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Is this you?

  • Are journaling and affirmations not getting you results?
  • Did the psychic reading you got last month not come true yet again?
  • Are you walking on eggshells trying to not let your vibrational frequency drop?
  • Has the crystal and moon magic not opened the floodgates of Heaven for you yet?
  • Do you sometimes wonder if this stuff works for everyone else, except for you?

Trust me, you’re not the only one struggling to make the Law of Attraction work for you.

If you have tried everything to manifest what you want, but it’s still not there….

Let’s talk!
It’s not that adding a bit of magic and woo-woo to your life doesn’t work, it does. It’s that there is a level of abundance, love, happiness, success, and health that you’re not comfortable letting in yet, due to your internal beliefs that you’re not even aware you are operating on.

You see there is a scientific reason why you’re not getting the results you want and this is because your subconscious mind is blocking your manifestation. It does this not to hurt you but in a misguided attempt to protect you. This is because the subconscious erroneously believes that what you want is either not safe to have, that you don’t deserve to have what you want, or that you’re not worthy of having it.

The subconscious mind created these false beliefs either in your childhood or you inherited them from your ancestral lineage or a past life predecessor, it can even be from all three. It actually doesn’t even matter where the false belief was created, what matters is to expose its falsehood to the subconscious mind so that it no longer believes it.

This is where my work is very different from most other healing modalities because most methods use what I call black-box reprogramming. This is when you don’t know what the underlying belief is, but you try to reprogram it with a conscious positive belief that you think will get you the result that you want. This method works perfectly, as long as there are no subconscious conflicting beliefs that cancel it out. You can get far using such methods, but only to the extent of your current comfort zone that you can allow abundance, love, happiness, success, and health into your life.

If you want to stretch that comfort zone into higher levels of receiving you have to address the subconscious beliefs that are keeping it in place. You can’t black-box reprogram these false beliefs because our subconscious beliefs are infinitely stronger than our conscious beliefs. After all, they were initially put into place to keep us safe. It’s only by making these false beliefs conscious that we can defuse them and have the subconscious mind discard them.

This level of reprogramming the subconscious mind is my expertise.

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I am Sabriyé Dubrie

Spiritual author, Multidimensional Healer, Founder of Soul Embodiment® Therapy & the School of Soul Embodiment.

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What is Soulology?

Soulology offers us the impersonal perspective of the soul, the helicopter view that allows us to see the bigger picture behind our experiences. It shows us the higher truth of our lives that has been eluding us.

We tend to look at our lives from the ego or personality perspective, but then hardly see the forest for the trees. We end up going in circles, repeating the same cycles, never truly learning from our past nor being able to move on.

We end up being stuck in realities we don’t want to be living, repeating the same cycles of drama with the same or different people.

Most therapies don’t really move the needle, they allow us to vent and release steam which makes us feel better but doesn’t actually change our circumstances. They give us deeper insights but often only to a certain degree because they are understood from the 3D mind, not the higher dimensional realities (5D or above). They show us a limited version of the truth, but not the full truth which limits their effectiveness.

Within the Soulology session, we rise above this limited perspective and look at what is true on a soul level. We look past outer appearances of unfairness, victimhood, blame, etc. We go beyond how we feel things should be or how we want them to be and look deep into why they are showing up in our life the way they currently are.

In Soulology, we see what the soul wants us to understand for the next step in our evolution.

“Thank you so much for this, just amazing! I feel a clarity that I haven’t felt before, I feel happy knowing I’m moving forward even though there are still unknowns, the fear has lifted!”

We discussed things from way back in my childhood, what is blocking me, what is stopping me, all these things in order to get the bigger picture of what is taking place in my life. Then I talked about my current situation, what is lying before us (my husband and kids), what we had been thinking about doing, where we wanted to move, etc.

She’s so insightful, asking these questions where I thought, yes, that’s it! That’s the deeper thing going on, bullseye! OR she said, you say this but do you think it may really be this and she was never wrong.


— Melissa Meyer, United States

What can you expect from a Soulology session?

  • Being able to see through the ego illusion
  • Clarity on your next action step
  • Connecting to your BIGGER vision
  • Integration of past healing
  • Understanding your past
  • Coming to forgiveness
  • Identifying the bigger themes and patterns in your life
  • Messages from your higher self
  • See your life from the soul perspective
  • Identifying what still needs to be healed
  • Releasing victim identification
  • Aligning deeper to your Divine Plan
  • Deeper understanding of the self
  • Being shown the way out of your current circumstances

“Thank You Sabriyé for my recent Soulology session. Within the space of an hour, you helped me unpack trauma and identify my Soul wound of powerlessness.”

