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Learning to Listen to Your Intuition Is One of the Key Initiations on the Twin Flame Journey

by Sabriyé Dubrie

Spiritual author, Multidimensional Healer, Founder of Soul Embodiment™ Therapy & the School of Soul Embodiment.

Ultimate Guide to Soul Embodiment

In this Soul teaching on learning to listen to your intuition is one of the key initiations on the Twin Flame journey, you will learn:

  • How to make the shift from the head to the heart
  • Why you are conditioned to believe the mind is superior to the heart
  • How to learn to listen and trust your heart again
  • Why listening to your heart pays off
  • And more…

Making the shift from the head to the heart

Fotolia 213604768 XSOne of the biggest initiations on the Twin Flame journey and the Ascension path is making the shift from the head to the heart and learning to trust your inner guidance.

Making this shift proves to be one of the biggest challenges Twin Flames face, because it creates such a big conflict between the head and the heart initially.

You see on the Twin Flame journey, nothing makes sense to the mind anymore – nor does it fit society rules on what love should look like, which also isolates you from friends, family and acquaintances as they simply don’t understand you anymore or even judge you as being weak, naive or having low self-esteem and so forth.

This is why I created The Twin Flame Tribe to offer a safe space in which you can connect with other travelers on the Twin Flame and Ascension path to support and cheer each other on, during the various unexpected twists and turns that are inevitable on this journey.

It’s not uncommon on the Twin Flame journey or on the Ascension path in general to have to let people go. Yes, even your close loved ones, because how you see life and how they see life is not a frequency match anymore or maybe never was and you are now ready to acknowledge this.

I know I have lost friends and acquaintances over the years for various reasons varying from mutual friends feeling they had to choose between me and my twin – to people basically thinking I was crazy to not ‘let go’. I put letting go in quotation marks, because if it were as easy as letting go I would have been out of here a long time ago and this website would not even exist. I have let go over a thousand times and each time it has brought me closer to myself, but it simply doesn’t break the soul connection experienced with the other.

Something people just don’t understand, until they experience it themselves.

Over the years I have gotten apologies from different people I know personally admitting they initially judge me and had not understood my process – until they had encountered a deep soul connection themselves and had to think of me and my story because now that they finally understood what I was talking about from their own experience.

Pile on top of that, that we are not taught to trust our own judgment when it can’t be rationalized and you will understand why Twin Flames experience such a conflict between the head and the heart initially.

Starting out on this journey I would for example discuss every important decision in my life with a friend and preferably multiple people close to me, because I would rationalize my decisions and come to them through logical thinking – which in our society has been deemed the right way or superior way to think. We consider it a sign of intelligence when the mind is used to come to conclusions, which is not entirely wrong but it’s also not the whole truth.

We are conditioned to believe the mind is superior to the heart

Fotolia 169467191 XSIt’s these three factors of it not making sense to the mind, losing friends and loved ones over it and it going against everything you were conditioned to believe by the society you grew up in that makes it incredibly difficult to listen to and trust your heart.

You were taught you can trust your mind and I think this is even more difficult for the men I have worked with, because men are even more than women conditioned to only trust their logical thinking and to distrust their feelings. Many male Twin Flames and Alpha women struggle to trust their own feelings and that of their counterpart, thinking that a love this deep can’t be real or can’t ever last.

It takes guts to go against everything and everyone to follow your heart but that is what this journey asks you to do. Although it seems to be only about following your heart in love, this initiation actually serves a much greater purpose and that is to teach you how to live from the heart in all areas of your life.

This is why I keep saying that meeting your Twin Flame is so much more than just another ‘boy meets girl’ love story, this journey is not about just ending up in a romantic relationship with the person you have identified as your twin. It’s about becoming who you really are – which is a divine mission. Please download the free Ultimate Guide to Inner Union to find out more.

