Healing the Patriarchy Series: Part II - T ...

Healing the Patriarchy Series: Part II - T ...

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There is great interest these days in balancing our inner masculine and feminine parts, to for example attract the right partner or unlock higher levels of spiritual consciousness. The missing piece however in most teachings is undoing our patriarchal conditioning and...

Healing the Patriarchy Series: Part II - T ...

Healing the Patriarchy Series: Part II - T ...

There is great interest these days in balancing our inner masculine and feminine parts, to for example attract the right partner or unlock higher levels of spiritual consciousness. The missing piece however in most teachings is undoing our patriarchal conditioning and...

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Healing the Patriarchy Series: Part I - Th ...

There is great interest these days in balancing our inner masculine and feminine parts, to for example attract the right partner or unlock higher levels of spiritual consciousness. The missing piece however in most teachings is undoing our patriarchal conditioning and...

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Soul Path Series: Part IV - Masculine  ...

The Soul Path series is an eight-article series by Sabriyé Dubrie of Soul Teachings on the origin of our Soul path ‘birth’ and our evolution into the (human) incarnation experience. The teachings shared are gleaned from my own healing journey on a Soul path level and...

Why We Cannot Take Our Survival, Defense & Protection Mechanisms With Us Into 5D

by Sabriyé Dubrie

Spiritual author, Multidimensional Healer, Founder of Soul Embodiment® Therapy & the School of Soul Embodiment.

Ultimate Guide to Soul Embodiment

In this Soul teaching on why we cannot take our survival, defense & protection mechanisms with us into 5D you will learn:

  • How our survival, defense, and protection mechanisms are created from a spiritual perspective
  • What the difference is between our survival, defense, and protection mechanism
  • Why simply relaxing the nervous system doesn’t work long term
  • How our survival, defense, and protection mechanisms keep us locked out of 5D
  • And more….

If you clicked on this teaching’s title you’re probably interested in both psychology as well as spirituality and how these two bodies of knowledge connect. Maybe you intuitively get how our survival, defense & protection mechanisms hinder our spiritual growth and our ability to move into 5D, or perhaps you don’t see how these two could ever be connected. In this Soul teaching, we are going to explore the deeper connection between them and how our survival, defense, and protection mechanisms are actually part of our old 3D paradigm conditioning that keeps us locked in the old reality of scarcity, fear, pain, suffering, etc.

Outside of our conscious awareness

The word subconscious is used so much that often people forget what it actually means. Subconscious processes are automated processes that happen outside of our conscious awareness. Basically, they are reactions or you could even say programming that runs on autopilot, i.e. they aren’t managed by our conscious awareness but by our subconscious awareness. To understand the difference between conscious and subconscious awareness, you could say that our conscious awareness is everything we can see and process while our subconscious awareness sees everything including the things that we perhaps don’t process and therefore don’t register ‘seeing’.

Processes such as our survival, defense & protection mechanisms are subconscious processes, they are triggered by our subconscious awareness when it ‘reads’ (interprets) a situation, person, or experience as potentially dangerous. So far so good, we, of course, need to be protected against our lives potentially prematurely ending by ancient threats (think of erupting volcanoes and ferocious beasts) and modern threats such as being run over by a car for example. This is what our survival mechanism is designed to do. Where things go wrong is when the subconscious mind starts grabbing back to the past (childhood, ancestral, or past life) to defend and protect us to ensure our survival.

All of a sudden because you were killed in the middle ages for speaking your truth which created unresolved pain and trauma (because you died and were not able to process the experience post-death), you bring this fear of speaking your truth into subsequent lifetimes. Then in your current life childhood, you have some more experiences that prove even deeper that speaking your truth leads to pain, and voila your subconscious mind has now become programmed to protect you against speaking your truth. But because all of this information and decision-making has happened on a subconscious level, you aren’t consciously aware of the fact that you are afraid to speak your truth or that you are perhaps not speaking your truth in the way that you would like to.

When this happens, rather than actually protecting you, this very same system that is designed to keep you safe and alive is now limiting you.

