowing – it’s there waiting for us to remember and access it.

Here are three things that you can do today to start honing in on your soul purpose.

Bach Flowers – Wild Oat is a remedy of Soul Purpose

If you struggle with finding your soul purpose then you could use these three Bach Flowers to gain clarity. Mix two drops of the Bach Flowers Wild Oat, Cerato, and Walnut (so six drops in total) into 34oz or one liter of water and sip this mixture in small sips throughout the day. Finish the water bottle each evening and make a fresh bottle every morning. Continue doing this for three to six months. The Walnut and Cerato will help in trusting yourself and not letting naysayers get to you, as well as trusting your intuition, while the Wild Oat will help you gain clarity around your soul purpose and mission.

Bach Flowers do contain alcohol, but as you are mixing them in with a large amount of water, the alcohol will be diluted to the point that it will have no effect whatsoever. These flower essences have been around for over 80+ years and are considered completely safe even during pregnancy.

Heal your heart

The deeper you heal your heart, the deeper you can open it. The deeper you open your heart, the deeper you can embody your soul.

There’s no true healing of the heart without healing the wounded ego that created all the heart armor to protect itself. Although there are also Bach Flowers that can assist in the healing of the heart, one cannot truly heal the heart without bringing into the conscious awareness the subconscious wounds that had you close down your heart and your capacity to feel pain as much as pleasure. When we numb ourselves, we do it across the board because you can’t pick and choose which feelings you allow yourself to feel or which not. Switching off our feelings always lessens our ability to feel even the things we deeply desire to feel such as love, connection, pleasure, or a sense of belonging, etc. You can’t have one without the other.

It’s our experiences of the past such as our childhood, the ancestral trauma we volunteered to take on, and the unresolved pain we brought in from previous lifetimes that block our spiritual heart (heart chakra) which is the energetic center that affects our physical heart, lungs, and breasts (women tend to store a lot of unresolved pain and grief in their breasts).

To heal your heart, you must go through the pain. This is higher emotional and spiritual pain, rather than physically painful. You must experience every heartbreak, betrayal, and hurt from the past fully before you can make your heart whole again. There is no other way but to experience all parts of your personal story fully. There is no shortcut; negating any part of what makes you ‘you’, will shut this chakra down. This is why spiritual bypassing, which the spiritual community is infamous for with all its different quick fixes and magical pills doesn’t work because it ignores the underlying unresolved pain that is at the root of it all.

And here’s the tricky part; we are often unaware of the extent of unresolved pain we carry because we have been so successful in avoiding it for years on end and sometimes even lifetimes and lifetimes. We have buried this pain deep within our subconscious and even in our unconscious, which is why we can only access these deeper wounds through healing modalities that allow us to journey deep into the subconscious and unconscious mind.

The Soul Embodiment® Therapy method is a perfect example of such a healing modality that can not only bring you deep into the subconscious and unconscious but to the root cause of your deepest unresolved pain on a soul path level. This is called the original wound where the unresolved pain you still subconsciously carry today was originally created.

It’s these deep core wounds that have made us rather close our hearts than feel the pain, they created heart walls that successfully guard us against the pain, but the price we pay is not being able to reach our full potential because we are stuck in survival aka protection mode. We either live life from the lower three chakras or up in the clouds when we have opened our upper three chakras first, but it’s the heart that acts as a bridge between above and below which is why we cannot fully be who we are meant to be with a heart that is still in self-defense mode. Put differently, you cannot fully embody your soul unless you truly open your heart which is only possible by facing the pain that made you shut it down, to begin with.

Soul Clarity Journey

We cannot only use the subconscious to access our unresolved pain that created the blocks, but we can also access our soul truth through the Akashic Records that are held in the causal body, which is the highest spiritual body that actually creates the mental, emotional, vibrational and physical body each time we reincarnate in the physical. This subtle body not only holds our karmic templates, our sense of separateness (the higher ego) and the collection of unresolved lived experiences that we are still struggling to assimilate and integrate, but it also holds our Divine Plan as well as our Divine Blueprint which is the blueprint of the soul.

Soul Embodiment® Therapy accesses this level of our multi-dimensional being and allows us to work with the information stored in the causal body. We can use it to access and clear unresolved pain (blocks) that are limiting us in fully embodying our Divine Blueprint, but we can also use it to glean insight into our Divine Plan which of course also holds the sacred truth of your soul mission. A Soul Clarity Journey is designed to help you gain soul clarity on your Soul purpose and potential Soul legacy that you are here to create.