The heart is considered the seat of the soul in many cultures and it’s where you will get the highest guidance on your journey through life, that is if you learn to trust your heart and let go of your addiction to logical but limited thinking.

The reason why logical thinking is limited and in fact inferior to heart thinking, is because it only takes into account that which can be registered by the five physical senses. Plus it bases it’s information on what is perceived as reality from an ego or 3D self perspective and omits the soul’s perspective which is much greater and all encompassing than the limited perspective the ego is privy to.

The latest scientific research actually suggests that the heart is far more powerful and influential that we traditionally have given it credit for, which has been a hold-over of our patriarchal conditioning over the last 6,000 years that glorified the mind and logical thinking (culturally seen as a masculine trait throughout the world).

Research from the Heartmath Institute shows that the heart itself is an intelligent system.

The physical heart has its own nervous system, nicknamed the “heart brain.”

The Heartmath Institute found the heart to be approximately 60 times greater electrically and up to 5,000 times stronger magnetically than the brain. The heart and the brain are constantly in communication with one another, with the heart sending more information to the brain than vice versa.

In fact in another research done by the the Institute of HeartMath they found that the heart knew before the brain what was going to happen and sends a signal to the brain to prepare the physiological response necessary. What was the most mind-boggling about the experiment which is fully described in the link above, is that the heart knew what was coming BEFORE the event took place. Indicating that the heart has precognitive powers and thus using an extra sense outside of the five physical senses, with which to gather data.

This indicates that the heart can tap into information that is usually only privy to the soul’s perspective and can give you access to a higher perspective that exceeds the data that the rational mind has access to.

Does this mean we should throw common sense overboard and only let ourselves be guided by our feelings? Uhm no, especially not when we haven’t done our healing work because many of the emotions we experience are in fact old wounding getting triggered which is not the same as listening to your heart. The heart taps into the soul’s wisdom, which has nothing to do with out of control emotions flinging you here and there – that’s your wounding and not your inner guidance talking.

Learning to listen to & trusting the heart again

Fotolia 243556122 XS 1Instead the guidance of the heart will be calm but persistent, urging you to follow a different path that may not make sense to the mind but that is never hurtful to others.

It also normally doesn’t get you classified as clinically insane – which is why we never abandon common sense.

We don’t stop using logical thinking, we marry it with the wisdom of the heart which is of course balancing the left and right brain hemispheres within the brain – which is part of the balancing of your own inner Divine Masculine and your inner Divine Feminine in the most practical and pragmatic way.

This inner marriage of head and heart, is also part of the rewiring necessary for living life in 5D which you simply will not be able to enter until you can listen to your inner guidance and follow it no matter what the inner critic thinks or the world at large.

Your heart will show you the path of least resistance to whatever you need in that moment. It will use hunches, inklings, signs, number sequences. people, places and situations to grab your attention and give you inner promptings of actions to take next.

This is what we usually refer to as intuition, but instead of this being some kind of mysterious and obscure phenomenon – we now understand that it is the communication from our Soul to our 3D self and ego through the heart, guiding us through our existence here on the Earth plane.

This understanding makes it a lot more easy to listen to our intuition and to know we can trust the soft whispers coming through.


The precognitive powers of the heart fully explains why intuition makes no sense to the mind for two reasons, the first reason being that the heart knows before the event takes place which means that the mind can’t register the event yet because it needs the five senses to feel it happening, the mind doesn’t have access to a sixth sense except through the heart.

This means what the heart reports in advance is not true for the mind because it hasn’t experienced it yet and therefore it’s like trying to warn for a storm when the sun is still shinning. The sun is obviously shinning and therefore the likelihood of a storm coming seems small, yet we have all witnessed how quickly weather can go from sunny skies to pouring rain

The second reason why intuition doesn’t make sense to the mind is because the mind does not have access to the higher vantage point that the heart is privy to, so it has a much more limited frame of reference as data input in comparison to the heart – the mind is literally missing pieces of the puzzle which prevents it from seeing the bigger picture unless it takes the data brought in by the heart more seriously.