This same mechanism that is meant to keep you safe from bears and mountain lions or getting run over by cars is now ‘protecting’ you from speaking your truth because based on its past experiences the subconscious mind believes that if you speak your truth you will die. But it gets worse, it’s not only protecting you from potentially getting killed for speaking your truth, but based on unresolved painful experiences in the past it’s also protecting you from for example; drawing the wrong kind of attention and getting raped, it’s protecting you from being rich and getting killed for your money, it’s protecting you from walking through dark alleys because you were mugged and left to die, it’s protecting you from letting people come close because of the betrayal you experienced but never healed from and the list goes on. Leaving you wondering, why you can’t seem to have the things you CONSCIOUSLY deeply desire but subconsciously can’t allow yourself to have because of the subconscious false belief that they threaten your survival or will in other ways hurt you, which is why the subconscious in order to ‘protect’ you keeps these things firmly out of reach

But it’s not ONLY not getting what you deeply desire that is on the line, the result of all these unresolved stories that the subconscious mind has been programmed to protect you from leaves you feeling stifled, limited, and kept small or maybe even invisible in order to subconsciously ‘protect’ yourself (survive) without you even realizing that this is happening or knowing why your subconscious believes this protection is necessary.

Aren’t they all one and the same mechanism?

Although they sound the same there is a distinction between the three, You could say that both defense and protection mechanisms are survival mechanisms. A survival mechanism is simple, it’s a mechanism that ensures our survival not only physically but psychologically (mentally and emotionally). Our survival mechanism is designed to keep us as whole as possible under all circumstances, with both our body pieces as well as our psyche intact.

Our defense and protection mechanisms are basically the yin and yang of how we do this. Our fight or flight response is part of our survival mechanism and you could say that fight is the defense part of our survival mechanism, while flight, freeze, and the fourth stress or trauma response fawning are protection mechanisms. If you’re unfamiliar with the term fawning, it’s a response where the victim of for example childhood abuse, spousal abuse, rape or abduction, and so on pleases and appeases their abuser in order to survive the experience.

I call them the yin and yang of our survival mechanism because the one is focused outward when we defend ourselves whether verbally or physically, while the other is focused inwardly on protecting ourselves by running away, becoming still and quiet or even becoming what would appear to be cooperative as a means to survive which are all more yin or feminine ways of responding.

This doesn’t mean that only men fight back or that women who fight back are masculine, it merely means that there are two directions to the ways to protect and defend yourself and that it depends on the situation which response gives you the best chance of survival. For example, when you encounter a bear the best response is to be still (freeze) and neither fight nor run. If someone is trying to drag you into their car you scream and fight, if they are pointing a gun at you it’s safer to cooperate and please and appease. But if the person with a gun gets distracted you can try to run or perhaps if you’re strength matches theirs fight the person for the gun. People in life-threatening situations often feel guided by an inner voice or inner knowing that tells them what to do to escape. These are all part of a healthy functioning survival, defense, and protection mechanism that is responding to an actual threat in the current moment.

How these mechanisms were created

However, depending on your programming and conditioning your response might not be logical or appropriate at all. Instead of fighting back, you may have been conditioned to freeze, flee (out of your body) or please and appease. For example, survivors of childhood sexual abuse with no way whatsoever to escape what was happening to them have trained themselves to escape their bodies or to flee into their minds. In this way, your past dictates how you ensure staying as intact as possible in a situation that you have no control over. When this happens, we no longer respond from a healthy survival mechanism but from a previously damaged one that has never healed.

It becomes even murkier or more complex when your response to current events doesn’t correspond to your lived experiences. For example, a child that has never been hit, but ducks as soon as anything passes close by their head. A deep fear of water, but never having had a drowning experience in this lifetime. Having sexual issues that correspond with being abused, but having no recollection of abuse (although this one is trickier because the memories could be suppressed). Not being able to let people come close to you while not knowing why you don’t trust people. In short, facing issues that cannot be explained by your current life experiences.

When we look at psychology it is currently believed that our childhood experiences create our survival, defense, and protection mechanisms while biology tells us that our primitive brain is formed in utero in about the 7th week of embryonic gestation and that this is the part of our brain that Iregulates our breathing, digestive system, heart rate, and temperature, along with the fight, flight, freeze or fawn response system. There’s also a scientific consensus that maternal stress has an impact on the fetal brain pre-setting the infant’s fight or flight system at a certain stress level prior to birth, this is called fetal programming. If we then look at epigenetics we see that our ancestral unresolved pain and trauma can be passed down to future generations, pre-pre-setting our fight or flight systems even before we are in utero.