In this powerful Soul Embodiment® Therapy session, we dive deep into your soul mission and possible soul legacy (follow this link to understand what a soul legacy is). What are you here to create on a soul level? What past life traumas are keeping you from fully stepping into your mission? Expect complete soul clarity around your own Divine Blueprint and Divine Plan. Every client I have done this session with has come out downloading the truth around their soul purpose and the next step they need to take in embodying it.

Why the heart is in a way superior to the mind

It’s not only because the heart is the seat of the soul, it’s because the heart is so deeply connected to our soul that it taps into the faculties of the soul. One such faculty is the gift of precognition, the heart knows things before they happen and it’s the heart that alerts the brain in time to respond. The heart’s wisdom is a wisdom that exceeds the logic of the rational mind, which is somewhat of a mind-bender because we have been raised in the strong patriarchal belief system that the masculine is superior to the feminine. The heart is not only a yin (feminine) organ, the heart chakra is a feminine chakra as even-numbered chakras are feminine while the odd-numbered chakras are masculine.

Growing up in the patriarchal societies we were raised in we were often told that the mind was not only superior but more trustworthy than our hearts and emotions.

A now famous HeartMath study done in the early 2000s blows this notion out of the water, Dr. Rollin McCraty from the Heartmath Institute—a leading-edge research center for the scientific study of heart coherence and its health benefits found that the heart seems to ‘know’ the emotional future before it happens. The heart uses this information to signal to the brain to prepare you for an adequate response to the upcoming event. Watch this short video on their astounding discovery. Their findings which have been replicated by other scientists all over the world go against the currently held biological belief that the brain is the command center of the body.

The heart both as a spiritual as well as physical faculty of the human body is able to tap into nonlocal intuition. Nonlocal intuition is the perception of information about a distant or future event by the body’s psychophysiological systems, which is not based on reason or memories of prior experience, according to similar research published in the National Library of Medicine.

This means that the heart is able to tap into information outside of the body’s past experiences or of what the mind can imagine being possible given the current circumstances and probabilities (often our what-ifs and fears). Instead, the heart is able to tap into the Universal quantum field and ‘see’ (sense/know) the energy of what is in the process of manifestation before it manifests.

This is something that the brain or the mind is incapable of doing despite its many other superior qualities, which makes the wisdom of the heart an invaluable ally to anyone seeking to live their soul purpose because without truly unlocking our heart wisdom we are like everyone else still stuck in the old paradigm, i.e. the blind leading the blind. That is to say that we are blinded by the unresolved pain of our past shutting down our hearts – aka blinded by our trauma filters.

The mind can only ‘see’ things when they are manifested, but the heart can ‘read’ the energy even before it has manifested giving us a heads-up of what is coming before it has arrived.

This is another clear example of living from the ego or the soul, the ego which is created through a sense of being separated from the whole is disconnected from the interconnectedness of everything. The soul on the other hand is deeply connected to everything, which is why through embodying our soul we can tap into the unseen and the collective wisdom of the world and the Universe because of the soul’s interconnectedness with all that is.

The ego however is cut off from this extra dimension of reality, through its own belief of being separate from the whole and its belief that it is the only one looking out for numero uno which is of course a trauma response that creates the wounded ego’s need for heart walls and armor to protect itself which only deepens its sense of separation and isolation. In other words, when we tap into the heart’s wisdom we don’t need to shut the heart down in order to protect ourselves, the heart by being connected to the wisdom of the world and the Universe will protect us and warn us if we are in danger.

The heart is the gateway to the soul

The heart is the organ in the middle of our circulation system, pumping blood around the body as it beats. The blood sends oxygen and nutrients to the body and carries away unwanted carbon dioxide and waste materials. Although the brain is currently considered the most important organ because it holds the memory and other functionalities that are thought to make us human, there’s an emerging body of evidence that the heart contains these memories as well.

This evidence suggests that these memories continue to live on in the heart after for example heart transplantation, where the heart is moved from the donor’s body into the recipient’s body bringing with it the donor’s personality traits, preferences, and dislikes, temperament, as well as memories from the donor’s life being experienced by the recipient as their own.

The heart is also the chakra and organ of service, our cardiovascular system oxygenates the body, and oxygen is the first resource we can’t live without the second and third are water and food. When we are stuck in self-defense mode (protecting the self) which is the modus operandi for everyone within the old 3D paradigm, there is no real room to be of actual service. Service can become ego-driven, but then of course it’s for all the wrong reasons such as an escape, being able to boost your self-image, gaining recognition, feeling valued or being needed, and so on. Instead of it being about giving which true service is based on, it becomes about taking (fulfilling our own egoic needs).