I know all you dominant left brain people are going to love this teaching because this is your biggest struggle on your spiritual path. Your great ability for analytical thinking and your struggle to balance this with what you intuitively know to be true in your heart – but can’t rationally prove to be true (scientifically) which consequently defies your great sense (or need) for logic.

This inner conflict between what you know to be true (mind) and what you feel is the truth (heart) is one of the greatest obstacles on the spiritual journey, because until you learn to trust this inner knowing most of you are stuck in recognizing a spiritual truth but unable to live it.

This is the group that already knows everything, but is incapable of implementing this knowledge in their life and therefore simply not living what they know.

Listening to your heart pays off

Fotolia 121590621 XSDespite all the objections your mind makes to the promptings from the heart, following your intuition pays off of course for all the obvious reasons.

The heart knows more than the mind what is coming up next and it can tap into the bigger picture that the mind simply does not have access to.

Still listening to your heart and intuition can prove to be more difficult, for many different reasons such as:

  • the prompting not being logical and therefore going against our programming to be pragmatic and rational
  • going against what other people want or what they approve of, posing a possible risk of loss of approval or love
  • going against what is considered culturally acceptable or deviating from the behavior that is common for the group you belong to or identify with

A recent seemingly trivial example in my own life unfolded this past week in Dubai.

I had booked a 4 star hotel online that seemed to be a nice place to stay. On arrival it turned out that they didn’t have interconnecting rooms for my teenage son and that he was placed two rooms further down the hall. The second disappointing surprise was that all windows are sealed and that you could not let in fresh air, which is perfect when it’s over 50 degrees Celsius outside but with temperatures under 30 it’s nice to be able to open up the window and let in some fresh air.

During the first night there was a fight in the hallway and a woman crying in response. In general the people in the hotel were definitely a different crowd than what we are used to and very noisy as well. As the morning arrived I was ready to check out and find a new hotel, but when I shared this with my mom and son I got zero support from them.

My son refused to leave as he had finally found a place he loved and this was just like Egypt he said, every time he was comfortable somewhere I forced him to leave. He was referring to the Airbnb without AC downstairs and outside temperatures of 43 degrees Celsius that he was able to handle by cooling off in the pool constantly – while my mom and I were unable to manage such intense heat.

My mother didn’t like the hotel as well, but she was afraid that as I had paid our 10 day stay in advance that I wouldn’t get a refund. She rationalized that we would be out a lot and only needed to sleep there, which is never true for us because I also need to work wherever I am in the world.

Plus this trip is not a holiday trip, as I am being led to various grid points and countries that I have karmic ties with which sometimes brings up a lot that needs to be released. There are days that my bed is my best friend in the world.

Then there was this inner dialogue about checking into 5 star hotels and judgments on that, like being spoiled, wasting money and knowing my peers make do with lesser locations as well – so why couldn’t I just make do? ‘Why not just make it work?’ I rationalized.

This was after I had called a 5 star location, that also only had locked windows which seems to be very common in Dubai hotels.

The next morning I woke up with a whopping headache, that was so bad that I took a painkiller and slid into the bathtub to take a hot bath hoping this would allow me to feel fit again because I needed to work. It had been quiet in the hallway that night, but I woke up with the message that morning that I needed to go inside and deal with the emotions that were still releasing from all the healing work I did in India before and after the retreat.

But before I could sink deep inside myself, I needed to work through a couple of days of un-looked at emails so that I could really relax and switch off.

The bath and painkiller did nothing to ease my pounding head so I left the room to go to the rooftop terrace on the first floor, the only open seating space in the hotel which housed the shisha bar that had been left open the day before. This morning however the door was locked and the only ‘fresh’ air available was by going for a walk outside in the industrial area, the hotel was located in.