This brings us to where our survival, defense & protection mechanisms were actually created and that is on a past life level. Not only in that more recent lifetime in the middle ages but even further back in the beginning of humankind. Unlike other schools of thought, I don’t actually believe we were our past life selves. Rather these past life selves are our past life predecessors. In the same way that we are a different person than our ancestral predecessors, we are never the same person as our past life predecessors either. They are a past-life expression of our soul, while we are the current-life expression of our soul – but we were never them.

Read this previously written Soul teaching on reincarnation to understand why we are not our past life selves but do carry our past life self’s memories as if they are our own.

How our past life inherited imprints still influence us today

Within the Hinduistic school of thought these past life impressions or memories that still influence us today are called samskaras. I have used other definitions of this concept before, but today I would like to use the following more in-depth definition from the website yogabasics.com.

‘The word samskara derives from the Sanskrit sam (complete or joined together) and kara (action, cause, or doing). It is commonly translated as “mental impression,” “habit pattern” or “recollection.” They rest in the unconscious inner self and form the basic inner drives that influence and affect future actions.

Samskaras are impressions or imprints formed from previous life experiences. These impressions are often thought of as seeds planted in our subconscious minds, waiting until we need them to grow into our conscious thoughts and behaviors. They can also be thought of as habits or patterns of thinking and acting that become ingrained over time. They can manifest as a habitual tendency or an innate disposition of one’s personality.

Yogic philosophy states that every act of karma can create an impression in the deeper structure of the human mind. When these karmic impressions are repeated, they become stronger and create deeper grooves. When these patterns are strong enough, they begin to influence how you think about yourself and your life. In this way, the samskaras are like roots that bind us to the past and prevent us from moving forward with new ideas and experiences.’

This means that our past lives are the ultimate pre-programming of our survival, defense, and protection mechanisms. Because rather than being born with a completely clean slate, subconsciously we carry within us the already pre-existing impressions and predispositions of our soul lineage ancestors – aka our past life selves or predecessors.

Introducing the trauma filter

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will rule your life and you will call it Fate.” —Carl Jung.

These past life impressions either support us or undermine us, samskaras can be adaptive (positive) or maladaptive (negative). When they are adaptive or positive they are as it were in alignment with our soul truth because the experiences which we extracted the wisdom or knowledge from were in alignment with our soul truth or we were able to see them from the soul’s perspective. However, negative or maladaptive samskaras are from experiences where we were unable to extract this soul-aligned truth, wisdom, or knowledge from because we were blinded by our own unresolved pain whether that pain was rooted in anger, hatred, grief, loneliness, loss, rejection, abandonment, disillusionment or any other strong emotion that we remained stuck in on a past life level.

Because we carry the imprints of these unresolved emotions in our subconscious they set the tone for future lived experiences.

The problem is as I already explained above, it’s not just one imprint that is the issue. We carry various different imprints, plus clusters of similarly themed imprints as we subconsciously use each lifetime in the physical to heal our negative imprints from previous lifetimes. Each time a previous life predecessor ‘still’ didn’t get it, it fortified the existing imprints within that same category becoming deeper ingrained over time by each failed attempt to release it in the next embodiment.

Every time we incarnate our negative samskaras which are in essence energetic imprints that we carry in the subconscious mind and our energy field pull in the people, situations, and experiences we need to play them out so that we can extract the soul-aligned truth, wisdom, or knowledge they carry this time around, but that we were unable to see before because we were blinded by the pain of our unresolved emotions.

Extracting this soul-aligned truth, wisdom or knowledge is what we usually refer to as healing. This is because when the ego is unable to see past the pain it experiences, it creates misinterpretations of its reality that subsequently creates the fears and false beliefs (assumptions) it bases its worldviews on. They are called false beliefs because they are out of alignment with our soul truth and the same is true for fears, as both fears and false beliefs are created when our soul truth becomes obscured by the misinterpretations the ego projects on it. If you still think in terms of the ego being bad and the soul being good, please read this teaching on why the ego was created and how it keeps us safe in the physical while we are under the spell of Māyā (illusion) believing we are separated from the Divine.