As the frequency of the heart is about giving and receiving and the balance between them true service can only be authentic and not self-serving.

The heart’s two major other faculties are self-love and Divine love, when we are in survival and protection mode we struggle with self-love and without self-love, Divine love is not even possible – whether you want to give or receive it. It’s the unresolved pain that blocks our hearts that allows the wounded ego to reign supreme and although the ego is not bad (read this Soul teaching on the function of the ego) much like the brain it should be in service of the soul instead of calling the shots.

This is how the heart becomes our gateway to the soul when we heal the wounds of the ego that made us shut down our hearts so that we can become fully connected back to our higher self and our soul’s plan and wisdom. The word gateway conjures up an interesting visual of something that can be opened or closed, in many cases even though we hate to admit it – the gateway of our heart is closed. We have had to close it shut in order to protect ourselves and to be able to decide who we let in or not. Now grabbing back to the heart’s ability to be able to ‘see’ or ‘read’ (feel or sense) energy before it manifests, it’s ONLY because we have lost access to our heart’s wisdom (i,e, feel cut off from it) that we feel the need to guard and protect our heart.

The most logical solution then is to heal the heart, so that this function of the heart becomes available to us again. It’s as logical as 1+1=2, but that doesn’t make it as easy. This is because it’s the wounded ego and its lived experiences inherited from its past life predecessors, all the previous embodiments of the complete incarnation journey of the soul that is creating the heart blockages fortified with our current life unresolved pain that is keeping it locked into place. The wounded ego cannot live our soul purpose unless it’s freed of its burdens and brought back into wholeness with the soul, i.e. the wounded ego has to be healed if we want to open our hearts.

This is alas the unsexy work that simply has to be done in order to fully start living your soul purpose because we can only live our soul purpose through embodying our soul instead of our unresolved pain.

The question therefore shouldn’t be merely focused on what is my soul purpose.

The real question should be how do I unleash and embody my soul? The answer is, of course, to come out of survival, protection, and defense mode as these are what close down the spiritual heart and with it the true access to our soul.

Of course, both the soul and the heart have more faculties that have remained unaddressed in this Soul teaching, this is because knowing them doesn’t actually do much for you. The point is to embody them, and that is only possible through healing the blocks that have closed down your heart. The mind will run away with all of these spiritual concepts into imaginary realms of love and light, but that’s just mental masturbation that brings you nowhere. A much more valuable key is the knowledge of how to unlock these gifts within your own spiritual evolution and process.

I pray this Soul teaching has given you clarity on what concrete steps you can take today to start living your soul purpose and Divine Destiny. Plus I pray that it gives you a deeper understanding of the pivotal role your heart plays in moving from wanting to be of service into actually being able to be of service in the most profound way because you have unleashed your soul in the process. My fellow Spiritual 1%-er I salute you, I am in awe of your soul purpose and what you are here to create.

Channeling this Soul teaching, brought with it a new Soul Embodiment® Therapy package to heal and open your heart. In a series of three groundbreaking one-to-one healing sessions, we are going to journey to the original wound that is underlying your survival mechanism, your defense mechanism, and your protection mechanism. Although all three have a similar function to help you guard and protect yourself the underlying wounds are different.

In these private one-to-one sessions, we will look at how these three mechanisms play out in your life today and which entanglements exist with possible childhood wounding, ancestral wounding as well as past life wounding. This package serves those best that have already done a lot of previous healing work, if you are new to your healing journey I recommend choosing another Soul Embodiment® Therapy session or package first.

Book your Reset Your Fight or Flight System Package.

Ready To Take Your Manifesting To The Soul Level?

The key to unlocking your Heaven on Earth is healing on a Soul path level.

Everything you want is only being blocked by your subconscious Soul path wounding. The reason why so many people fail to create the life and the reality that they dream of is because their subconscious false beliefs and Soul path wounds are holding them back.

I am here to help you unlock your Next Uplevel in Wholeness, Love, Money & Business and unapologetically embody the truth of who you are while you’re at it!

Do you want a quick check-in just to see where you could come into deeper alignment with your Soul and your Divine Plan? Book a Soul Alignment Session

Do you want to explore your Soul Path history and heal on a Soul Path level?

Book a Soul Embodiment® Therapy session with Sabriyé Dubrie to find the psychological patterns, subconscious programming, and false self-identifications that are keeping you from creating the life and reality you dream of.

With my deepest love,

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