As I was finishing the walk around the block I noticed the name of the hotel on the other side of the intersection for the second time and felt prompted to Google them. It turned out to be a 5 star hotel, so I called them to ask if the windows in their rooms opened and the person on the phone told me that they indeed did. Then my next question was if they had interconnecting rooms, with a twin bed for me and my mother and they also had that.

So I asked if I could see the rooms before I booked them and that was no issue too.
I had of course also checked the pricing on and the amount I needed to pay was close to the amount I would get refunded from the 4 star hotel I was in.

The rooms were gorgeous! Situated on the 3rd floor they were four times the size of the rooms we were in, better furnished and much cleaner – plus the energy was good right off the bat. Except that the windows also did not open in these rooms, only the suites had balconies with open doors but they were much more expensive.

I had no problem compromising on the open windows, because there was a rooftop terrace on the 1st floor and a rooftop open air swimming pool with sun terrace both accessible all day. The other hotel had felt like a prison, with nowhere to go except out. In this hotel you could simply access these open spaces 24/7 with exception to the open air pool which closes at 10 pm.

I asked the 5 star hotel to hold the rooms while I went back to the 4 star hotel to pack and arrange the refund, which I of course got relatively smoothly because I booked through We even got a complimentary taxi from the 4 star hotel across the intersection to bring over our luggage to the new hotel.

Back at the 5 star location no matter how they tried, they couldn’t give me the amazing rate that I could get through – their own rates even with a discount kept being a couple of hundred euro’s more so I finalized the booking through the app praying that those fees were going to get me the amazing large rooms that I had been shown prior to booking and it did.

As I walked back to the old hotel for lunch and to get my mother and son, I suddenly noticed that my excruciating headache was gone. It had just vanished in thin air.

The moral of this story is that by following my intuition and what stood out to me (the hotel name):

  • I ended up in a much more luxurious hotel, with a much bigger room finally interconnecting with my son’s room so that he can feel close to me and still do his own stuff like schoolwork, Netflix, Playstation or talking to friends without having to be quiet because I am working etc.
  • They had the exact combo we needed of a twin room interconnecting with a King size room for my son, which allows me a quiet space to work in when in session with clients – but allows for family meals and family time when we want to be together.
  • I paid a similar rate as in the 4 star hotel for the rooms and the in room dining prices in the 5 star hotel are in fact cheaper than the 4 star one and the quality of the food is much much better.

All of this falling into place right before I had three client sessions in a row in the evenings, spending the day times sprawled out in the sun on the pool side rooftop terrace as I just allowed myself to release all the emotions that had been stored in my body for decades and some even for eons and eons – after the intense healing I underwent in India through the grid point energies, the (weird) interaction with my twin and the personal healing sessions with my team.

And although the 4 star room had been ‘good enough’ it didn’t provide the comfort and safety to go deep inside myself, nor was it a very suitable space to work from with my clients.

Getting the highest and most perfect outcome

Fotolia 199045627 XSThe reason why I am sharing all this is because it illustrates the difference between the results you get from taking rational decisions in comparison to taking decisions from the heart, when following your inner guidance.

Because the heart can tap into this higher wisdom, because it gathers data that looks at the situation from all sides and aims for the highest outcome possible for all involved – this is what it generates as the outcome – the perfect fit.

A fit commonly so perfect you couldn’t have made it all fall into place as it has, even if you tried. It’s Divine perfection in action and this perfection is simply unattainable if you try to access it through logical thinking and the rational mind alone.

In fact Spirit chose the perfect teaching example here, despite the fact that it doesn’t really have anything to do with Twin Flames. My hotel experience is easy to understand for everyone in a way that a Twin Flame experience of following intuition might not have been.

Everyone logically knows that a 5 star hotel will be more expensive than a 4 star hotel. Logically you would also expect their overall facilities to be more expensive than a 4 star hotel and when I check the room rate of the 5 star hotel is higher on a nightly basis than the 4 star hotel across the street, yet when guided to shift hotels I got the rooms in the 5 star hotel at the exact same price range as the remaining nights in the 4 star hotel.