These false conclusions that the ego makes which creates the fears and false beliefs through which it now views the world is what I call our trauma filter. Rather than seeing the world and itself or others as they truly are, everything is perceived through the lens of the wounded ego’s unresolved pain and trauma and the misinterpretations it created, as well as the fears, and false beliefs that are born out of the ego’s inability to see reality as it really is.

Yet again our trauma filters are not created from just one single incident. Instead, our trauma filters are the accumulation of all these unresolved past life impressions throughout our complete soul journey from all our past life predecessors that have been passed down to us since the beginning of time. This may sound daunting but it’s not like our past life predecessors sat on their hands and did nothing, throughout the many previous incarnations, much already got resolved, and when the time has come that we are ready to wake up to our true selves we are often left with a few but very deep and tenacious patterns that are left to resolve or have been chosen as the focal point for this embodiment. One spiritual truth that you can always rely on is that we never get more than we can handle.

The creation of our trauma filter

Much like the telephone or Chinese whispers game, the original wound that started it all is a completely different story than the story we end up having on rinse and repeat throughout subsequent lifetimes and this is caused by the trauma filter. If you can’t remember the telephone game, it’s where you create a circle, and the first person crafts a message that is whispered into the second person’s ear and then passed on to the next until the last person that it was whispered to says it out loud and it turns out that the message morphed into something completely different as it was passed from person to person. This is because each person that it was whispered to heard or remembered it differently based on their own personal interpretation of the message.

In the same way, we have an initial experience that creates the trauma filter and from there on it just keeps adding on more misinterpretations and unresolved pain and trauma, fears, and false beliefs that distort the perception of reality, the world, the self, and others.

Over our full soul journey, this results in our own unique way of seeing the world not only based on our own personal lived experiences but a combination of our past life predecessor’s experiences and our ancestrally inherited experiences added to the mix. You read that correctly, our trauma filters through which we view life and interpret our experiences are a mix of three timelines of the past; our childhood, ancestral, and past life, These timelines are often deeply enmeshed as the ancestral and current life childhood is often used to retrigger existing past life themes.

In the same way that our reptilian brain is the first part of the brain to be developed in utero, the original wound is created at the beginning of our incarnation journey (our very first incarnation). In general, what is true on a micro level, is true on a macro level as well, and vice versa. This is what we see happening here; despite knowing we want to play the incarnation game, the actual split from source or if you will our own Divinity is more painful than we anticipate and this creates the very first distortion of our soul truth and the first imprint on which our trauma filter is created. Depending on our interpretation of this event as for example being cast out, abandoned, or rejected by the Divine and our secondary emotions around this such as anger, resentment, loneliness, grief, a sense of loss, etcetera the basis of our trauma filter is born.

Again what is true on a micro level is true on a macro level and our very first incarnations can be seen as the infant stages of our human journey, where just like actual babies are formed by the experience of the parental (motherly) care they experience in utero and as a young child, on a soul level we are also formed by this initial experience of life in the physical. When before all we knew was the Oneness we felt in the soul realm.

It’s this original pain that we build our survival, defense and protection mechanisms around.

Reinforced by what seems to be key lifetimes that made us buy into the illusion even deeper that we (the ego) are the only ones looking out for numero uno. In other words, these past lives lived experiences as it were reinforced the not conscious, but subconscious belief that we are cut off from the Divine’s love and protection. Because the subconscious doesn’t know the concept of time, anything it believes is applied to the current life self even if the current life self didn’t create the belief.

How these concepts showed up in my own healing journey

In my own healing journey, all three lifetimes were connected. However, this may not be true for everyone in this way. I was shown that both the lifetime that reinforced my defense mechanism, as well as the past life that reinforced my protection mechanism which were interconnected with each other as well, were attempts to heal my incarnation wounding. But because my past life predecessors at that time couldn’t see this, they created interpretations that made them believe even more that they had to fend for themselves or that the only way to be safe is to not be seen.