Reflecting on this I now see how every area of my life is affected by this wound – self-belief, relationships, career, finances, etc.

I’m so looking forward to our upcoming Soul Embodiment® Therapy session so that I can begin a new empowered chapter in my life. Bring it on!


— Ali B., Australia

Soulology vs.
Soul Embodiment® Therapy

Although Soulology sessions are powerful and potent spiritual coaching sessions in their own right, they are also a perfect addition to the Soul Embodiment® Therapy sessions.

They can be used to identify deeper themes, patterns, and wounding that we can then zoom in on within the Soul Embodiment® Therapy session. This allows us to isolate and target the deeper underlying original wound at the root cause level.

The Soulology sessions can also help us deeper integrate the healing we have done in the Soul Embodiment® Therapy session or through other healing modalities. An important aspect of healing is not only seeing the root cause of our wounding, but also seeing how it connects to other aspects of our lives and understanding what purpose the wounding served. Because the Soulology session shows us the bigger picture on a soul level it helps us understand our lives from this bigger perspective as well.

Bridget Schuch

“Sometimes you have most of the pieces to a puzzle but you just aren’t sure how they all fit together. In my Soulology session with Sabriyé, we were able to put those pieces together and add the last few to make the puzzle complete.”

In one session through our conversation and connecting with my higher self we were able to make sense of a pattern that seemed like one thing on the surface but went so deep that it took me back to the actual point of when it started at the very beginning of my incarnation into this life.

Putting those last couple of puzzle pieces in place and seeing the whole picture had me dropping my jaw open. Thank you Sabriyé for your patience, wisdom, and guidance to facilitate my coming full circle back to myself today. Love Bridget

— Bridget Schuch, United States

Hybrid Soulology Sessions

Do you want to pinpoint the exact subconscious false belief playing out in your life right now? Book a Soul Alignment or Money Flow session. These are hybrid Soulology sessions, where we combine the power of Soulology with the potency of Soul Embodiment® Therapy.

These hybrid sessions are the ULTIMATE mindset work as they allow you to isolate the false belief playing out in your life right now and directly reprogram it.

In an abridged version of the Soul Embodiment® Therapy process, I help you find what teacher in metaphysics Florence Scovel Shinn called the king-pin that is blocking your money flow, your deeper soul alignment, or dream reality.

In the logging camps in the Spring, the logs are sent down the rivers in great numbers. Sometimes the logs become crossed and cause a jam. The men look for the log causing the jam (they call it the king-pin), straighten it, and the logs rush down the river again.

Florence Scovel Shinn

The king-pin is a powerful metaphor for the subconscious false beliefs that limit or oppress us the most in our current-day lives, often without us even realizing it.

We are the creators of our own reality, but this reality is not created solely according to our conscious beliefs. It’s our subconscious beliefs that have the biggest impact on what our external reality looks like. When we carry false beliefs from our past (ancestral lineages, childhood, or past lives) it slips into the subconscious and co-creates our reality.

Of course, not all our subconscious false beliefs are activated simultaneously but instead, these false beliefs become triggered when they are ready to be released. Things that were never an issue before can suddenly become an issue now because the circumstances you are living are the external circumstances you need to heal the subconscious false beliefs these circumstances are meant to trigger.

The subconscious false belief playing out in your life right now is the king-pin that creates the external circumstances you are living.

When you are able to see the false belief that is co-creating your current circumstances it straightens the king-pin and the circumstances you needed to make this false belief conscious resolve on their own, simply because they are no longer needed now that you have seen the false belief they were there to help you become conscious of and release.

Experience the potency of this powerful mindset work by booking your session today.


“In my session, we have found a pattern of being less worthy as a woman. I have worked 3 weekends in a row and I don’t have the feeling anymore that I cannot do it as a woman.

I am feeling taken care of financially, after a huge payment I thought I would have a minus on my account. But then I received back payments for returned items and a big surprise – my yearly tax refund! I expected it to be a little lower and definitely not so soon.

Our Etsy shop also has much more movement now! I am looking forward to how things will grow for me now as it is just over 2 weeks. Thank you Sabriyé!

— Andrea, Germany

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