You could call it a miracle, but that is what lining up to your intuition brings you – these situations that aren’t even logical or that follow the natural path of logical expectations. This is because the Universe is unlimited in it creativeness to give you what you want and need.

To make sure I understood the significance of the message being conveyed to me, I had €1444 in sales that first night in the 5 star hotel when I woke up. Of course I have sales every single day – but this number immediately stood out to me and so I looked up it’s meaning:

‘Listen to your intuition as your angels are intuitively guiding you towards new and different ways to get things done efficiently and effectively. Use your strong connection with the angelic realm to your benefit and be open to their promptings and messages.  Listen to your intuition and follow its guidance.

Number 1444 encourages you to stop feeling stress, anxiety and worry over your financial situation or issues as these negative emotions and energies block the flow of supply and abundance into your life.

….In following the path that you wish to pursue, go within and be in constant contact with your Higher-Self and bring forward the guidance and insights regarding your next steps and destination.’

Source: Joanne Sacred Scribes – Angel number 1444

Which brings me to the last very important part of trusting your intuition and that is taking action on it. Every day we are flooded with prompts, hunches, inklings etc. in our life and on our Twin Flame journey – but many times we fail to act on them.

We don’t listen to our inner promptings because we are afraid to look like fools, to be rejected, to waste money, to lose approval, to lose love, to be different, to be spoiled, to be inconsiderate, to appear selfish and this list could fill an entire teaching of it’s own. We usually have thousands of reasons, why we don’t do what we feel prompted to do and these reasons are always fear-based.

We don’t follow our inner promptings because the mind warns us not to trust our hearts or that our reasons for wanting to trust our heart are not valid, which often keeps us stuck in situations, experiences, relationships and places we don’t want to be in.

I know many people who have felt prompted to book an Soul Embodiment™ Therapy Journeys™ with me or who have been on the fence for ages wanting to buy my online program by joining The Twin Flame Tribe, but then don’t because they think it’s too expensive…

Not realizing that if their soul is prompting them to work with me, the money they need for the session or my program will miraculously show up as soon as they commit to booking or buying it.

My clients so often tell me this, that the money they spent on me almost immediately came back to them through another channel – because their soul knew that working with me would bring them the shift they need and when the soul knows this – it takes care of all the mundane stuff around it in order to facilitate the required shift.

Which on a larger scale was the message Spirit wanted to get across to me through this experience, my higher self was saying:

‘Don’t sweat it babe, you just do your thing and leave the rest up to me!’

Which truly following your heart and inner guidance always comes down to, trusting that your higher self and the Universe have your back.

I know you already KNOW this, but tell me are you LIVING it?!

I pray that this teaching has given you a deeper understanding of the Twin Flame journey, and the concept of following your inner guidance. I have done my best to explain it to you in a way that, you won’t easily find elsewhere on the internet. Learning to really live from your inner guidance is simply such an important part of the Twin Flame journey and being able to live in 5D as your physical reality. Like many aspects of the Twin Flame journey, it takes practice to undo all the subconscious programming that have kept you from following your intuition and trusting your inner guidance in the first place, so give yourself time.

Ready to make quantum leaps in your life & business?

Book a Soulology or Soul Embodiment™ Therapy session with me to find the psychological patterns and subconscious programming that are keeping you from creating the life and reality you dream of.

You can also join my signature program Coming into Oneness for a step-by-step manual to the Soul Embodiment process. This program is a 12-month immersion into coming back into Oneness with your soul.

It’s through healing the wounded ego, that we not only embody our soul – but unlock our soul’s superpower to create the reality we dream of.

Have you tried everything else to manifest the life of your dreams, but failed?

This is because your ego and your soul aren’t on the same page. The key to unlocking your private version of Paradise is healing the separation between the ego and your soul.

With my deepest love,

Sabriye signature

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