My incarnation wound

In Ancient Egypt, as a young boy of 13, I was tricked into doing a ceremony. I had been led to believe that the ceremony would serve for me to be initiated into the inner circles of the spiritual hierarchy in our tribe, as I was a very gifted seer. Little did I know that my older half-sister had cast doubt on me out of jealousy and when it was my turn to be initiated, they performed an exorcism on me instead. I was shunned by the community, who now wanted nothing more to do with me, and exiled. I was completely cast out, even though none of it was true. I of course did not survive on my own without my tribe and this was the first incident that triggered my survival system and has kept me in survival mode pretty much ever since, one way or the other.

Later when being shown the soul perspective, I was shown that these initiations served the process that was needed to truly start playing the incarnation game, developing the ego. Without the ego, we could not have played the incarnation game. The experience of separation has always been part of the Divine Plan that allows us to grow from unconscious oneness by default to conscious oneness of our own free will, which can only take place by experiencing the state of separation even if it is only an illusionary experience in a simulated dualistic environment created by the Divine.

Duality is a simulated environment because it doesn’t exist in higher dimensional realities. Duality refers to ‘something’ consisting of two (dual) parts, elements, or aspects. As our spiritual truth is oneness with all that is, aka oneness is the only flavor out there – duality has to be an illusion. Duality is Māyā, as it only serves the purpose of allowing us to shift from unconscious oneness to conscious oneness of our own free will through the illusion of separation. Because ‘oneness with all that is’ is the only true reality on a spiritual level, we needed to have the simulated experience of ‘being separate from’ in order to choose oneness of our own free will.

Think of the symbiosis between mother and child, where the child in utero and in the first months as an infant doesn’t know the difference between itself and the mother. Everything the mother experiences is experienced as if it is happening to the child. This is an example of unconscious oneness or oneness by default. To become healthy adults we need to find this wholeness or oneness within ourselves, instead of our mothers right? Without the physical separation as a young child and the even further emotional distance we create as teenagers, we would not be able to come loose from our mother and find what we found in her inside ourselves. As souls, we go through this exact same process on a macro level. Without the illusion of separation, we would have always stayed in an infantile (read unconscious) unity with the Divine. It’s through the illusion of separation that we recognize and become one with the Divinity inside ourselves.

The ego is what allows us to feel separate from the Divine, in Sanskrit this is called Ahamkara which translates to the ‘I’ or ‘self’ -making. It’s the part of us, that allows us to feel separate from the oneness with all that is, that is our spiritual truth. In the process of evolving from unconscious oneness by default to conscious oneness of our own free will, the ego (this feeling separate) was necessary to break the state of unconscious oneness. A state that we would have otherwise remained in for the rest of eternity, but just as the child needs to grow into a healthy adult – we couldn’t stay baby souls forever. We were being called to evolve and the illusion of separation was the fertile ground we needed for this evolution process. The incarnation wound serves to create the ego, which creates the illusion of separation.

My defense mechanism original wound

The first lifetime that I later saw had been a failed attempt to heal my incarnation wound, was a lifetime I have also written about before in the Soul teaching on Karmic Debt. My past life predecessor was the captain of a ship who had skimped on stocking up on provisions, we lost so many crew members through sickness and famine that we didn’t have enough people to man the boat. We were at drift at sea with no more food, no fresh water, and a trunk full of gold that was utterly useless. We all died at sea of hunger and dehydration. It was only upon revisiting this lifetime in another session with a healer that I was shown that the helplessness the captain felt and the being cut off from the ability to survive had been the same themes as the young Egyptian boy had felt and experienced in the incarnation wound lifetime.

It also corresponded with my early childhood trauma. I was shown that in my current life the sexual abuse by my father as well as his neglect when he was sexually engaged elsewhere made for an environment in which I either got the wrong kind of attention that I didn’t want or I didn’t get the right kind of attention that I needed as a very young child. I was literally either getting too much or too little. On a childhood level, I saw that this had left me shattered and that I had put a wall around this shattered piece of myself because of the utter helplessness I experienced and couldn’t handle at that time.

Having felt completely abandoned by the Divine in the life as the sea captain, a fighter’s pattern was created that I still recognize in myself today. ‘I’ decided that no matter what life was going to throw at me, ‘I’ was always going to come out on top. The conclusion that this past life predecessor made was that you had to constantly fight your way through life in order to win, because if you didn’t fight – you lose. My childhood experience with my father brought me to the same conclusion in my current life (simply because I was already predisposed to see life in this way) and also that experience retriggered my fighter instincts which is how I survived my early childhood trauma.

When I saw that the sea captain’s lifetime had not in any way been a punishment for his actions, but that in fact, his experience had served to heal the incarnation wounding I could not only see but feel the unconditional love of the Divine. I thought to myself if this guy who was really one of the worst past life versions of my soul’s incarnations that I have seen is being held so dearly by the Divine then this applies to all of us.

While he had felt completely abandoned and forsaken by the Divine, I could see how held and supported he had been without him ever realizing it. I mean yes, he got himself into that situation that led to his death and that of his crew but his dying in that way had not been because he was ‘bad’ or whatever judgments he had of himself in his dying hour. He ended up living out the unresolved pain, that was still there from his and my past life predecessor the Egyptian boy and that was why he lived through that experience. The Divine had not forsaken or punished him at all.

My protection mechanism original wound

This is a more historically famous past life as Marie Antoinette leading up to and during the French revolution. I already knew about this past life since 2015 and spent some sessions healing various aspects of that lifetime, then recently it came up again when we were working on subconscious visibility fears. In this lifetime as Marie Antoinette, I was also shown how this was the other aspect of the incarnation wound that I had been trying to heal.

The sea captain had a bad reputation due to himself, but Marie Antoinette much like the Egyptian boy had fallen victim to political intrigue by the powers that be as well as horrendous gossip. It wasn’t her own family like the Egyptian boy, but her husband’s jealous younger brothers and his cousin Philippe d’Orléans with their eyes on the French throne that were behind many of the lies and broadsheets being spread about her. You could say that they were literally leaking lies to the press, making the whole of France turn against Marie Antoinette, who had already fallen from grace by not producing an heir in the early years of her marriage. This is exactly what happened to the Egyptian boy when his older half-sister spread lies about him that had his whole community turn against him.

This reinforced a pattern that was based on the false belief that the only way to stay safe was to be invisible, something I not only now encountered in my mission and business but this had been my go-to strategy to navigate the first seven years of my life growing up in what was a domestic warzone until my parents divorced. Because I had the false belief that what other people believed could literally kill me, which to my past life predecessors and I, was backed up by these two experiences and potentially more I could now in my current lifetime initially not allow myself to really be seen aka have the success in my mission and business because I was subconsciously afraid that I wouldn’t be able to protect myself from the consequences that other people’s words could have.

Revisiting this lifetime as Marie Antoinette and now seeing how it was in fact an attempt to heal the incarnation wound, I could see that the belief that the whole world (or country) was against ‘me’ was a false interpretation of ‘my’ reality at that time. Those were merely the outer circumstances, that allowed her to release the stuck emotions that she had inherited from her (and mine) past life predecessor this Egyptian boy who had like her unjustly been demonized because it had fit other people’s agendas. Marie Antoinette’s experience wasn’t something that could just happen to anyone, it was created through the past life imprints that she had inherited from this past life predecessor (the boy in Egypt).

Seeing this made the current life me, understand that her experience wasn’t random and that things like this don’t simply happen out of nowhere. This didn’t happen to her because she wasn’t under the Divine’s protection, it happened to her because she carried these unresolved subconscious energies and the soul had chosen that lifetime to attempt to heal them.

In the same way that unresolved ancestral wounding is passed down to future generations, our past life wounding is not sitting on a shelf collecting dust either. We are living it in our current reality, not only in our childhood but in our adult lives as well. Not only had I played out these themes in my childhood the shattering helplessness and the choosing invisibility as a protection mechanism in my turbulent early childhood, but they were also themes that I was playing out in my life and business last year in 2022.

You could say that the past life imprint (samskara) is the seed, any ancestral wounding is the fertilizer, and then our childhood experiences serve to make it current lifetime relevant. But in the end, these are patterns that we have been lugging around with us for many, many incarnations. As we grow these patterns grow with us, keeping us stuck in survival mode without us even realizing that this is the case or what is causing it. I will tell you, I surely had no clue even though I had known for quite some time that invisibility had been my way to avoid drawing my father’s negative attention or to avoid getting caught in the crossfire as the sh*t went down between my father and my mother or my father and my teenage halfsisters. Merely identifying (knowing about) this wounding didn’t heal or change it.

Why simply relaxing the nervous system is not enough

Although nervous system work can be beneficial on its own, in a way it’s just a coping strategy in the sense that you release pressure off the valve, but you don’t truly address the underlying cause and so the pressure keeps building up over and over again. It works in the short term, but only to the extent that we keep it up. Even when we stop the practice the effects can last longer, but underneath the build-up of pressure continues because the root cause isn’t addressed. This is true for breath work, meditation, most forms of yoga, and polyvagal work. I am not saying that these practices cannot add to our well-being or that they can’t create huge improvements in our lives but what I am saying is that they don’t address the underlying issues.

Say you’re stuck in fight or flight mode (or freeze or fawn) then doing the above work can do wonders to help you relax, unwind and bring your stress levels down, no doubt about it. But because of your past life samskaras, which can be seen as neural pathways, which as we know create new connections upon repeated exposure to a given stimulus. As “neurons that fire together wire together,” samskaras that are repeatedly triggered create deeper samskaric pathways or patterns in the subconscious mind. These hardwired pathways and patterns do not dissolve through any form of bodywork whether it’s through breathing, touch, poses, theta brainwaves, etc.

And because they don’t dissolve through this work, they continue to involuntarily switch on the fight or flight system. You can bring down the stress level, but without truly addressing these samskaric imprints they will continue to trigger the body to be in hypervigilance because of the unresolved pain and trauma that is still subconsciously being carried from the past. These subconscious programs, that you can liken to the radio or tv being on 24/7 will continue to signal to the body that it’s in danger, and the body being driven by what the mind and brain believe will respond with secreting stress hormones to be physically ready to fight or flee.

If you want the body out of fight or flight mode, you need to get the mind out of survival, defense, and protection mode. A hyper-vigilant mind creates stress in the body, even when this hypervigilance is an ancient program that has been running undetected in the background for eons and eons. The body achieves what the mind believes, this is because the mind and body are one – they are deeply interconnected. When the mind even only subconsciously is in fear-modus, anticipating getting hurt and needing to either protect or defend itself, then naturally the body is going to make sure that it’s ready to either kick or haul ass!

The fact that this process is being directed by subconscious beliefs, makes the beliefs even more powerful because 95% of our reality is created by what the subconscious believes. Only 5% of our reality is created through our conscious thoughts and beliefs. This means that the only way to switch off the hypervigilance and the fight or flight mode it triggers is to change the subconscious beliefs that are creating this hypervigilant state. But because the subconscious mind is more powerful than the conscious mind you cannot simply overwrite its beliefs. Instead, by revisiting these past life stories you can remove the subconscious fears and false beliefs that were created and the body will follow suit.

Often people think that is an unaccomplishable task and that you would have to sift through thousands and thousands of lifetimes, but this isn’t true. All you need to do is know where to look and that is in the lifetimes that created the incarnation wound and the original wounding that put you in defense and protection mode.

Granted, if you are a complete newbie to healing it might need some extra work to work through other wounding first but it doesn’t have to be a never-ending journey of healing to get to this level of depth in one’s healing journey.

I have developed an Soul Embodiment® Therapy Package that takes you back to the original wounds that created your survival mechanism (the incarnation wound) as well as the lifetimes that created your defense (yang) and protection (yin) mechanisms. In this powerful Reset Your Fight or Flight System Package, we journey back to these three key lifetimes to reset your survival, defense, and protection mechanism which automatically resets your fight or flight system. With these past life imprints out of the subconscious mind, your body will respond in kind and create peace within the body.

How our survival, defense, and protection mechanisms keep us out of 5D

The reason why we cannot take our survival, defense, and protection mechanisms with us into 5D is because they are ego-based. As you have been able to see in the examples that I have shared from my own healing journey, our survival, defense, and protection mechanisms are created through the misinterpretations the ego projects onto its experience. It doesn’t do this on purpose, it’s simply a product of viewing life through the filter of its unresolved pain, and trauma that leads to making wrong conclusions or better yet not being able to see the soul truth or the soul’s perspective on the experience.

What I have been shown in my own healing journey is how deeply held, supported, protected, and loved we are by the Divine no matter how much we have lost our way, no matter what we believe about ourselves, the world, or the Divine. Even in the moments that we f*ck up badly and for example cause the deaths of a lot of people, the Divine doesn’t judge, it doesn’t become angry and it never turns away or abandons us. Our connection with the Divine is unconditional because it’s one with us. We are the only ones living in the illusion of separation, the Divine isn’t under the spell of Māyā (illusion) – we are and therefore the Divine is always there and never leaves because we are a part of it.

Getting this conceptually is not enough to overwrite the ego’s fear programming or to break the hold Māyā has on us, it has to be deeply felt in the body in order for the body to truly be able to embody this knowledge or soul truth, The only way to do that is to dispel the illusion by revisiting the past life stories that created them.

This is the key however, as long as we feel that we need our survival, defense, and protection mechanisms we are still in the wounded ego state. The wounded ego, living under the illusion of separation feels unsafe and threatened and believes it’s the only one looking out for numero uno. The wounded ego is oblivious to the everlasting arms of the Divine that is holding and cherishing it, so it armors itself up to fight and protect itself in a world where it believes it can ONLY count on itself.

Just think, how you would pray as this sea captain on his boat or how Marie Antoinette must have prayed for justice and Divine intervention and you feel God (your perception of the Divine) abandoned you in your hour of need. All the while not seeing that the Divine is with you carrying you through the experience that was subconsciously created through ‘your’ own illusion or misinterpretation of the past that you are still carrying with you. This is the story of every human being, who through the incarnation wound where the illusion of separation from our own Divinity was created has created either an imprint of being cast out, rejected, or abandoned by the Divine in our psyche which holds our deepest pain. It’s that imprint of believing to be cast out, rejected, and/or abandoned by the Divine that has colored our experience in the physical since the beginning of time. It’s this false belief and the fears it creates that lock us into the old 3D paradigm, which makes it impossible to move into 5D.

No amount of raising your vibrational frequency, reciting mantras, sound baths, plant medicine, journaling, or affirmations is going to fix this. How could it? It doesn’t even begin to address the real issue that is underneath, this feeling separate from our own Divinity and believing it’s because the Divine has cast us out (rejected or abandoned us) much like the story of Adam and Eve being cast out of the garden of Eden. Read this Soul teaching on the Mother wound for the spiritual explanation of the Garden of Eden metaphor.

The belief that we are separate from our own Divinity is what is keeping us locked into the old 3D paradigm, as soon as we wake up to the oneness that has always been there we shift paradigms. What does the word paradigm really mean? It’s a system of beliefs, ideas, values, and habits that is a way of thinking about the real world. The old 3D paradigm is how the wounded ego perceives the world while under the illusion of being separated from the Divine (cast out/abandoned/rejected), while 5D is how the healed ego in union with the soul (its own Divinity) perceives the world.

The difference is day and night, because of the basis from which the world is perceived; either separation or oneness (unity). As long as we feel the need to ensure our own survival and defend or protect ourselves, outside of the normal jumping out of the way of a car for example when needed, we are in this fear state of the ego believing it can only count on itself to survive. That very state locks us out of Heaven on Earth (5D).

I pray this teaching has helped you see the deeper spiritual underlying cause of our psychological need to ensure our survival through a defense and protection mechanism that is in fact a control mechanism, to allow us to feel ‘safe’ in what we subconsciously fear may potentially be a hostile or at the very least an uncaring environment. This is how the wounded ego perceives life through its trauma filter that was created around the original pain of believing that it was cast out, abandoned, or rejected by the Divine. This misinterpretation of its experiences has to be released for the ego to truly be able to release the illusion of separation and come back into oneness with its own Divinity, the soul. It’s coming back into this Oneness that allows us to create Heaven on Earth, aka live our lives in 5D.

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